Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Up, up here we go!

Usually by this time of the year, I'd be babbling about how I failed in all the resolutions made previously. Last year, I only made 1 resolution - to blog more frequently.

Which I did I think. GOOD JOB, PEANUT!
Partially motivated by money because in dire need of cash, I signed up with Nuffnang.
Hello random readers.

Twenty-ten flashed past fantabulously fast.
I can barely remember a single bitter moment (now now, don't jinx it, it's not the end yet).
Okay. I'm just saying, I'm grateful that I've at least done a bit more compared to the past.
- I'm still in the same company (rejoice!)
- I did not break a bone this year
- I made real friends, lost some (no wait, lost one)
- Attended a few weddings/engagements which made me tingle all over with joy *coughs* munkie *coughs*
- Traveled
- Started a Youtube channel (I still can't believe that the views are still climbing, albeit slowly, for my latest video)
- Entered a real recording studio and recorded a brand new demo


I got a deal to fly off again!
*human wave*

New Year this time around is gonna be somewhat quiet. Because I can foresee that I'd be nerve-wracked (and stoked altogether) with the new opportunity. Chances are awfully bleak but oh well, at least I tried.


So to you reading, thank you for reading. Come back everyday so that I can receive my cheque from Nuffnang soon.

May 2010 close with a fucking roar and everyone have a swashbuckling 2011.
I like that word.

P.S - Wish me luck

Sunday, December 26, 2010

SIX months

My hair styling went on a long hiatus ever since I returned from Hong Kong in May.
Because I swore it's about time I let it grow and hopefully it'll make me look more like a girl.

WTF. I am one if you're questioning.

And now that I'm heading back to Hong Kong, I can't survive with the horrendous sack of hay that was drooping over my head. Hence, the text to the stylist went somewhat like this:

'Cherry, SOS. Going Hong Kong. Hair damn 7 ugly'.
Cherry's a guy. NO, he's awesome. Shoo!

At this length, he calls it the awkward length.
Which is a really courteous way to say...'do what shit also ugly so don't even bother doing anything'.

So all I could do, was lighten the colour and snip it off a little, then let it grow further.

Before X'mas dinner. I think not smiling makes my face smaller and hence prettier.

In actual fact, it looks like that.

Cherry waxed it up for me, and I thought I looked like Zero from Vampire Knight.
So much for trying to look like a girl.

Guys, I still like you.

Oh and I'd be heading to Hong Kong on Jan 1st till the 4th.
Wish me luck.
And everyone give Linda Chin a pat on the back if you see her on the streets for being such a supportive friend. She didn't have to, really.
Ai Laps Chu!!!

Anndddddd...I'm broke. Someone buy me meals.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Rocketeer and I'm NOT Spoiled

After about a million tries...
I got one.


Click 'like'

Anything that makes you happy.


On a more solemn note, the parents are having a rather fantastic time roaming the streets of Penang then further up north to meet their friends.


Yeah they're hyper. And happening. And happily retired.
Wait...Mommy's partially retired...but...OH WELL...

I'm glad they're having a good time. REALLY. From the bottom of my little heart.
All those romantic dinners by the beach, the slow drive to the butterfly park, being satiated by the never ending hawker stalls etc...

But honestly, I miss them.

Hang on a sec...I'm not spoiled. I just dislike eating out.

*depressingly in denial*

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Because I can now take photographs like this!

And this!

And this!!!

Alright, the caterpillar isn't very Christmas-y after all. But, hey! I risked my life taking it.
It could've farted or spat at me and blind my already partially futile eyes.

Can I now be a NatGeo photographer?

Apparently, caterpillars are as blind as me...and they're a good source of protein. O.o

Whaaa the heck am I talking about. I'm just updating this for the sake of doing so.
Year's closing in, I'm not jinxing the remaining 2010 so I'm keeping mum until the clock strikes 12 to 2011.

