Saturday, December 29, 2007

it doesn't seem to end...

the previous few posts were all thought to be the final post of the year...but then again and again i have this compulsion to write. not because i am swarmed by my thoughts that i need to pour them out so desperately but i just wanna mark down my success in a certain aspects of my life that i am sure to be proud of when i look back in the future.

glancing back at my resolutions that i had made last year (by referring to my posts definitely cos i never remember them), i just noticed i had indeed accomplished some of it, disregarding my results lah...which is sumthing dreadfully important especially for the coming year. *shrugs*. but then nonetheless, i is satistfieds!!!
i am not gonna make anymore resolutions because i will only remember that i had made them at the very end of the year when i'm totally bored stiff and resort to clicking back on my old posts. so takde meaning wei...and as ms. joanna says, 'pei xzan nvr fails to surprise people...she probably never fails to surprise herself.' i dun find it necessary anymore for me to set goals for myself to achieve and burden my necks for the sake of it cos i change within the tick of the second hand. :D...

secondly, LO AND BEHOLD!! my irrational fear of handling the oven has finally been conquered!!! considering the fact that i've burnt cakes and pastas and pizzas despite having the recipe stuck on my fucking forehead *chews fingernails*, my cookies are a complete success! and to whoever who's tried it, congratulations u're not dead. to those who are about to try it...chinese new year and christmas remember to call me okay? i take orders wan. :D

it flourished partly because mommy did all the measurings and stood right bside me monitoring my every step. the oni ingredient that i measured was the sugar...and i got it wrong. die. thank god cookie still tastes good. weee!

p.s- joe, if u're reading this...u is great. *kaotao*

and to prove that i have a fluctuating behaviour, i am stuck to this japanese guy called tatsuya fujiwara, watching all japanese clips on youtube, converting deathnote and uploading into my ipod so that datin and i can watch sumtime in the future when we're bored during lectures and...
and...i remember still disliking japs...a few weeks ago? god bless me.

HAPPY 2008 EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

so the long awaited Penang trip has finally come and gone. with sum slight of sum happy and life-changing disruptions that... sumhow did not make the trip so complete cos nat wasn't around the whole time. but heck...i did have a good time.

so we left early in the morning b4 sunrise...i nvr caught the sight of the Penang bridge as always cos i slept all my way to the doorstep of the hotel. Gurney Hotel was out of rooms...all Ferringghi resorts were taken...

so the first day nothing mch happened bsides the really mouth-watering seafood dinner at Ocean Green that we finally found after making circles around the island. but pictures are with nat so...later la.

so 2nd day was more memorable. daddy decided to show me around the island this time cos i'm usually asleep once the wheels start turning and he made me promise this time i'd look. so we went to Penang Hill...but people from all over were flocking there so we moved off. then it was to sum temples that we've been the last last trip and it was swarmed by mountains of people too so we drove off again.

then, despite the distance and after much persuasion, he drove 30km to the Butterfly Farm. WOOT!!! rm10 per entry. and i nvr expected to c so was crazily beautiful...regardless of the smell of rotten bananas that the insects fed on.

Butterfly Farm

it's a butterfly...nibbling on sum dead bananas.

theseeeeeeee...are different from the usual ones out of captivity...because they are DAMN EFFING HUGEEEE...they even had monstrous milipedes...longer than my hair thicker than my fingers. i couldn't bare looking at it.

this's not huge. it's disgusting cos it was in sorta a human sitting position and it was flat.

not the tshirt...BUTTERFLIES LOVE ME TOOOO!!!!!

then we left after losing our ways several times, and drove to park royal for lunch.

