Friday, August 31, 2007


anyone remember this plump little cute fella back in harry potter and the philosopher's stone?

he did not really appear much in the Chamber of Secrets so i mite as well jst skip that. then he became THIS in The Prizoner of Azkaban.
later, he was this in The Goblet of Fire
and lately, if u did go for the movie, u saw THIS in The Order of The Phoenix.
and as i was going thru sum videoes out of boredom awhile ago, I SAW THIS!!!

HOW THE FUCK DID HE TURN INTO SUCH A BOILING HOT LAD WITHIN SUCH A SHORT PERIOD?!?!?! mayb it's caused by the maggi haired fella opposite him? but no!!... is he still eligible to play Neville Longbottom ar? he's way too leng chai for that herbology proficient kid who's afraid of his own grandma wei. *drools*...

10 more days to finals. i need sum magic now.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

the tale of the karao-kai

after karaoke-ing 3 consecutive days since the week started. the boss said that i'm a karao-kai. kai as in chicken i guess.

which still does not disgust me...well...erm...depends on the place la actually.

anyway, it was karaoke again with the colleagues. i think they think that we can entertain them pretty well hence the usual buffet and singing plan.

the boss ended up singing choi fung wah, paula tsui, roman tam and teresa teng. diu lor. but we had a great time catching up again after...hmmm...almost 5 months? weeeeeeeeeee!

then it was back to badminton. not so bad this week. cos i played oni 1 game and the rest were generally net play and...hanging around drinking 100+. :D

then i had to bathe cos i almost drowned in my own sweat (which is why i luv badminton u c. jst sit down and... u sweat. awesome!). so i headed to datin's place and dressed up for the nite(nat's farewell...leaving IGB for more staff price in midvalley). i expected sumthing better from the place thou.

i believe the crowd u c in the picture is photoshoped. either that or it was the opening ceremony and they were giving free ice-cream. the food sucked. the system sucked. the service sucked. the oni thing that was wonderful was the bimbo duets i did with nat. her colleagues were pratically there to watch music videos. teehee! LET'S DO IT AGAIN YO!!! i mean the singing...not the watching. HAHAHAHAA

let me gip u the exact coordinates of this place. it's right bside California Fitness, 11 oclock from pet's world and near the waterwear outlet i think. WARNING: DO NOT ENTER. DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER. I REPEAT: D.O N.O.T!

'i can recognize u as u were the backbone of the class and the campaign'. ---> quoted from muthusamy.

she mst have mistaken me for sum1 else.

but all of a sudden i do not hate her as much. cos she gave us tips. LMAO!!! but she can remember my name. shoot!

damn 7 yeung sui px and the slightly lost gang suffering post presentation dillemma. candid by dunno who while comments were being fired.

**finals in a week. shud stop lepaking. even if i've not been spending enuff time with sum ppl.

updated at 5.29am...HAPPY MERDEKA EVERYONE.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Sequel, The Birthday

the presentation went well...not flawless cos i screwed up my speech but managed to force sum words to conclude it within 5 mins. eh! scary ok when the problematic face gawks at u at that period of time! still can go on toking considered very good d...and i had soarthroat again, which makes it the 340272345th time this sem. hmph. anyway, his comments were above average i suppose. but i'm not putting too mch expectations. cos according to the prequel that happened a year back in november, it was thwarting. he gave blady awesome comments but dirt-low marks. so *fingers-crossed*...for the prequel, *click*

after presentation, 1/2 the gang headed to nandos for lunch. sum couldn't make it's ok. nxt time ok! ;). anyway, i had a generous serving of lemon and herbs chicken thigh (mampus cos after that immediate temperature rise in my body system). but i managed 2 games of bowling. *peace*

my score was...devastating. I HAVE AN EXCUSE OK?!??! i had a 6 matches of badminton 2 days b4 and was suffering major aches on my arms, ass and thigh muscles...hence the score...but i njoyed lalalalalallalaa...
i had 2 spares and countless gutters.
datin...had 3 strikes and 3 spares. fuck...damn kiasu.

