Saturday, July 7, 2007

i can't seem to write in the topic. i wanted to say:
i was whining away to eunice, kenn and leen last nite about how desperate i am to cari orang teman cos i am pathetically left alone this weekend. *hmph*. but no1 was free to layan cos everyone had presentations due next week while mine is week after nxt, sum are away and sum can't b contacted. pfft. so as i was frantically going thru the 20 over names on9 on msn, the pig popped up and said solemnly that she was going to FRIM and asked if it was ok to teman her and her...hawaiian landlady Dana. i wasn't quite keen at first cos i had to wake up at a fecking early time at 8 and saturdays are NOT for waking up early unless there are special reasons or dimsum. but then anyway i said YES (i think i was hypnotized). and i woke up at 930 this morning. yes!!

dropped by at metropoint to get breakfast for dana and headed back to the pig's home...and i ate my nasi lemak. i was so hungry i ate the entire packet in 5 mins cos we were rushing off. drank a full cup of plain water and left.
wasn't a problem reaching there. paid a few bucks and entered. then the horror started.
starting damn motivated wan...followed closely bhind bh and was practically hopping up the narrow, undulating steps when dana started moaning. then about 1/2hour later, i started to really breathe hard for my brain to function and remind myself that i had to keep my legs moving and a while later, i could barely climb, after i realized bh mch ahead of me he was out of sight. *cries*

i stopped and sat down. BAD MISTAKE!! *nvr take gym classes b4 zit?!! dog tired still sit down*...i regretted. 5 mins later i was tunduk-ing at the edge of the cliff cos i wanted to throw up. but thankfully, i din. the nasi lemak was still safe to keep me energized. phew. then dana left with bh to check out how far left to go and the sweet pig temaned me and we camwhored all the way up to cool myself down and pushed me all the way mentally saying...'GAM FEI AR! HANG AR!'. malufying giler babi can took another 5 mins to reach the canopy and the rest of the journey was practically jst tiring cos we had to walk blady far to reach the base BUT NOT STRENOUS cos it was a straight road. *px shakes head*

the last time i was in tmn negara, i promised not to put myself thru all these trouble anymore. and i broke that freaking promise. i hope i lost a couple kgs from there. WAHAHAHA

The Greens:
Reaching Up:
The Canopy:
therefore, it wasn't so bad afterall cos i wasn't afraid of heights and swayed my way thru the squeeky bridges, 30m above ground. WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
my legs are wobbly. i wanna eat sushi to reenergize...and.....

we survived.

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