Monday, July 12, 2010

Hey You...*SLAP*

Was exactly how I felt after I sank my teeth into my Veggie Wrap dinner just this evening.

If you don't already know, I have a fetish for Subway's Veggie Wrap. Extra olives.
No wait. Extra extra olives.
Oh and extra olives.

So as I left work, I dragged my feet to Pyramid to get my car, half awake (thanks to World Cup) and thought of running by Speedy to get a copy of Blind Dating.
Fine. They don't have it.
Slap No.1

Then headed to Subway to grab a bite.
Saliva almost dripping, tummy rumbling, I was greeted by this curly haired Justin Bieber aged...douche...that prolly thinks he's too hot to be handled.

Guy: '.......................' - Note. He did a Jay Chou. Mumbled.
Me: Hi yeah...Veggie Wrap please.
Guy: Wrap?
Me: Yeah...Veggie Wrap.

Went up and down searching for a piece of wrap. Threw 2 pieces of cheese on it and stared at me.

Me: :)
Guy: What menu?
Me: O.o...Veggie Wrap.
Guy: Wrap yes. What Wrap?
Guy: *nods*


He threw my wrap into the oven, posed a bit while waiting then moved over to the trays of vegetables.

Me: Everything but chillies
Guy: *nods*...
Me: Extra olives yah. Thank you.
Guy: *looks at peanutxz* *nods*

Dumps a handful of chillies on top.

So I was paying, this lady that reminded me strongly of Kristen Stewart in shorter hair gave me my bill.

Lady: RM11.60
Me: *digs wallet...takes out RM50 + RM0.60*
Lady: *collects cash* Thank you...*looks at cash*...Any small change?
Me: Erm no only RM50, sorry yah.
Lady: *stares*...
Me: *Ohemgee Bella*
Lady: *nods*...

And she handed me my change.
OH I FORGOT. I bought Chocolate and Raisin cookies.

Stress. Bad service. I swore I was really nice. REALLY REALLY nice. I might be a bitch but NO...this time really nice cos I like that place.

So, chill. Ran to my car and thought of savouring my piece of cookie after such a long day.

Dropped my stuff, turned on the air-cond, kicked the heels off and...

Cake, short bread or cookie ar this wan hah!??!?!



  1. i have never dined at subway before.. haha.. but that's kinda bad customer service =/

  2. i guess wouldn't be worse than here XD

  3. Seriously what the heck the "thing" cake, short or cookie??

    haha everything but chillies but dump tonnes of chillies on top. You should just slap the guy I think he has post worldcup sleep deprived brain damage or something.