Park Royal: Cool Bananas

Sandwich with smoked salmon, eggs, chicken and everything inside is in the name. not bad...

tortillas with beef...freaking good salad and tasted fantastic. so fantastic mommy cut the top off before i took the camera out. heh

then bot sum tambun peah for all those that wanted it, cendol at Pork Street (i am not sure of the name but in chinese it's really pork street) and to the gurney again in the evening.

i prefer those in melaka. cos i can have scoops of gula melaka until i get diabetes. and it's gula melaka. not gula penang. so it wasn't really much of my taste.

mommy says this pic looks damn cun cos i look damn emo lke i'm about to commit suicide.

dinner was at gurney again. and because nat couldn't take the smell of food gushing out from the restaurants after dinner, everyone took a walk along the street and i sat at the side, looking blankly into the sea and moon...wondering where to run to when tsunami strikes.

i realize it's incredily soothing when u jst stare out to the open sea and allow the breeze to gently caress your skin. despite the fact that i could b swept away by the tsunami again.

then we returned to the hotel, and...went for sup hameed...

only one way to describe- heavenly...if not fattening. hehe...and we left the carb-filled land for KL...stuck in the jam...ON CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *stress* we made a detour into pj for xmas dinner. ;)

Victoria Station:

my grilled tiger prawns...oohhh laaaa laaaaa....

all looking pretty worn out after a long day. but it's christmas!!! ssooo...the present exchange did go on eventhou nat had to crash immediately after reaching home. it was a very quiet xmas, but still sweet.

the parents tucked in a while later...and i spent the nite watching Home Alone, eating cookies complemented by the ever changing lights of the christmas tree that shines lke a magic wand had a wave over it.


Friday, December 21, 2007

Joie de vivre

it's been rather an eventful week eversince...cos i'm totally broke. but i'm happilly broke!!!

the holiday atmosphere is finally sipping in...COS THE CHRISTMAS TREE IS UP!!!

Deck the halls with boughs of holly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Tis the season to be jolly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la

i'd b leaving to penang in a few hours.

which means no winter solstice. which means also: no tong yuen, no family dinner...and no choy bao (as in loads of sumptuous food wrapped in vege, stuffed into ur mouth forcefully until the sides slit open with gravy flowing all over. WEEEE!) *wwwaaaaiiillllllllssssssss*...lucky got asam laksa...and excuse to drown myself in beer to cure the heat. WOOT!


and jst in case im too wasted to blog,


i had a great one. wat about u?

Monday, December 17, 2007

lost in the state of divergence

the emotions have been running pretty wildly lately.
partly because it is time of the month where the hormones go haywire leaving me in complete despair and the fact that many close pals where i can rant to are all away and are going away. which also means that the plans for the little post-exam getaway is kinda called off. gone are all the food and breeze of the higher lands. christmas should b spent sumwhere cold.

and most importantly, a couple of people are driving me crazy.

it's not common that i encounter these random situations. i've been lucky enough to be surrounded by people of common interests, mindsets and behaviour...or rather we njoy the whackiness that each other portray. but some just appear to be the thorn that pricks, draining all the affection away.

1) i do not like the fact that i am not able to catch the direction that another is heading. and i totally detest when i do not know exactly the way to describe how i am feeling because i am not thoroughly sure of the source that led me into this state. stay away if you do not know too.

2) i do not give in to random tantrums. get a life.

3) i love chia sue lynn. because she can be more evil than me. HUGS HUGS BABE!! HAHAHAHA

it's the season of perpetual hope. i have never done rantings at this month of the year before!!! thank god mommy's on leave. she made chicken pie. i...nearly screwed the other words i helped!! and it makes my day. it's been a while since my parents and i did sumthing together bsides dining and shopping. the xmas tree should b up soon so that i can stare into it as long as i want to when emo-ism strikes.


**updated--- i is a happy gal cos the pie tastes fucking awesome, i bitched about everything i could and natnat is back!!! WHOOOPPIIEEEEE!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

post-exam joy

the last 2 papers that i had to meticulously endure the last week was by far the most stressful paper i've ever had. every freaking sentence of the useless notes have been read at least 84668164134th times. it goes in and vanishes into thin eating habits have been totally screwed up and all i want for Christmas is...