But, it's been goo...ok no *shush*

I know. I'm just shallow and superstitious. *flips hair*

Everyone go do something stupid and mindless before we call it a year.
I did.

I became a bear.


No but really, the tree's up.
I swear I did not touch a single ornament. Which is the ultimate reason as to why...

It looks fucking pretty.

The leaning tree of Peanutxz.

Video in a bit.
Guess what song? Anyone with the correct guess gets a free Caterpillar.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Apparently...she's 95.

I always believe that my grammama is waaaay older than she is.
You know how people tend to register their kids later than they're supposed to back then.

According to Mommy, popo's NINE-FIVE.
Don't get me wrong, that's a really big number.
But I personally believe she could be a centurion.

For all you know, she probably was a friend of Dumbledore before she came to Malaysia.

Saang Yud Faai Lok, POPO!
And you got it right! I'm Ah San *pats head*

Every wrinkle represents a smile

Now, stop smiling everyone.
Ok, just kidding. This lady only smiles upon request.
One heckuvva diva if you're asking me.


On a serious note, Secret Recipe should really get someone Chinese literate to partially run their business.

Because to be honest, I think I'd have written better with my left toe.

And the last thing I remember before the day went down the drain.

A guitar, 2 voices, 2.5 hours.
I thank the bacteria that they decided to attack later.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Little Black Notes

I'm a sucker for instrumental soundtracks.
Ever since the oh-so-corny, Titanic? Yes I knew every single beat to the tracks, including the lines.

Hans Zimmer.
James Horner.
John Williams.
Pierre Adenot...and
The little black notes.

They're powerful.
Subtle. Yet convincing.
Like shadows talking. No words. Just presence.
That it's there.

Sometimes, we just need people like that around us, don't we?
Just to let us know that they're always by our sides, even if they don't utter a single word, we know...they're there. Watching. Encouraging.
Maybe sometimes a few words of wisdom if requested.
Too much and the aura is bastardized.

How much do we need to talk, to be considered enough?
And when it's all talk, with bare minimum response, what is it?
Beats me.

PMS talking. Why isn't my period here.
Oh sorry, TMI?

Oh, it's Thanksgiving, you Americans.
Erm...I'd like to thank the person who invented music. The little black notes.
Thank you.

Monday, November 22, 2010

All Smiles

All smiles.

Dear Twenty-Three,

I've been thinking of a little something to say to you since sprawling on my bed at 1a.m.
It's now 1.51a.m

I can't think of any but thank you for treating me safe and well.

Now...we've been schizo for more than a year now, with me in denial since the clock struck 12 to the year 2010. I hung on and had you surface whenever the age question arises...because until probably about 20+ hours back, Twenty-Four still sounded awful.

It's official now. We don't. want. to. be. Gollum.
I can finally push you off the cliff. *evil smirk*

Nah jokes.
Sit back and try watching how the newbie attempts to at least try scoring something more in the year ahead. Are we on the verge of something great? Pfft, the elves might know because in all honesty, I'm still as lost as all our pasts have been.

But I sense something more.
I sense a stint of delirium starbusting from within.

What is it, you ask?
Twenty-Four will tell. Soon. I guess. I mean...yeah it'll be great. O.O

So, thank you for being nice. For being brave enough to kick-start a couple projects worth taking note of and thank you most of all, for molding who Twenty-Four would be.

Now, pray hard, because if you're asking for some hard truth, all those emanating power that created this post might be...god-forsaken ideas that'll make everyone go...

Wha.Da.Fak. She's doing it again.

But hey, that's who we are, ain't it?

Happy Birthday, Peanutxz.
Be all smiles.

P.S: I can pretty much validate the fact, that I can be all intoxicated by warmth and happiness, WITHOUT booze and loud music.
THAT' achievement.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Honestly, I don't know which is more haunting: the one year wait before the release of part II or to finally dawn upon the fact that the epic classic is looming to its finality.

