Sunday, August 19, 2007

ipoh mali, WC, junesi's

ok it's been a while. ive been throughly occupied by so many things but mainly the world championship that's finally..FINALLY come to an end. i knw bukit jalil indoor station from down under. i knw where the secret entrances are and i knw exactly which toilet has the best and most comfortable cubicle. *grins*. i'm gonna miss it badly.

but anyway, i need to update on the ipoh trip due a week back thou cos it was so blady nice.

the main reason we went was...daddy's frens that he hasn't met for 40 years wants to have gatherings. reason? i asked him why. he said...'cos everyone is dying 1 by 1'. ...tats so not the reason for gatherings. but anyway, we stopped at sitiawan to pay the bro-in-law's mom a visit b4 daddy headed for his ancient party. and we had fucking awesome seafood. confirm kenot get in KL ok. fish, crabs, laai liu prawns, abalone, OYSTERS, 'hou beng', calamari...and it goes on. forever.

The Food:
fresh oysters!!! but not from the sea. from the tub. I PICKED MY OWN!! aAAAahhHH
ABALONE...fresh ok. not canned wans. 1/2 of it eaten. everyone so beh tahan wanna take pix of it nicely oso kenot
todi...fermented coconut i guess. high in alcohol. great for a hot holiday. YES!
steamed crab. fresh from...dunno sea or wat la but it's damn good. no preservatives added!
this is by far the bestest taufoofah ever. and it's oni 70 cents. holy cow. i'll eat 5 times daily if i'm from ipoh.

and then i met up with si mou jai and her frens for a short yamcha session near the hotel. and had tarot card reading for me. and it said he has me in his heart. but he also thinks of her occasionally. wth!! LOL!! then the next day, daddy's frens were so gracious to bring us around ipoh. for kai si hoh fun, popiah, caramel pudding...and then bot us a freaking big packet of taugeh. and we've been taking taugeh for the past whole week. lmao!
and after that we went to this cave. lupa nama but it was quite nice. with monkeys and water dripping everywhere.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUNE-SY!!! luv u giler babi.
emjay june and bday cake.
our foodsie...
i knw it's blurish...but i like this pic so the mch. and i'm not the star of the day. i jst forgot to gip way to the bday gal. :D
the group. many not here thou. hmph
stupid boy kept meddling with his hp.

WC was great. really. but i'm not sharing the pix. too valuable. LALALALALALALA. but i can share the lam nga chan ql pic. saw her and yishan. the last time we met was...i can oni remember area camp. face is double hers in width. and my head is twice her size. fuck. but anyway, miss u la lam nga chan. hope things spark btween u 2. WAHAHAHAHAH

this is better. :D

**this is by far the post with the most pix. i is prouds.

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