Dear Santa,

Please ensure that the very 'god-blessed, unprejudiced and rational' lecturer would close an eye and let me pass my papers. because this is the season of perpetual hope and i promise to stay as good as i can. thank you.

Much Love.

i was totally ecstatic after the exams i could barely sit still for 1 full minute despite being sleep deprived and looking totally scruffy. but considering that i have a petrifying history of stoning while driving when i'm sluggish, i decided to head home, be a good girl and have lunch with daddy while the rest buzzed off to the pavillion for a small celebration of joy.

sadly, i reached home to find that he was away at the dentist. but i stayed optimistic and occupied myself chatting with lots and lots of people to drive away the loneliness. then the sky got dark, thunder roared...and lightning struck. i turned the comp off and called mommy to plan the nite's dinner at a nice place.

'we celebrate tonite ok! dun cook'
'daddy did crowning la. i tot of cooking porridge.'

so the day ended with me watching the invisible, slept really late and waking up even later for the nxt day's lunch appointment with the lecturer. WOOT!

anyway, since MISS JOANNA is leaving for kampar along with the entire university...we gave her a small so called farewell at thecurve. and i can't believe we camwhored at the concierge. like tourist oni.

there are tiny bells on the band used when u're out to feng tao which i did on the spot.

finally...pic with meow meow. i'm terribly short. she's terribly tall. wear heels summore. hmph

then rushed off to mv to meet up with the monkey and gang. the pix are...sumwhere but with me.

randomly, i'm tired of being blonde. i should be spotted having sumthing fresher. bah!!

NAT'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

you know it's totally wrong when...

finals is just a step away but...

you're sprawled on the sheepskin sipping the last can of beer from the fridge and terribly hooked to this:

they are young, restless and beautiful, trying to make sense of their lifes despite being rich and privileged, living under a magnifying glass. and it becomes even more addictive when u realize they're all of my age. some even younger...

who am i to blame? *stares at chia sue lynn*
hoho!! luv it so much babe.

just pray that my cgpa won't plunge any lower.

god save px.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

this is aweful

What Kind of Guy Will You Fall For?

You would fall for the geek. If you're looking for love, consider spending a little more time studying up in the library. To you, there's nothing more attractive than intelligence, shyness, and kindness; your future love may have four eyes and zero social skills, but he'll make up for it in brains and heart.
Find Your Character @

even the picture used is aweful.
i mean...they could've found someone else four-eyed that looked topher grace or...erm...justin chatwick or sumthing.
so salah.
and i dun even go to the libraries. *hmph*

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Emo 1:
huimin the so 'yeng' rep emo in class today suddenly cos i left out a thank you note for her in the last post. holy moly.

I IS SORRY MORRY AH MA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LAPS U BYK BYK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emo 2:
My beloved forever21 shades...snapped. i knw i've been throwing it around and it's been getting lost in my very huge bags but its the only pair that lasted me this long (bsides the one that sumhow dropped off from the horse ride in shanghai)...

and i sumhow did not bring it home but jst discarded it off at sum random dustbin in 1u. i is sorry...and it means oni 1 thing...

it's high time to get a new one. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!

In Loving Memories
and no it didn't break cos my head was too big...if u were starting to wonder.

Emo 3:
My ipod decided to die when i was returning from campus this afternoon. damn emo. so emo...i decided to sleep and slack about it until sum1 is here to gip me sum aid. then i came on9, watched sum videos, pressed on sum buttons and LO AND's not dead after all. it jst...froze or sumthing. nat said my room was too cold. usually bodohfied statements liddat will oni b said by me but...confirm we're same kilang.

so i'm not emo d now and i can start preparing for my presentation tmr. WEEEEEEEE!


