Friday, July 30, 2010

You're Not in Neverland

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Kate-Miller Heidke, Curiouser

I'm always paranoid.
At everything.

No, seriously. Everything.
Also, things tend to linger in my mind when I'm disturbed about certain facts about human nature.

Like why some people are so rich but they don't buy me food. simple as...why can't some people grow.

Honestly, it bothers me that I need to be make effort to initiate and sustain a conversation.
It bothers me that there is no sense of understanding within you that responsibilities at work do not end at the strike of 6pm.
It totally bothers me that you have not grown and still are a year behind time.

My patience level is running low.
With your constant random harpings, I will only bear until...
Nola you don't even wanna unleash the other side of me. Just don't la ok. DON'T.

And just try...I'm not saying you have to but...TRY to use a little of that brain cells of yours. It has been confined for a little too long.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Self-Reminder: Rindu

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Day 5.



Monday, July 12, 2010

Hey You...*SLAP*

Was exactly how I felt after I sank my teeth into my Veggie Wrap dinner just this evening.

If you don't already know, I have a fetish for Subway's Veggie Wrap. Extra olives.
No wait. Extra extra olives.
Oh and extra olives.

So as I left work, I dragged my feet to Pyramid to get my car, half awake (thanks to World Cup) and thought of running by Speedy to get a copy of Blind Dating.
Fine. They don't have it.
Slap No.1

Then headed to Subway to grab a bite.
Saliva almost dripping, tummy rumbling, I was greeted by this curly haired Justin Bieber aged...douche...that prolly thinks he's too hot to be handled.

Guy: '.......................' - Note. He did a Jay Chou. Mumbled.
Me: Hi yeah...Veggie Wrap please.
Guy: Wrap?
Me: Yeah...Veggie Wrap.

Went up and down searching for a piece of wrap. Threw 2 pieces of cheese on it and stared at me.

Me: :)
Guy: What menu?
Me: O.o...Veggie Wrap.
Guy: Wrap yes. What Wrap?
Guy: *nods*


He threw my wrap into the oven, posed a bit while waiting then moved over to the trays of vegetables.

Me: Everything but chillies
Guy: *nods*...
Me: Extra olives yah. Thank you.
Guy: *looks at peanutxz* *nods*

Dumps a handful of chillies on top.

So I was paying, this lady that reminded me strongly of Kristen Stewart in shorter hair gave me my bill.

Lady: RM11.60
Me: *digs wallet...takes out RM50 + RM0.60*
Lady: *collects cash* Thank you...*looks at cash*...Any small change?
Me: Erm no only RM50, sorry yah.
Lady: *stares*...
Me: *Ohemgee Bella*
Lady: *nods*...

And she handed me my change.
OH I FORGOT. I bought Chocolate and Raisin cookies.

Stress. Bad service. I swore I was really nice. REALLY REALLY nice. I might be a bitch but NO...this time really nice cos I like that place.

So, chill. Ran to my car and thought of savouring my piece of cookie after such a long day.

Dropped my stuff, turned on the air-cond, kicked the heels off and...

Cake, short bread or cookie ar this wan hah!??!?!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Weekend...

So the weekend spelled FOOD and AWESOMENESS.
Because after much persuasion, the family decided to give in and head to Southsea Seafood Restaurant for a try.

Why much persuasion you ask...
Because to them, I'm the weird daughter, with a peculiar mind and an eccentric taste for food.

But I have my convincing powers. MUAHAHAHA

Price: RM567

Cheese-baked Escargots

Fresh oyster. Damn 7 huge, right out from the icy cold water.
*bites tongue to curb craving*

Marmite Sri Lankan crab.
Oh well if you're rich, feel free to try the spider crab. Not too expensive. Only about RM428 per piece in average.


Egg-Yolk Crab.
Tasted as though it was composed with loads of yolk and...peanut butter. LOVED IT. Only I favoured it though. So try if you're funky. HAH

Cheese-baked oyster. *shakes head*
Killed the freshness.

ENTAHLAH IKAN APE NI. MACIAM PIRANHA. Damn fresh. Damn yummy. Nothing left. Wanted to tapao the soy sauce back even. GAHHH

Had a whole lot of other food but...sorry too busy to snap pictures.


So the Sunday was very quiet.
Effort to run on both Saturday and Sunday was a mega fail.

Did about 40 minutes of random stuff, sweat like pig then rushed off for Siew Yen's wedding at Tropicana Golf and Country Resort. Sat with a whole table of bosses. God Bless Me.'