Yes, it's either PMS, bipolar disorder or Harry Potter withdrawal syndrome.
I believe it's the latter.

Not gonna elaborate on the movie. You're probably gonna say that I'm biased...OH shut it, I probably am so what? Go watch it then tell me what you think.

Say...I reckon everyone should give Signature's Gold Class a try.
Just to feel pampered and...

Call me a barbarian I was pretty thrilled by the reclining seats and how I was kept fuzzily warm just so I can enjoy every.single.detail...including how facial hair does complement DanRad and how his abs were kinda gross. Oh and that Rupert Grint looks hotter, the hair...on the head. Pfft. Dirty you.

So much that I totally ignored the possibility that the comforter...could be terribly contaminated.
Or might not. *fingers crossed*

So yeah, I'm giving an A+.
I probably also said the same for all the other movies but I'm gonna restate.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows trumps the first six.
Now would you excuse me, I'm going to pick up the book as said, and continue where the movie left off.

Hang on, one more thing...
It's really pretty darn good.

*I told the parents that the ticket costs RM50 so keep it low ya'll. And to che, SHUSH*


P.S - Ophidiophobics, be prepared for some awfully realistic CG of Nagini.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's been...a year

After an entire freaking year, they finally are releasing it.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Unless its disappointing (which I strongly doubt it would)...the wait for the final part would be arduous.

But honestly, another side of me wished it'd never come...or rather not so soon.
At least there would still be something to look forward to. It's quite sad to suddenly realize after more than a decade, the whole magical journey is finally coming to an end.

And it shouldn't come so soon because...
I need to save money for the tickets.
-.-". Damn expensive can?!

The movie better be good or else I'm slicing the sofas open, hear me Signature (Gold Class)?! And blame Warner Bros if that ever happens.

On a separate note, I'm pretty sure I spotted a white Barn Owl a couple hours back flying briskly across the highway into the wilderness.
In conjunction to the release of Harry Potter? Heard it's bad omen. -.-
But I love owls.

How now, brown cow?

*slaps self*


Think. Spells. Chocolate Frogs. Jelly Beans. Weasleys. Hedw...nono that's an owl...
*shakes head*

9 hours approximately till the movie.
While I deliriously anticipate the clock to strike 3.10pm, I shall sleep it off to welcome the epic journey back to Hogwarts. YAY!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another Weekend!!!

Spot the EXXXXCLAMATION marks.

Yeah. The weekend was pretty cool.
Because I survived being Home Alone...TWO days in a row.
*standing ovation*

It's a milestone.
A Peanutxz milestone WTH.

Anyways, weekend was cool. Attended a wedding, recorded a cover, played with my NERF, splurged -.-, went for a singing practise and...did a DIY mask.

First things first...the RZ requested that I try out for the music school concert that would be held in January. Would need to sing a song, and today was the tryout.
'twas pretty fun.

Such delicate hands...of...Cheah Renn Zhern. HEH

She told me her name was Amy.
And before she left, the teacher yelled...'TINA! Your father's here!'

I bet her Mommy told her not to expose her name to strangers. Especially odd lookin' ones. MEH

Most of the pianists there, wore glasses. REAL glasses.

Pianos ruin eyesight. I'm glad I stopped.

Ok jokes. I'm a loser for failing to like the instrument when I was learning it.

Her Dad, would be singing We Are The World. And reminded me a lot of Suffian.

Munkie, if you're reading this, you'd both have such pretty babies. *less than 3*

One of the songs played. I flipped around and saw Viva La Vida.
Would volunteer to sing. Unfortunately...

My pianist.

OH WAIT sorry. Pfft who'm I to say that. He's THE PIANIST.
Round of applause everyone. He doesn't believe in looking straight at the camera for pictures. So...vintage.


DIY Mask

Got this from Bubz. Check out her Youtube channel for more.

