Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Weekend...

So the weekend spelled FOOD and AWESOMENESS.
Because after much persuasion, the family decided to give in and head to Southsea Seafood Restaurant for a try.

Why much persuasion you ask...
Because to them, I'm the weird daughter, with a peculiar mind and an eccentric taste for food.

But I have my convincing powers. MUAHAHAHA

Price: RM567

Cheese-baked Escargots

Fresh oyster. Damn 7 huge, right out from the icy cold water.
*bites tongue to curb craving*

Marmite Sri Lankan crab.
Oh well if you're rich, feel free to try the spider crab. Not too expensive. Only about RM428 per piece in average.


Egg-Yolk Crab.
Tasted as though it was composed with loads of yolk and...peanut butter. LOVED IT. Only I favoured it though. So try if you're funky. HAH

Cheese-baked oyster. *shakes head*
Killed the freshness.

ENTAHLAH IKAN APE NI. MACIAM PIRANHA. Damn fresh. Damn yummy. Nothing left. Wanted to tapao the soy sauce back even. GAHHH

Had a whole lot of other food but...sorry too busy to snap pictures.


So the Sunday was very quiet.
Effort to run on both Saturday and Sunday was a mega fail.

Did about 40 minutes of random stuff, sweat like pig then rushed off for Siew Yen's wedding at Tropicana Golf and Country Resort. Sat with a whole table of bosses. God Bless Me.'

Someone needs to do something about the jam on Sg. Besi. Try this:
1) If you're a Touch n' Go card holder, STAY IN YOUR FUCKING LANE! We have SMART TAG for a reason so don't be a smart ass, jumping queue and assblocking everyone behind you when you're not allowed back into the line!!!
2) Try to at least continue driving when an accident happens. Even if it's at 15mph.

Gonna stay up for World Cup.
Not a fan. Don't even watch for the hot players although Torres does look good.

BUT, I don't like the squid. Cos it scares me that it's so accurate.
Therefore, I'm rooting for Netherlands. Yes, I'm rebellious and annoying liddat.

If Spain does win...please don't let this taco predict when the world is coming to an end.

Damn gross can?

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  1. but the very gross thingy was very accurate wor >.<