Someone needs to do something about the jam on Sg. Besi. Try this:
1) If you're a Touch n' Go card holder, STAY IN YOUR FUCKING LANE! We have SMART TAG for a reason so don't be a smart ass, jumping queue and assblocking everyone behind you when you're not allowed back into the line!!!
2) Try to at least continue driving when an accident happens. Even if it's at 15mph.

Gonna stay up for World Cup.
Not a fan. Don't even watch for the hot players although Torres does look good.

BUT, I don't like the squid. Cos it scares me that it's so accurate.
Therefore, I'm rooting for Netherlands. Yes, I'm rebellious and annoying liddat.

If Spain does win...please don't let this taco predict when the world is coming to an end.

Damn gross can?

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Birth of a Wise Man

*bad hair day*

Your Dad taught you ABC.
My Dad taught me Supercalifragilisticexpialidicious.

Your Dad read you The 3 Little Bears.
My Dad read me Lao Fu Zi, the Bible (we're Buddhists anyway ROFL), Malaysian folklores and a whole book by Disney.

Your Dad bought you a dog.
My Dad brought me to Petaling Street and we had a day with the dogs, cats, birds, fish, rabbits, chameleons, worms, flies and pigs.

Your Dad taught you how to draw a stick man.
My Dad taught me oil painting, wet-in-wet, tie-dye, wash, sketching, geometry, symmetry and how to decorate a Christmas tree.

Your Dad sat by you when you were in the hospital down with Dengue.
My Dad filled my bedridden days with stories of Hercules, The Archilles' Heel, Romance of the 3 Kingdoms, the Opening of the Red Sea and...Lao Fu Zi.

Your Dad gave you his money.
My Dad gave me his everything.

Can beat me or not in cheesy posts?

Happy Birthday, Di.
I Laps You Big Time.

Pre-Birthday Celebration @ TGIF
Niece not fully recovered hence the absence of the Nat and family.

Therefore, there will be another.
When ar when ar? XD

Mommy's Cheesecake.
Anyone wanna order?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Doesn't Take Much

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Say You Don't Want To, One Night Only

I rant a lot.
Every day.
Almost every minute.

Either out loud...which is rather infrequent nowadays because there isn't the correct candidate that can comprehend my language from Mars (because I expect you to understand halfway thru it and agree that it's worth complaining...and I guess only Linda will be able to gimme the reaction that I want. Megahai <3>

Subtly, be it via e-mail or Skype or...text messages, it's a daily affair. NO. It's a minute-to-minute thing. Eg - Office's warm, hunger, laptop hangs, system hangs, shortie's rude, lady of the opposite unit screams on the phone and insists that I should tone down when I'm merely whispering, yada yada yada...

Of course there are the potent ones but oh well...memory's bad...barely remember them.
Now this is the time I thank god I am a goldfish.

Oh oh...and then I realized I'm uber simple...simple just simple.
There are things that make my day.

As in...after seeing things like that, I just smile...and smile...and smile...

And smile.

Like...when one's sick on the head.

Saw a rainbow on the way back a couple days back.

Went frantic and started texting those that might be travelling on the same highway.
Snapped pictures. And even recorded a video.

I drove under it and then felt so good I had new found energy for workout. WOOT.
The awesomeness lasted 1 day. Hearts!

Can't wait for the Chubby Bunny Challenge on July 10th.

Hang in there Marshies. Peanutxz's coming!!!

I know right. FUGRY.

But baring them makes me happy too.
Baring them when I'm drenched in sweat makes me ultra happy!

Quote Renn Zhern: Work on abs now it'll be hidden behind the fats. -.-

I shall work on other parts firs then BUT Suzanne Bowen ROCKS BIG TIME.

Little Taylor. Painful fingers.

Check out my tennis court forehead! ANG AR!

A healthy niece.
Check out her Harem pants. Ons.

And this was the best.

Could probably be an inside joke but her little flower travelled from her head till her hips I think.
It was a formal, corporate event.

Very nice, Lady. *bites lips to hold back laughter*
If you read my blog, I'm at Lobby level. Let's be friends. No, I mean it.

ALL THESE...have something in common.

They come towards the end of the day.

Now tell me, what makes your day?


On another note, I got tickets to the Eclipse premiere.

But you know sometimes you just need to watch certain movies just so you can join in the talk-of-town?

And I can't wait to come up with another Parody. The one we wrote for New Moon was epic.