Apple Cider Vinegar + Sugar + Green Tea + Honey (MASK)

Apple Cider Vinegar + Green Tea (Toner)

So, if you realize that I've suddenly disappeared, it means I've done this wrong and I'd probably have turned into Quasimodo or some sort.

See you every Halloween, if so.

Pay's out.
Which means...I have aside a little money, to buy...random stuff. As a hugeass portion went to my NERF, I forked out RM5 for this little can of candy I found in Daiso.

I've never really shopped in Daiso before until Choo Ki told me about it.
Needless to say, I went wild when I saw this.

Also seen in:


Graveyard of the Fireflies

Not like I can eat the colourful bites of happiness but...shaking them and hearing the klonking sound makes me feel...chirpy. XD

Oh and Hau`oli la hanau (Happy Halloween in a-you-guess-it-language)

If you've ever commented or liked any of the random videos that I've posted, you rock!
Mahalo Nui Loa!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Smile for me, will ya?

And from now...
I won't need to ask anyone anymore.

Because I own one myself.
Smile for me, will ya?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Little Excitements

I'm easily excited.
Even the doctor said so, hence, the fluctuating blood pressure.

Words are powerful.
Papers feel real.
Words on paper, spell Vintage.

Going green has killed the romantic relationship between writing, and the excitement upon receiving the real copy with handwritten, personalised words...

The effort matters.


Okay. I confess.
I had only 1 pen-pal (because I thought it was lame to get one as everyone around me was doing so. The ugly Kuntum times, if you remember and are as pre-historic as I am) and closer friends seldom wrote while they were abroad. It takes too much time.

So getting this from Cape Town is pretty awesome.


Ok I confess also.
I was testing the effects on Photoshop and the camera.

This is a totally random post.
Hang on, oh yes, hand written materials...
ARE romantic.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hey, Barney. Go Away

Ok kidding.
Kids love Barney somehow.

I've nothing against Barney but no offense, the other 2 orange and yellow weird aliens are a tad too disturbing.
What are they anyway...Pokemon's legacy?!

Oh well yeah, I've done it again.
A lullaby.
Go on and listen to it if you can't sleep.
You probably...still won't be able to sleep.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Can Cook

Currently listening to:

I just realized I am indeed a spoiled kid.
Because I never thought of it to be difficult to make a hard-boiled egg.

Now let me tell you this.

I'm not talking about the ones where the yolk turns into sand when it's sliced open because you've been boiling till the water evaporates.
I'm talking moist yolk and chewy egg whites.

Like this.

I'm a proud kid.

I guess mommy's proud too.


Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm Home

Feels like it's been a while.
But fact's only been 3 days.

I ashamed to admit that...I missed the internet.
A lot.

*insert offensive criticism for my shameless internet dependency *

Not having Twitter, Blogger, Youtube and FB (ok this I don't mind not having) is as good as not having internet at all. China has their version of ALMOST everything.
QQ, BB, TuTu, Lala...-.-"

Anyway, trip was good.
Why? Cos I spent about 12 hours on the plane, 7 hours working, about 5+ hours shopping and the rest for eating and sleeping.

Who wouldn't want a trip like that.

But no, it was a good trip. I need to reiterate that I'm proud to be Chinese.
Even though the locals kinda named me an Asian of all kinds but a Chinese.
Which ass part of me looks Korean by the way? Pfft pfft.

If you're wondering, I went to Tianjin.
Go read about it if you're interested. Cos I haven't been there long enough to know exactly which part on the globe it lies at. Yay

In short, it's massive. It's growing. And it's bloody polluted.
Locals were sweet though.

Stories about cultured-soft spoken-Chinese-people, wild-ass-shopping-spree, awesome-greasy-stinky-tofu and probably-an-almost-haunted-hotel-room-later.

Feeling a tad woozy from the turbulence. I hate flights.
But before that, one of my many best buys...

