Monday, July 9, 2007

the pig's birthday, movie review and...HARRY POTTER

i'm feeling really guilty for not posting this earlier but then due to the procrastination and laziness of sum1, i can't get hold of the pictures and hence i can't do anything. therefore, i decided to post the very dark video with many many coarse singing voices (mine was loudest cos i was holding the phone).

i made sum arrangements to gip her a surprise as she was complaining how pitiful it is to actually have to spend her 21st bday with her landlady without her family and frens by her side. i made many many calls despite feeling like a log, which totally reminded me of the monkey's bash and ended up having yinng to get a Baskin Robbin's Chocolate Chip Ice Cream cake, vodka, beer and my precious malibu (very favoured by everyone..). then i picked everyone up and shot to her main gate at 12.02 and kicked open all our doors screaming her the birthday wish. she was shocked la of course. like wanna cry oni. and abby even said she was pathetically hinting for sum miracle to happen when the clock was about to strike 12 saying...'haih...nvm la...lemme watch 12 oclock news on my bday la. i'll update myself abit.)...holy crap. maha kenot tahan. oh and when we drove into her underground garage, the electricity snapped and therefore, we had to use the torchlites. happy birthday from tnb!
if anyone's wondering why the canto version, it was created by us sumtime back and we promised to sing to each other during our birthdays (even the sound effects). but this year kenot for the monkey's. cos too high class. so had to keep to the customary english wan.
pix up later la...haven't got any of it yet.

then the following day, woke up at a solid 425pm. syokness wei. haven't slept in for such a long time. bathed, lepak a while and headed for a movie. really wanted to watch transformers bt then ade orang kenot make it cos of family dinner so we were forced to watch Die Hard at 1030. minus all the kicking and coughing from those bastards bhind us, the movie was DAMN 7 GOOD!!

it's so obvious it's a bruce willis movie and althou it's been 18 years and additional wrinkles here and there, he rocked man. 1 killing 100, whole arm sliced open blood flowing like dunno wat the nxt scene sure dry d wan. but the action scenes really kicked butt. maggie q was...STUNNING WEI! confirm all guys end up having nose bleed k. pretending to be a FBI agent but then wearing heels and cat-walking with the model aura. no joke. storyline was kinda crappy with the very traditional hacking into the entire system leading to threats of terrorism is so HK. but then the actions started like...5 mins after the movie? so who cares about the storyline. sit back and grab the popcorns. most probably u'll end up spilling them.
the alarm's ringing. the fever is coming. i've been watching all my potter dvds back to back and the Order of the Phoenix is gonna b out in a day. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! and i haven't got my tix.

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