Tuesday, August 7, 2007

delicious, car batt. & kongkiao modem



met up with honeyeve at long last. was supposed to go to bangsar but after the recent rape case and the worried bf that complained that 4 gals shouldn't go to such places on a friday nite, change of plans. we still went to delicious but 1u's...it was like catching up with her life for the past 10 years. been thru so mch and finally...she's found sum1 that at least does cherish her...in a way but she definitely is glowing. NXT ROUND WE GO DRINK OK!!!

coincidently, all of us were clad in the same shade. more or less...nvr plan ok...swear. :D
more pix with eve...she sumhow attached the entire drive of files while fwding it to us...and of course it was blocked by the paranoid hotmail. have lke 100 pix with her cos we camwhored like giler babi. yes!


Case 1:
As the ganjiu's engine was under major construction, i'm still driving the kembara. it's perfectly done actually by now jst that the reem is a bit off hence the vibrating but then i think daddy knws i wanna drive the so-mch-more-yeng-auto-4-wheel-drive-with-cd-player therefore despite whinings from mommy, he said i can keep driving while he double checks on the engine. D...so after the entire day of class, happiness filled me as i was walking towards the kembara waiting to zoom off. i pressed on the green button waiting for the 'doot doot' to echo thru the carpark...nothing happened.

tried for the next 10 mins...still nothing. datin din pick up my phone, lynnie din even receive my miss call...and after hundreds of calls to everyone, daddy said, 'call aam'. then i realized...i din turn off the headlites tat i had on, when i was going for class cos it was pouring. damn 7 scared d. (shh...only told mommy). then i made emergency calls to everyone available to come teman me and finally the angel came on his motorcycle. because he knew nothing regarding cars, we sat down beside the car eating goreng pisang. pfft! i reached home about 8. and it wasn't my fault that the batt kong. the batt was too old. dun believe ask suhairie from aam. YES!

Case 2:
came home, turned the computer on...no connection. fuck.
blady modem struck by litening.

daddy- "i think i saw sparks coming from the corner of my eyes when the litening hit".
heh. thank god oni the modem kena.
having no line is like using Pager instead of hps...worst than that wei. campaign proposal rushing like mad d da line kantoi. damn sueh. and doing assignments especially creative wans without the line is like driving a manual car when u have a cramp on ur leg. so kenot.


i did it. connected it back after a few tries with the new modem. i is prouds.

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