Friday, July 27, 2007


finally...everything's done.

at least the worst is over.

so now...I CAN READ MY HARRY POTTER!! thou i couldn't tahan and read 9 chaps the other nite in btween when i was preparing my speeches and presentations. i'm so gonna take my own sweet time...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

i is happy

I GOT MY HARRY POTTER ON SATURDAY, 21st/7/2007 at 230PM...and no the Leong Pei Zan mentioned in NST is not me. i booked my book months ahead and i do not wake up so early on a weekend to get a book...but anyway, i have not read it. cos i dun feel lke reading. cos i'll take the most 3 days...and after these 3 days mark the end of everything. all the magical moments. hmmm...

i was whining and cursing like a biatch last nite for the lack of time for my presentation and was emoing a little cos i had to cancel my porridge dinner with thepig, the parents are in genting and the sister and cm are in camerons. i decided to make my own dinner cos i was even emo that i couldn't see big S as planned and the idea of waiting til today really sucked.

so i planned to make gooloo chicken again but i forgot the procedures but it turned out even better. yes! then i sumhow accidentally found and threw in the tomyam stalk into the initial borsche i wanted to make, and then fried cabbage. yes i fried. cos the pan was too hot and there was too mch oil so it was frizzling in the pan.

but anyway, the big S dear is sooo back and i am glad i have ample time til nxt thurs and sat for the next task. i wish to take back all the evil things i said about the lecturer. ...and since i'm in good mood, i'll do leen's tag willingly.


INSTRUCTION : Bold the statements that are true to you. Italicize the statements that you WISH are true. Leave the fibs alone. Then, stab 5 people to do the same test.

1) I miss somebody right now.
2) I do not watch tv these days.
3) I wear glasses or contact lenses.
4) I love to play video games.
5) I have tried marijuana.
6) I have been in a threesome.
7) I believe honesty is usually the best policy.
8) I have changed mentally over the last year.
9) I curse.
10) I am totally smart.
11) I have broke sumone's bones.
12) I am paranoid sometimes.
13) I would get plastic surgery if it were 100% safe, free of cost, and scar-free.
14) I need money right now.
15) I love sushi.
16) I talk really, really fast. (at times)
17) I have long hair.
18) I have lost money in Las Vegas.
19) I have at least one sibling.
20) I have worn fake hair/fingernails/eyelashes in the past.
21) I couldnt survive without Caller ID.
22) I like the way I look.
23) I am usually pessimistic.
24) I have a lot of mood swings.
25) I have a hidden talent.
26) I am always hyper.
27) I have a lot of friends.
28) I have pecked someone of the same sex.
29) I enjoy talking on the phone.
30) I practically live in sweatpants or PJ pants.
31) I love to shop.
32) Enjoy window shopping.
33) I would rather shop than eat.
34) I dont hate anyone.
35) I am a pretty good dancer.
36) I am completely embarrassed to be seen with my mother.
37) I have a cell phone.
38) I believe in God.
39) I am an adrenaline junkie.
40) I watch MTV on a daily basis.
41) I have passed out drunk in the past 6 months.
42) I have rejected someone before.
43) I want to have children in the future.
44) I have changed a diaper before.
45) I have called the cops on a friend before.
46) I am not allergic to anything.
47) I have a lot to learn.
48) I am shy around members with the opposite sexs.
49) I have made a move on a friend's significant other or crush in the past.
50) I have tried alcohol before.
51) I own the South Park movie.
52) I would die for my best friend.
53) I think that Pizza Hut has the best pizza.
54) I have used my sexuality to advance my career.
55) I love Michael Jackson, scandals and all.
56) Halloween is awesome because you get free candy.
57) I watch Spongebob Squarepants and I like it.
58) I am happy at this moment!
59) I am obsessed with girls/guys.
60) I tie my shoelaces differently from anyone I”ve ever met.
61) I study for tests most of the time.
62) I am comfortable with who I am right now.
63) I have more than just my ears pierced.
64) I walk barefoot wherever I can.
65) I have jumped off a bridge.
66) I love sea turtles.
67) I spend ridiculous money on makeup.
68) Plan on achieving a major goal/dream.
69) I am proficient in a musical instrument.
70) I hate office jobs.
71) I love sci-fi movies.
72) I think water rules.
73) I went college out of state.
74) I like sausages.
75) I love kisses.
76) I fall for the worst people.
77) I adore bright colours.
78) I cant live without black eyeliner.
79) I dont know why the hell I just did this stupid thing. (i knw..cos i'm happy :D)
80) I usually like covers better than originals.
81) I can pick up things with my toes.
82) I can whistle.
83) I can move my tongue in waves, much like a snakes slither.
84) I have ridden/owned a horse.
85) I still have every journal I've written in.
86) I can stick to a diet.
87) I talk in my sleep.
88) I try to forget things by drowning them out with loads of distractions.
89) I have jazz in my blood.
90) Climbing trees is a brilliant past-time.
91) I wear a toe ring.
92) I can't stand at LEAST one person that I work with.
93) I am a caffeine junkie.
94) I cosplay or know what cosplaying is.
95) I have been to over 15 conventions.
96) I will collect anything, and the more nonsensical the better.
97) I am an artist.
98) I only clean my room when necessary.
99) I like a person of the same sex.
100) I love being happy.

