Monday, August 27, 2007

The Sequel, The Birthday

the presentation went well...not flawless cos i screwed up my speech but managed to force sum words to conclude it within 5 mins. eh! scary ok when the problematic face gawks at u at that period of time! still can go on toking considered very good d...and i had soarthroat again, which makes it the 340272345th time this sem. hmph. anyway, his comments were above average i suppose. but i'm not putting too mch expectations. cos according to the prequel that happened a year back in november, it was thwarting. he gave blady awesome comments but dirt-low marks. so *fingers-crossed*...for the prequel, *click*

after presentation, 1/2 the gang headed to nandos for lunch. sum couldn't make it's ok. nxt time ok! ;). anyway, i had a generous serving of lemon and herbs chicken thigh (mampus cos after that immediate temperature rise in my body system). but i managed 2 games of bowling. *peace*

my score was...devastating. I HAVE AN EXCUSE OK?!??! i had a 6 matches of badminton 2 days b4 and was suffering major aches on my arms, ass and thigh muscles...hence the score...but i njoyed lalalalalallalaa...
i had 2 spares and countless gutters.
datin...had 3 strikes and 3 spares. fuck...damn kiasu.

after that i shot home and crashed until sum1 woke me up at dunno wat time for med.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENN!!! damn lala-jai poser.

big boy d...dun be so childish...*LOL*!!!!!

we gave him a surprise bday celebration at b.b.q plaza, 1u. FUH! so good. everyone go try. dun take beef oso go try their vege. soarthroat oso mst try. got medicine dun worry.
the secret party was planned right under his nose and he did not sense anything...for real. so considering the amount of times i have done surprise parties, i shall consider moving on to furthering my masters in event management rather than creative media. but oni on surprise birthday parties. ONLY. anyway, he looked happy. the food was good and the bill was good too. ;)
then we headed to redbox.
no present yet k bigboy. coming soon...coming soon. :)
redbox again tmr with the colleagues.
and another on wed for nat's farewell with the frens. nothing to do with me but...i wanna go.

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