Sunday, August 8, 2010

And's 30 days

The surgery went well.
*falls flat on fours and kisses all gods*

Not kidding.
The weekend was awful. Right up to 2.15pm on Saturday, we were all feeling miserable.

Very. very miserable.

Did marketing cos Mommy had to be at Assunta early while they did an entire body checkup for Daddy. Not kidding. Picked up pork and fish and braced the muddy wet market. ALL HAIL THE PEANUT!

Reached the hospital at 11.30am with NatNat and they wheeled him in at 12noon.

I reckon hospital suits should be more at least brighten spirits.

Just saying.

*dup dup dup*

The nurse said: Plus minus ONE hour.
Natnat kept herself busy with Daddy's phone. Mommy was reading the papers and layaning in between while I was flipping through Cosmo.

At 1pm, everyone started fidgeting.
Teresa Palmer, House of Harlow, Kate Moss and dVb didn't seem attractive anymore.

At 1.30pm, we were all quiet.

At 2pm, I stormed to the nurses' counter and asked if they know anything about the surgery.

'Oh it went well. Nurses are pushing him up now'.

Dear nurses, next time if got any delays, don't promise the timing k?
Damn 7 scary can?!

Damn layan goofing.

Acting all calm and fine is hard. But we were all doing it.

So all's good.
Hopefully results turn out good too.

Canggih sial. Wound so small. Doesn't even hurt much he said.

And now, the vegetarian month begins.
EVERYONE...don't tempt me.



On a brighter weekend note,


You WILL enjoy the show if:

1) You are OLD.
2) You know so many Canto songs (including junk like the one up here)...that...IT'S SO MASSIVELY COOL!


4-days to Camerons.


  1. apa jadi with your daddy?? kirim salam sama dia...wish him get well soon ^^

  2. omg..take out that pic with me! I look like a pig ok! Damnnn..gone my reputasi! :P hahaha