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Definition of Fucked Up

when everything starts flooding in without prior notice (sum of it) and rite until this minute u have no blady idea wat u're supposed to do...u're staring at the screen blankly waiting for a pathetic update from the lecturer, notes are piled around the bed and there's another presentation on the way rite after all these...

THIS..IS WAT I CALL FUCKED UP! ---according to lpx. (according to ms alagu, it's called crisis)

muthusamy's paper was......enuff said. it seems almost 1/2 of the other classes failed for crisis management and i am so proud to mention again that i got another mark for creative strat. which gips me a freaking 2 points out of 35 ads that i've done. ...yep. i din do 60. ran dry of ideas and after doing 5 in class, i slept.

the topic for monday's presentation by right should b posted online latest by wednesday evening. on thursday, i checked...nothing. friday morning...nil. and when she was approaced during lecture jst now:

"yes...u'd still be presenting on monday"

holy. mother. *********************

plan nicely to go lepak after class...dress up like ayAmi hamasaki but now i'm stranded back home waiting anxiously for the system to be updated. and since everything's in such a rush, after collecting Harry Potter tmr, i will have to put it aside until i complete all the tasks...which would b nxt thursday. sei mou. so left out. spoilers everywhere d. diu

*on another note,

Dear Ms-Left-Out-Back-In-Melbourne, (LOBIM)...
INVISIBLE TARGET wasn't that good. so dun worry. not worth going on the first day of release. still deliberating whether it's worth going even if it's not on the 2nd day or week...or mayb u should jst download. or buy a pirated dvd. but mst support benny chan rite... storyline's crap oso. so like DieHard but even tougher than bruce willis. action was good thou. and check out wujing wei. omg. OH! and pay attention to jaycee la. so kenot blieve he can act. out of a sudden, he doesn't look like his father anymore bsides having the same huge nose. and shawn...haih. jst like in everyshow...kena whack oni wan. jan hai mm hai gei hou tai lor...gong yuen la. lei dou joh mei ar...

Monday, July 16, 2007

too good to be true...YA RITE!

for the 2nd time in my life, i am 'pleased' with my english proficiency after being framed twice in a month saying that i plagiarized in my writings for wat i wrote myself entirely. u never gave us a chance to explain ourselves and it is totally shallow of u to think that being able to write well in u*** is such an impossible thing to happen.

thank you ms. muthusamy. i now am starting to believe more that u are indeed the siamese twin to professor dolores jane umbridge, jst that u're a tad darker and look like mrs. doubtfire. and sorry for not making any grammatical errors in the articles.

<------- LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE MUTHU. jst that gallen lo's prettier and more feminine. pfft. they even wear the same outfit...with an additional scarf. holy moly.

