Thursday, August 2, 2007

i have no idea how to fill the title. i completed my Pots...i had a pathetic 2 hour sleep last nite. but it's all worth it cos muthusamy was -ok- with what we produced bsides slight amendments here and there. then i stayed thruout all the classes thou i was practically dozing off every 1/2 hour and thank god i've changed to driving the kembara cos the ganjiu...needs a slight transformation in the engine i i njoyed the auto-ness of the car and powerful aircon that din lull me to sleep.

back to pots. slight spoilers ahead.

i finished the book in a span of...4 days? (so not wat i've planned to slowly enjoy and digest every slight bit of detail wei. mst read again.) a few hours here and there during breaks of my assignments and i finally couldn't stand in jst now cos the monkey started telling me how interesting it was without leaking anything...hmph. so i completed the remaining 15 chaps. fucking interesting. bt so anti climax and a bit dissapointed with the ending. lame-ness wei. and the deaths were so unnecessary. not 1...SO MANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for no reason. ok mayb mr-prince-john had a reason for the sudden attack but...after being terribly misunderstood for the past...dunno how many years...he was jst killed off in a snap of a finger. and the albus severus thing...gawd...

then i placed the book down and messaged the monkey that i've succesfully completed the book. i closed it and comfortably sat it on my tea-pillow right bside me on my bed, sumthing i did since i got hold of the book. and then, it sank in that it has ended. all the yearly anticipation for the magical boy...magical world...chocolate frogs and jelly bins has finally concluded. then flashbacks of privet drive, the sorting hat, the philosopher's stone, the basilisk, whomping willow, spiders, QUIDDITCH, sirius...started spiraling into my wooozzziiiie mind...emo wei...therefore, i slept.

i'm so gonna read the books all over again. i'll miss you ron...i mean...harry. heh!

i need to get my ass to ikea b4 the 19th. I NEED THE BED!! PLS STILL BE THERE!!!

on another note, i was going thru the monkey's blog and to my horror came across this picture of us when we were back in...form4 i guess? and approximately 4-5 years later, we gather again and thou sum couldn't make it, it was nice to look at how layu we looked back then but still we were full of energy. i hate this sem. i barely have time for anyone. even after i come home, i'd be stuck in my room doing assignments. pfft.
* school pic edited and 3rd handedly grabbed from the monkey's blog. i look like a mooncake.

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