after that i shot home and crashed until sum1 woke me up at dunno wat time for med.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENN!!! damn lala-jai poser.

big boy d...dun be so childish...*LOL*!!!!!

we gave him a surprise bday celebration at b.b.q plaza, 1u. FUH! so good. everyone go try. dun take beef oso go try their vege. soarthroat oso mst try. got medicine dun worry.
the secret party was planned right under his nose and he did not sense anything...for real. so considering the amount of times i have done surprise parties, i shall consider moving on to furthering my masters in event management rather than creative media. but oni on surprise birthday parties. ONLY. anyway, he looked happy. the food was good and the bill was good too. ;)
then we headed to redbox.
no present yet k bigboy. coming soon...coming soon. :)
redbox again tmr with the colleagues.
and another on wed for nat's farewell with the frens. nothing to do with me but...i wanna go.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

ipoh mali, WC, junesi's

ok it's been a while. ive been throughly occupied by so many things but mainly the world championship that's finally..FINALLY come to an end. i knw bukit jalil indoor station from down under. i knw where the secret entrances are and i knw exactly which toilet has the best and most comfortable cubicle. *grins*. i'm gonna miss it badly.

but anyway, i need to update on the ipoh trip due a week back thou cos it was so blady nice.

the main reason we went was...daddy's frens that he hasn't met for 40 years wants to have gatherings. reason? i asked him why. he said...'cos everyone is dying 1 by 1'. ...tats so not the reason for gatherings. but anyway, we stopped at sitiawan to pay the bro-in-law's mom a visit b4 daddy headed for his ancient party. and we had fucking awesome seafood. confirm kenot get in KL ok. fish, crabs, laai liu prawns, abalone, OYSTERS, 'hou beng', calamari...and it goes on. forever.

The Food:
fresh oysters!!! but not from the sea. from the tub. I PICKED MY OWN!! aAAAahhHH
ABALONE...fresh ok. not canned wans. 1/2 of it eaten. everyone so beh tahan wanna take pix of it nicely oso kenot
todi...fermented coconut i guess. high in alcohol. great for a hot holiday. YES!
steamed crab. fresh from...dunno sea or wat la but it's damn good. no preservatives added!
this is by far the bestest taufoofah ever. and it's oni 70 cents. holy cow. i'll eat 5 times daily if i'm from ipoh.

and then i met up with si mou jai and her frens for a short yamcha session near the hotel. and had tarot card reading for me. and it said he has me in his heart. but he also thinks of her occasionally. wth!! LOL!! then the next day, daddy's frens were so gracious to bring us around ipoh. for kai si hoh fun, popiah, caramel pudding...and then bot us a freaking big packet of taugeh. and we've been taking taugeh for the past whole week. lmao!
and after that we went to this cave. lupa nama but it was quite nice. with monkeys and water dripping everywhere.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUNE-SY!!! luv u giler babi.
emjay june and bday cake.
our foodsie...
i knw it's blurish...but i like this pic so the mch. and i'm not the star of the day. i jst forgot to gip way to the bday gal. :D
the group. many not here thou. hmph
stupid boy kept meddling with his hp.

WC was great. really. but i'm not sharing the pix. too valuable. LALALALALALALA. but i can share the lam nga chan ql pic. saw her and yishan. the last time we met was...i can oni remember area camp. face is double hers in width. and my head is twice her size. fuck. but anyway, miss u la lam nga chan. hope things spark btween u 2. WAHAHAHAHAH

this is better. :D

**this is by far the post with the most pix. i is prouds.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

delicious, car batt. & kongkiao modem



met up with honeyeve at long last. was supposed to go to bangsar but after the recent rape case and the worried bf that complained that 4 gals shouldn't go to such places on a friday nite, change of plans. we still went to delicious but 1u' was like catching up with her life for the past 10 years. been thru so mch and finally...she's found sum1 that at least does cherish a way but she definitely is glowing. NXT ROUND WE GO DRINK OK!!!

coincidently, all of us were clad in the same shade. more or less...nvr plan ok...swear. :D
more pix with eve...she sumhow attached the entire drive of files while fwding it to us...and of course it was blocked by the paranoid hotmail. have lke 100 pix with her cos we camwhored like giler babi. yes!