**names protected...for future precautionary measures. :D

Friday, July 13, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

after mch anticipation (almost a year to be exact), i finally watched the 5th installment. Fair sized volumed and I see how they had to combine certain scenes while completely doing away with others for time constraints...removed quidditch and included the kissing under the mistletoe. ...anyway, i'm always lame and i like lame things so I LOVED IT.

*spoilers*...a bit bit oni la.

i practically started to tear the moment sirius appeared and when he and harry embraced each other after such a long period of time and after so mch pain and fear. damn emo wei!!! winking here and there summore. but then i can c how mch daniel radcliffe has matured in his acting skills (thou not mch). at least he's way more natural in this movie and he did portray the sufferings and pathetic looks really well. thumbs up to Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood)...i shudder everytime she starts speaking and her stoned face is very convincing. loved her. Imelda Staunton (Dolores Jane Umbridge, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Magic) so reminds me of Ms. Muthusamy. jst that she's not always clad in pink outfits and thank god we do not have detentions, slicing our own hands. Gary Oldman was...*sobs*...SO GOOD!!! *shakeshead*. he was so compelling, after so many hours when i'm currently watching back The Prisoner of Azkaban, the sight of him makes me wanna cry. awwwwwwwwwww. the Twins were the best la of all. charming, great accent and even greater, they had a haircut. rupert should start learning from them. oh and he looked really sweet, always by harry's side (despite always being marah-ed)

and mr he-who-has-no-nose...i didn't remember him being so brawny in the book. he practically had the body of vin diesel in dirty robes. hmm...and the kenot wei. nvr even explain abit. i did not reread the book this time and everyone was asking wat's with the prophecy. ...i oni remember 5% of that book. but most of it were already in the movie. i is prouds. *lalala*

katie leung sumthing to her hair. cos it makes her face look blady broad. which totally reminds me of myself currently cos i think we have the exact same hairstyle, jst that mine's gold and...sumbody should do sumthing to her accents. i still dislike Michael Gambon the current Dumbledore. he doesn't look as powerful. OH! and god bless Dudley. he grew up to be absolutely disgusting, to the extend i guess the dementors would rather have the soul of a pig than him. Dudley, not the actor in person. but i dun think there's a difference. heh!


congratulations to me for getting ONE FREAKING POINT for creative strategy--- the 30 ads i did, only 1 of them was accepted. many got 0. sum even got negatives and he's not at all showing any signs of mercy. another 30 this week. crazy.

quite a success this week thou. about 90 out of 200 students turned up for class. 1/2 of it left in the middle and the rest were dozing off. toking about missing classes (for good reasons)...hah. sleeping in class, is always better than sleeping at home.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

of midterms and TRANSFORMERS (robotic singing accent)

crisis management is done. and this is (i hope) much better than the in my theories. at least i did an opening and closing and this time, we were not separated a meter apart was easier to understand cos we could crap full time.

and presentation's not up to my turn which means i'll have another week to go b4 starting to freak out with all the unknown theories that's gonna pile onto me. so, to pamper and console myself a bit after that, i went for transformers.

i knw many mite have said it but...


i was kinda reluctant to go in the beginning cos of the serious lack of sleep and i was supposed to lead sum1 to the palace of golden horses but then the pig bot the tix and heck...i wanted to so mch to watch shia lebeouf so i went. i dun care wat other ppl say...SHIA LEBEOUF rox! he was bodoh la i admit in front. but then he was the hero ok. and he was so funny he was the main entertainment of the entire movie...bsides the transformation of the robots from luxurious cars to jeeps and trucks. and the sound of the maching evolving. weeeeeeeeeeee...i can quite confirm that my 'ganjiu' does that at nite too when i'm asleep. secretly. the cgi and live action really flowed well, the storyline was good and althou there were dull moments in the middle (about 5 mins altogether), i stayed upright throughout the whole movie eventhou i lack sleep...went beyond expectations wei. *claps*. so anyone who wants to watch again and is willing to pay for me, call me at 012-dancingbananas. toll free.