Sunday, November 25, 2007

the day i was excessively pampered

even rehearsals for campaign ended early for me...i could skip the packing up session cos it was my bday eve. WOOT!

so i got to lynn's place...walked up the stairs and she came out with a box of cupcakes. then when was i was screaming in joy:

'still got'
led px to the kitchen...held up a huge bouquet of red roses. px faints.
'not i give's from linda'
'...which linda?'
' many linda frens u got?'

lindachinwoonfui, u've always been able to surprise me. so althou red roses, heart shaped cards and cupcakes of that colors are very pei indeed, i still love u byk byk. and i dun mind if they are leftovers. i still love them. :D

then we went to Decanter very quickly, parked and my sweet memory started snowballing. :)

Decanter: (21/11/2007)
Thank Yous

for being there despite the long journey and curfew. and sorry for the lack of layaning okay. i just wanted u all to be part of the big day. MWAH!

for running around hunting for my presents, secretly berbondings with my oz fren and temaning me all over before the day. u is the best!!

for coming all the way from ipoh (althou it's not on purpose but i take for granted it is) and bao yue goh, thank you for layaning everyone i accidentally left out and making the party lke a wedding dinner with the yam seng sessions. WOOT!

for all the times we've shared and for taking my dress code so seriously. (siam's tau datin gembira tiap-tiap hari boleh pigi shopping! HAhAHAHAHAH)

for taking notes when we go shopping and getting everything i wan that i can't afford. i lap u. but i wont pinjam u my bag. HAHAHAHAHA


for all the lies that u weren't coming but still turned up. :D

for coming all the way despite the fact that u have an early call the next morning. AND OMG U LOOK SO HAWT D!!! NO MORE CUTE CUTE D!! YAY!!!

for the cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and hamster, next time i wont wear so sexily so that u'll dare look at me while toking ok. LOL!!!

for coming. and ur gifts. and hunting for white tops. and helping me so that i can leave early. and...goes on forever la. MWAH!

i still love u no matter how irritating u go. :D

SORRY FOR MISSING U OUT! u knw i din mean it. i knw u do fishy. cos i love u and u love me. HAHAHAHAHA...opps. lol!

for layaning, saying that u'll gip up roger federer for me. i knw u won't...but i still laps u. :D

YOOKIE! u din snap a pic with me!!! hmph...thankews for handling the lambhorgini with me so that i could still njoy the nite. hugz! saw all the pix where u were...scarlet? hahahaha

siam's tau sooyin ade hati!!!!! siam's sayang!!! WEEE! hAhAHAH

for everything. it's really sweet.

for coming. and for the bottom-ups. njoy or not? :D

All the Gals

the flaming lambhorginis that burnt my lips. fun enuff to watch them make it...oni.

then, after singing the 2nd birthday song and i started losing ability to walk straight, we headed for 2nd round at redbox. so typical of us. :D

but as i was tipsy, i did the best britney spear's Gimme More VMA performance. YAY!


when everyone started to get really sleepy and couldn't wait to pass out on their beds.

the rest of the pix are...un-upload-able...especially after everyone got high of beer and screaming. :D

then back to lynn's place, mandi-ed, still had slight bit of energy to grab sum cupcakes...and crashed till nxt afternoon for class. (which i'd mistaken the time and entered 5 mins before class ended)

Night: (22/11/2007)

i was slightly late home so headed sumwhere near for dinner. we had set dinners where they served fantastic seafood chowder, prawn cocktail, daddy's meal, nat's meal...and every other meal bsides mine.

and cos my family has a tradition of singing birthday songs really loudly, we decided to bring the cake to nat's house instead.


and finally...all my gifts. nat said my frens think that i have a mentality of a 5 year old for the gifts i got. hmph. i love every bit of it okay. :D


can cry...(althou i still have no idea how it works...) I LOVE YOUs GILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and to all that sent their wishes and hugs. ;)

i had a great 21st.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHIA SUE LYNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

did simon poke u? *winks* LOVE YA!!!!!! MWAH!!!