Wednesday, August 29, 2007

the tale of the karao-kai

after karaoke-ing 3 consecutive days since the week started. the boss said that i'm a karao-kai. kai as in chicken i guess.

which still does not disgust me...well...erm...depends on the place la actually.

anyway, it was karaoke again with the colleagues. i think they think that we can entertain them pretty well hence the usual buffet and singing plan.

the boss ended up singing choi fung wah, paula tsui, roman tam and teresa teng. diu lor. but we had a great time catching up again after...hmmm...almost 5 months? weeeeeeeeeee!

then it was back to badminton. not so bad this week. cos i played oni 1 game and the rest were generally net play and...hanging around drinking 100+. :D

then i had to bathe cos i almost drowned in my own sweat (which is why i luv badminton u c. jst sit down and... u sweat. awesome!). so i headed to datin's place and dressed up for the nite(nat's farewell...leaving IGB for more staff price in midvalley). i expected sumthing better from the place thou.

i believe the crowd u c in the picture is photoshoped. either that or it was the opening ceremony and they were giving free ice-cream. the food sucked. the system sucked. the service sucked. the oni thing that was wonderful was the bimbo duets i did with nat. her colleagues were pratically there to watch music videos. teehee! LET'S DO IT AGAIN YO!!! i mean the singing...not the watching. HAHAHAHAA

let me gip u the exact coordinates of this place. it's right bside California Fitness, 11 oclock from pet's world and near the waterwear outlet i think. WARNING: DO NOT ENTER. DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER. I REPEAT: D.O N.O.T!

'i can recognize u as u were the backbone of the class and the campaign'. ---> quoted from muthusamy.

she mst have mistaken me for sum1 else.

but all of a sudden i do not hate her as much. cos she gave us tips. LMAO!!! but she can remember my name. shoot!

damn 7 yeung sui px and the slightly lost gang suffering post presentation dillemma. candid by dunno who while comments were being fired.

**finals in a week. shud stop lepaking. even if i've not been spending enuff time with sum ppl.

updated at 5.29am...HAPPY MERDEKA EVERYONE.

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