[from trailer]
Bobby Bolivia: A driver don't pick the cars. Mmm-mm. Cars pick the driver.

i seriously do not wish for that to be true because...

the best it can transform i can to this...












and josh duhamel deserves more scenes. so hot.

Monday, July 9, 2007

the pig's birthday, movie review and...HARRY POTTER

i'm feeling really guilty for not posting this earlier but then due to the procrastination and laziness of sum1, i can't get hold of the pictures and hence i can't do anything. therefore, i decided to post the very dark video with many many coarse singing voices (mine was loudest cos i was holding the phone).

i made sum arrangements to gip her a surprise as she was complaining how pitiful it is to actually have to spend her 21st bday with her landlady without her family and frens by her side. i made many many calls despite feeling like a log, which totally reminded me of the monkey's bash and ended up having yinng to get a Baskin Robbin's Chocolate Chip Ice Cream cake, vodka, beer and my precious malibu (very favoured by everyone..). then i picked everyone up and shot to her main gate at 12.02 and kicked open all our doors screaming her the birthday wish. she was shocked la of course. like wanna cry oni. and abby even said she was pathetically hinting for sum miracle to happen when the clock was about to strike 12 saying...'haih...nvm la...lemme watch 12 oclock news on my bday la. i'll update myself abit.)...holy crap. maha kenot tahan. oh and when we drove into her underground garage, the electricity snapped and therefore, we had to use the torchlites. happy birthday from tnb!
if anyone's wondering why the canto version, it was created by us sumtime back and we promised to sing to each other during our birthdays (even the sound effects). but this year kenot for the monkey's. cos too high class. so had to keep to the customary english wan.
pix up later la...haven't got any of it yet.

then the following day, woke up at a solid 425pm. syokness wei. haven't slept in for such a long time. bathed, lepak a while and headed for a movie. really wanted to watch transformers bt then ade orang kenot make it cos of family dinner so we were forced to watch Die Hard at 1030. minus all the kicking and coughing from those bastards bhind us, the movie was DAMN 7 GOOD!!

it's so obvious it's a bruce willis movie and althou it's been 18 years and additional wrinkles here and there, he rocked man. 1 killing 100, whole arm sliced open blood flowing like dunno wat the nxt scene sure dry d wan. but the action scenes really kicked butt. maggie q was...STUNNING WEI! confirm all guys end up having nose bleed k. pretending to be a FBI agent but then wearing heels and cat-walking with the model aura. no joke. storyline was kinda crappy with the very traditional hacking into the entire system leading to threats of terrorism is so HK. but then the actions started like...5 mins after the movie? so who cares about the storyline. sit back and grab the popcorns. most probably u'll end up spilling them.
the alarm's ringing. the fever is coming. i've been watching all my potter dvds back to back and the Order of the Phoenix is gonna b out in a day. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! and i haven't got my tix.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

i can't seem to write in the topic. i wanted to say:
i was whining away to eunice, kenn and leen last nite about how desperate i am to cari orang teman cos i am pathetically left alone this weekend. *hmph*. but no1 was free to layan cos everyone had presentations due next week while mine is week after nxt, sum are away and sum can't b contacted. pfft. so as i was frantically going thru the 20 over names on9 on msn, the pig popped up and said solemnly that she was going to FRIM and asked if it was ok to teman her and her...hawaiian landlady Dana. i wasn't quite keen at first cos i had to wake up at a fecking early time at 8 and saturdays are NOT for waking up early unless there are special reasons or dimsum. but then anyway i said YES (i think i was hypnotized). and i woke up at 930 this morning. yes!!