Bumblebee Extreme Socks

Not like I'm gonna wear them, honestly.
But they were going at 10 yuan for 3 pairs (thatslikerm5for3whichmeansitsrm1.6666666667for1FTW). Awesome idea to keep my pretty feet warm in bed, don't you think?

Hell yeah!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jetting Off

Destination: Tianjin, China

Duration: 3 days

Reason of trip: Work

Reason for anxiety: Flying alone *gulps*

Reason for even stronger anxiety: AirAsia *fallsofchair*

Current emotion (clocked at 8.35pm, Tuesday): -.-". Need.To.Pack

Emotion after trip: To be updated

Be good everyone.
I'll...try too. XD

Pray for safe flight.

Randomly, hair looks like a fluffy croissant. Pfft.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Took You for Granted

I know...

You've been the sweetest thing ever.
Ever since I held you in my arms...I knew.

How you serenaded me.
Kept me company.
Gave my life a little melody when it was quiet...

I took you for granted.
Forgoing the fact's been a while since I've paid attention to how it is for you deep in.
On how I've asked for too much.



First thing next month.
I promise.

The last song recorded before Tyler broke a limb.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dreams of a Child

Currently listening to:

Paris Je'taime Soundtrack

Originally uploaded by Breakmould

Everyone has one.
Oh wait...some have many. Like me.

Be it, a dream job, a dream house, a dream pet, a dream boy...
Everything that's finest in the minds of a child.

However absurd it may seem, the reason to many of my childhood dream jobs were aesthetically simple.
And beautiful.
1) I wanted to be a teacher because I wanted to scribble on students' books and write brutal remarks eg. Don't you know how to wirte? Do 100 times. - Spot mistake. Pfft.
2) I wanted to be a garbage collector because standing on the garbage truck seemed cool.
3) I wanted to be an artist because you get paid to draw on walls.
4) I wanted to sell tong sui at the markets because I'd have endless bowls of tong sui daily.
5) I wanted to be a mermaid.
Many more...really.

I'm such a sweet young thing.
Fucked in the mind.

Fact is, these are the matters that grownups overlook because they are bound by the restricted bubble that forgoes the fact that, simplicity is all you need in life to spell fun.

And even if all in life restricts ie; Flunks anger management test at teacher training college, quota for garbage collector reigned by foreign labourers, artists only get rich after they die etc...


I'm amazed at my own digressing skills.
All I wanted to talk about is that, Toys R'Us is definitely not a place for kids only. Unleash that 7-year old self of yours and understand the true meaning of heaven within the store.

I found mine.
I finally know what the freaking red-3D-camera-that-can-slot-in-round-films is called and...I NOW OWN IT...AGAIN!

It's called a View-Master.
And the white piece is a reel. -.-"

Now now, don't come telling me you've known it all along. *covers ears and runs*. I've been searching long enough and I shall take credit for my strength and perseverance.

I'm still missing some Casper reels. So if anyone out there is nice enough to donate a couple pieces to me, I'm pretty sure the angels will shower you with infinite love.

Now, excuse me while I pamper myself with the utmost old-school but gratifying toy of all time.
My View Master + Peter Pan reels.

P.S - I still want very much to be a mermaid.
P.P.S - I should get the NERF too. Soon. Alpha Trooper perhaps? Or the Recon CS-6?! Just to trump King Hao's.
With glowing darts. YEAH BABY!


So if you're wondering why I do these stuff,

1) I'm free
2) I'm just weird like that.

Click away. Fankew.

Friday, September 10, 2010

And so...I'm a filial child

Currently listening to:

David Choi, Only You

Originally uploaded by Morgennebel

If you haven't already known, I vowed to be vegetarian for a month some weeks back because of this.

So besides constantly having weird dreams that I speak to flabs of rare beef steaks, the month breezed by pretty quickly. And I must say that I kinda miss having that excuse to blurt out to random people when I'm only eating greens and tofu because saying 'I'm trying to lose weight' is lame.