Case 1:
As the ganjiu's engine was under major construction, i'm still driving the kembara. it's perfectly done actually by now jst that the reem is a bit off hence the vibrating but then i think daddy knws i wanna drive the so-mch-more-yeng-auto-4-wheel-drive-with-cd-player therefore despite whinings from mommy, he said i can keep driving while he double checks on the engine. after the entire day of class, happiness filled me as i was walking towards the kembara waiting to zoom off. i pressed on the green button waiting for the 'doot doot' to echo thru the carpark...nothing happened.

tried for the next 10 mins...still nothing. datin din pick up my phone, lynnie din even receive my miss call...and after hundreds of calls to everyone, daddy said, 'call aam'. then i realized...i din turn off the headlites tat i had on, when i was going for class cos it was pouring. damn 7 scared d. (shh...only told mommy). then i made emergency calls to everyone available to come teman me and finally the angel came on his motorcycle. because he knew nothing regarding cars, we sat down beside the car eating goreng pisang. pfft! i reached home about 8. and it wasn't my fault that the batt kong. the batt was too old. dun believe ask suhairie from aam. YES!

Case 2:
came home, turned the computer connection. fuck.
blady modem struck by litening.

daddy- "i think i saw sparks coming from the corner of my eyes when the litening hit".
heh. thank god oni the modem kena.
having no line is like using Pager instead of hps...worst than that wei. campaign proposal rushing like mad d da line kantoi. damn sueh. and doing assignments especially creative wans without the line is like driving a manual car when u have a cramp on ur leg. so kenot.


i did it. connected it back after a few tries with the new modem. i is prouds.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

i have no idea how to fill the title. i completed my Pots...i had a pathetic 2 hour sleep last nite. but it's all worth it cos muthusamy was -ok- with what we produced bsides slight amendments here and there. then i stayed thruout all the classes thou i was practically dozing off every 1/2 hour and thank god i've changed to driving the kembara cos the ganjiu...needs a slight transformation in the engine i i njoyed the auto-ness of the car and powerful aircon that din lull me to sleep.

back to pots. slight spoilers ahead.

i finished the book in a span of...4 days? (so not wat i've planned to slowly enjoy and digest every slight bit of detail wei. mst read again.) a few hours here and there during breaks of my assignments and i finally couldn't stand in jst now cos the monkey started telling me how interesting it was without leaking anything...hmph. so i completed the remaining 15 chaps. fucking interesting. bt so anti climax and a bit dissapointed with the ending. lame-ness wei. and the deaths were so unnecessary. not 1...SO MANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for no reason. ok mayb mr-prince-john had a reason for the sudden attack but...after being terribly misunderstood for the past...dunno how many years...he was jst killed off in a snap of a finger. and the albus severus thing...gawd...

then i placed the book down and messaged the monkey that i've succesfully completed the book. i closed it and comfortably sat it on my tea-pillow right bside me on my bed, sumthing i did since i got hold of the book. and then, it sank in that it has ended. all the yearly anticipation for the magical boy...magical world...chocolate frogs and jelly bins has finally concluded. then flashbacks of privet drive, the sorting hat, the philosopher's stone, the basilisk, whomping willow, spiders, QUIDDITCH, sirius...started spiraling into my wooozzziiiie mind...emo wei...therefore, i slept.

i'm so gonna read the books all over again. i'll miss you ron...i mean...harry. heh!

i need to get my ass to ikea b4 the 19th. I NEED THE BED!! PLS STILL BE THERE!!!

on another note, i was going thru the monkey's blog and to my horror came across this picture of us when we were back in...form4 i guess? and approximately 4-5 years later, we gather again and thou sum couldn't make it, it was nice to look at how layu we looked back then but still we were full of energy. i hate this sem. i barely have time for anyone. even after i come home, i'd be stuck in my room doing assignments. pfft.
* school pic edited and 3rd handedly grabbed from the monkey's blog. i look like a mooncake.