Friday, July 20, 2007

Definition of Fucked Up

when everything starts flooding in without prior notice (sum of it) and rite until this minute u have no blady idea wat u're supposed to do...u're staring at the screen blankly waiting for a pathetic update from the lecturer, notes are piled around the bed and there's another presentation on the way rite after all these...

THIS..IS WAT I CALL FUCKED UP! ---according to lpx. (according to ms alagu, it's called crisis)

muthusamy's paper was......enuff said. it seems almost 1/2 of the other classes failed for crisis management and i am so proud to mention again that i got another mark for creative strat. which gips me a freaking 2 points out of 35 ads that i've done. ...yep. i din do 60. ran dry of ideas and after doing 5 in class, i slept.

the topic for monday's presentation by right should b posted online latest by wednesday evening. on thursday, i checked...nothing. friday morning...nil. and when she was approaced during lecture jst now:

"yes...u'd still be presenting on monday"

holy. mother. *********************

plan nicely to go lepak after class...dress up like ayAmi hamasaki but now i'm stranded back home waiting anxiously for the system to be updated. and since everything's in such a rush, after collecting Harry Potter tmr, i will have to put it aside until i complete all the tasks...which would b nxt thursday. sei mou. so left out. spoilers everywhere d. diu

*on another note,

Dear Ms-Left-Out-Back-In-Melbourne, (LOBIM)...
INVISIBLE TARGET wasn't that good. so dun worry. not worth going on the first day of release. still deliberating whether it's worth going even if it's not on the 2nd day or week...or mayb u should jst download. or buy a pirated dvd. but mst support benny chan rite... storyline's crap oso. so like DieHard but even tougher than bruce willis. action was good thou. and check out wujing wei. omg. OH! and pay attention to jaycee la. so kenot blieve he can act. out of a sudden, he doesn't look like his father anymore bsides having the same huge nose. and shawn...haih. jst like in everyshow...kena whack oni wan. jan hai mm hai gei hou tai lor...gong yuen la. lei dou joh mei ar...

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