I really love my vegetables, you should know. And it's not all about the weight.

I mean, not entirely, no. ><

So yeah, I had a mini countdown with a bunch of people at the strike of 12, and then devoured my first piece of steak today.

For free.

Boy. I love my friends. TEEHEE

On a separate note, it's cool to have rich friends that will not hesitate in paying my portion of meals. Even if they're huge.
But it's even cooler when friends have THE ultimate automobile that imposes so much threat and adversity, there's no other that can cause such an adrenaline rush.

Not a Delorean, slightly unfortunately. Would be epic if it were to be.
But this you're about to see, would give the big D a run for its money.


Okay so apparently I heard it's illegal to ride on the trunk of this little monster.
And we were approached by like an officer asking if we're up to no good.
'Kita ambik gambar je'.

So we snapped a few while he lingered on for a few minutes.
After he left, our wheels started roaring too. At 120km/h. And there we were, laid flat on our backs, facing nothing but the dark bare sky and smiling as the strong wind caressed our skins. Roughly. -.-

So now we know, what the ceiling of the tol booth looks like.

Our road trips from now on, will be done at night, with an open trunk...and very good company.
And somewhere this can be done legally.


This can totally be added to the 2010 To-Do list that I created a couple days back.

- Riding on an open trunk of a HILUX

P.S- Can he summon us now if any he stumbles upon this post by chance?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

And's September

Music playing: Try to Remember
Try to remember the kind of September; When life was slow and oh, so mellow.
Try to remember the kind of September; When grass was green and grain was yellow.

Try to remember...what you've done the past year.
In fact...try remembering what's worth mentioning your entire life to date.

I constantly engage in such conversations with close friends. And mostly, our answers would be:
Oh wait, not generalizing. I'm talking about me. If you do know what the heck you're doing currently and love it, congratulations. You're definitely an odd one out.

Question here. Has it been scripturally written that our journey in life should be dictated in a certain way and whoever goes off course shall be shunned and banished from the lights of normalcy?

Is it abnormal to feel delirious when something out of the expectations of our parents or even when a somewhat totally absurd idea comes to mind, you have this tremendously strong urge to do it SO you just shut your senses away from what only the rest of the world think is right and just friggin do it?

Yeah. And I bet most of you would be piling up self-convincing excuses as to why they can't be done. Mostly related to money, time, work and pfft...parents. Oh wait...I'm talking about me, again.

What happened to all those adventurous dreams we had when we were little?
No, not those, 'I wanna be a doctor'. Or '...a farmer', kinda dreams. Those are for dorks. I'm saying those outrageous ones like backpacking around India or hiking up Bukit Jelutong and swimming across Lake Titiwangsa?!

-.-". See. Outrageously lame. But yes, I haven't done it yet.

Say all you want that I'm in denial, but there's still a couple months to go before I officially turn 24. And I'm hating myself for recurrently harping on the fact that I am bored and need to do something...something besides eating, working and lazing the weekends off cos I have worked hard enough on weekdays and I deserve it.


So there...I'm making a list of things that I'd wanna do. Thoughtfully to be completed by the end of year 2010, and hopefully I do not have to draw yet another conclusion to...another mundane year.

It's like building blocks of Legos from your childhood.
Never know what it'd turn out to be but then the process is fun, right?! Getting all the hinges together...forming something unknowingly and then WHAM! You get a 5-coloured staircase?!

Ok who am I kidding. I never liked Legos, I've been watching too much WongFu stuff.

N-E-ways, have a look at my list, share yours, maybe we can combine and make the remaining quarter of 2010 more colourful, aiii?!