dropped by at metropoint to get breakfast for dana and headed back to the pig's home...and i ate my nasi lemak. i was so hungry i ate the entire packet in 5 mins cos we were rushing off. drank a full cup of plain water and left.
wasn't a problem reaching there. paid a few bucks and entered. then the horror started.
starting damn motivated wan...followed closely bhind bh and was practically hopping up the narrow, undulating steps when dana started moaning. then about 1/2hour later, i started to really breathe hard for my brain to function and remind myself that i had to keep my legs moving and a while later, i could barely climb, after i realized bh mch ahead of me he was out of sight. *cries*

i stopped and sat down. BAD MISTAKE!! *nvr take gym classes b4 zit?!! dog tired still sit down*...i regretted. 5 mins later i was tunduk-ing at the edge of the cliff cos i wanted to throw up. but thankfully, i din. the nasi lemak was still safe to keep me energized. phew. then dana left with bh to check out how far left to go and the sweet pig temaned me and we camwhored all the way up to cool myself down and pushed me all the way mentally saying...'GAM FEI AR! HANG AR!'. malufying giler babi can took another 5 mins to reach the canopy and the rest of the journey was practically jst tiring cos we had to walk blady far to reach the base BUT NOT STRENOUS cos it was a straight road. *px shakes head*

the last time i was in tmn negara, i promised not to put myself thru all these trouble anymore. and i broke that freaking promise. i hope i lost a couple kgs from there. WAHAHAHA

The Greens:
Reaching Up:
The Canopy:
therefore, it wasn't so bad afterall cos i wasn't afraid of heights and swayed my way thru the squeeky bridges, 30m above ground. WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
my legs are wobbly. i wanna eat sushi to reenergize...and.....

we survived.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

the birthday dad, countdowns and i wants...

daddy, i knw it's nvr easy to bring up a bratty gal like me. i knw i'm hard-headed and i knw that u'll knw how i feel in a way cos u always tell me i'm so like u when u were younger (bsides u were much more intelligent)...i like it when u can make historical facts so interesting its better than watching any movies, i like it when i can ask u anything and u can provide me with a strong answer as if u were the encyclopedia, i like it when u bring me to dai paai tongs and we lavishly njoy watever tat we feel like eating njoying the heat and crowd, i like it when u always buy things that i quietly mentioned that i would wish to own eventhou u knw u'd be blamed for pampering me too mch (and althou u were short of cash), i like it when u crack sarcastic jokes and also laff at urself when we tease u, i like it when u tell me to ignore people of no significance in my life and to take them as a pinch of salt, i like it when we visit pet shops and take ling chee kang, i like it when u tell me tat i'm always welcomed home when i had tough times away, i like it when u promised me that i'm a late developer and will shine one fine day and i especially like it a lot when i can sit down with u anywhere and speak of anything without restrictions and boundaries.

i love u so much la!!!


neway ytday with si mou jai was SO THE FUN!!! it's weird when u have barely seen the person but then end up being so close and can spill anything to her bsides my own sister. so i was really looking forward to meeting up with her. NGO NGOI NEI AR SI MOU JAI!!!

the videos i took of mr. abalone and gang were fucking hilarious. will upload them later. WEEEEEE!!

and i snapped my hair at kozo which turned out to be extremely pricey but not bad la, rite since i went alone cos sum1 wasn't around to teman!!! *hmph*. bt then also said...'now like tourist oni, dun look lke local d'... *DOUBLE WEEEEEEEEE!!* (confirm not taiwanese or ayumi hamasaki can d ok...i'm lala enuff)


i wanna watch Transformers. cos everyone has already told me it's damn 7 good and there's shia lebeouf so MST WATCH!!!!!!

I wanna watch Surf Up...cos i lack cartoons in my life.

I WAN HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ron looks awesome!! i knw la i knw la everyone says he's ugly but i still remember yiwen saying that i look like him so i must hypnotize myself to adore him ok. and he's cute! *chant-yes he is yes he is yes he is-chant*. i'm desperately ogling for the premier tix. cos i'm a typical kiasu and i wanna watch it before anyone tells me how good it is...or how bad(which is near impossible). so if anyone can get me 2...or more tix...PLS CALL THE BANANA OK!! I BELANJA TONG SUI!!!

i need to prepare 30 ads for creative tomoro. total siao-ness.
and for anyone who reads and notices the chatbox at the side <-----, pls fill it in for me cos leaving it empty is really ugly. i jst wanted to add sum new features here cos it's boring moring. can swear oso wan nvm. thankews.