1) Rock climbing - Everyone's been telling me how they can't lift their own bodies up. D'OH! Of course you can't. You need supporting elements like rocks, gears and finesse for it to happen. I'm so going with my once-dislocated arm. *throws fist*
2) Bungee jumping - Ok...erm...I'll do it.
3) Pick up strumming skills again. And put Tyler to good use. (Probably get a teacher...HEH)
4) Make...more videos to irritate people and have them constantly wonder why I'm weird?
5) Wakeboard again.
6) Surf on that new Lagoon platform.
7) At least ONE trip to a beach. Even's to PD. Yeah I'm simple liddat.
9) Bukit Tinggi anyone?
8) Write a song? Pfft okay who'm I kidding...

Okay there are many more random thoughts in my mind that, I'm pretty sure, will not be done this year like...flying to the states and fucking a random Hawaiian on the Oahu beach.

Just saying.

At least I know at our next high-school gathering (which I only attended once *shy*), it wont' be all about boyfriends, the non-existent excitement at work fat I've become.

This is a post randomly honour the change of my header.

Really...just saying.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Why you ask me...

For fun!

Cause not many locally do it?

So there...go watch. Rate, comment, like, unlike...whatever it is.
Up to you.

Oh yeah!
Can help spread it?

I'm not sure if there are more to come though.
I guess there are.


Thank you.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The long awaited...

Currently listening to:

Cameron Highlands was fantabulous.
It was near crazy if not for the constant rain. Nevertheless, it's ze best by far (okay the best was 20 years back so...don't exactly remember).
We actually all came back with a post-Camerons depression.


And not to mention that, the strawberry popsicles are running out already.

All the flowers were as big as my face. And considering the massive size of my face, the flowers...ARE HUGE.








I'm lazy to blog.
It's Saturday afternoon and I should be out in the garden getting a tan.

Who am I kidding.

But no, I want a tan.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

To Closest Life-Threatening Encounter

Hear this question.
What's the closest encounter that you've had with CRAP but your own?
Or your dog...
Animals aside.

I meant...HUMAN. CRAP.
So this is my story.

I love rainy nights. Like it's the only reason I'd go to bed early. early as...midnight. *WOW*

Anyway, it's an entirely different story now.
Whenever dark clouds gather and strong wind blows, a stabbing chill runs down my spine.
Because whenever it pours now, it floods.

No, not your regular flood where it comes and goes, go clean the porch and end of story. Go to bed. You're safe.


It's one where murky brown, stinking water gushes from all the holes available surrounding your tiny little house and before you know it, you're immersed in shit.

Not kidding.

It happened on Monday and I came home from work with buckets of shit water collected from the overflowing toilet bowls.

And yesterday, it started pouring too and within seconds, we saw shit level rising again. The neighbours' houses were knee-deep. Natnat said the roads leading to our neighbourhood was like an open sea and there were stalled cars everywhere, tolled away by trucks and brigades. still fine. Honestly, I'll just tell myself it's mud and probably barf a couple times while cleaning, spray it off with clean water and it's all good.

No. The flood, washes giant sized centipedes and roaches all the way from Madagascar. You don't even need to go to the butterfly park or bird park or worm park to see all these mother fucking hugeass creatures. Just wait for the flood and whoala!!

Daddy raised it a couple years back. Or else, the house = submarine in crap water.

Bathoom. Almost reaching the centre of my shin.

The backyard. It's like a slightly messy garden with grass and sometimes chickens.
The chickens were missing. I think the centipedes ate them.

Another view of the backyard. Looks like a river doesn't it. Like you can almost ride a bloody sampan on it.

Porch. Hates.

Dear Town Council,

Do you know how many kids there are in this area and they've got to miss school every time some fucked up crap like this happens because it comes so fast everything to be used in class is wet?

Do you know how many old folks there are in this area that need to step into the icy cold crap water, bend over and scoop them outta their drowning houses instead of curling under warm sheets on a cool rainy night?


So if that unknown neighbourhood can divert their flood water to our area and then flooding the entire town area, can we do the same and ensure that it flows right into your bloody skull in order for you to realize that...some massive...epidemic is happening here?!



Please don't rain tonight.
Shit water is not very fun to play in.