Saturday, December 29, 2007

it doesn't seem to end...

the previous few posts were all thought to be the final post of the year...but then again and again i have this compulsion to write. not because i am swarmed by my thoughts that i need to pour them out so desperately but i just wanna mark down my success in a certain aspects of my life that i am sure to be proud of when i look back in the future.

glancing back at my resolutions that i had made last year (by referring to my posts definitely cos i never remember them), i just noticed i had indeed accomplished some of it, disregarding my results lah...which is sumthing dreadfully important especially for the coming year. *shrugs*. but then nonetheless, i is satistfieds!!!
i am not gonna make anymore resolutions because i will only remember that i had made them at the very end of the year when i'm totally bored stiff and resort to clicking back on my old posts. so takde meaning wei...and as ms. joanna says, 'pei xzan nvr fails to surprise people...she probably never fails to surprise herself.' i dun find it necessary anymore for me to set goals for myself to achieve and burden my necks for the sake of it cos i change within the tick of the second hand. :D...

secondly, LO AND BEHOLD!! my irrational fear of handling the oven has finally been conquered!!! considering the fact that i've burnt cakes and pastas and pizzas despite having the recipe stuck on my fucking forehead *chews fingernails*, my cookies are a complete success! and to whoever who's tried it, congratulations u're not dead. to those who are about to try it...chinese new year and christmas remember to call me okay? i take orders wan. :D

it flourished partly because mommy did all the measurings and stood right bside me monitoring my every step. the oni ingredient that i measured was the sugar...and i got it wrong. die. thank god cookie still tastes good. weee!

p.s- joe, if u're reading this...u is great. *kaotao*

and to prove that i have a fluctuating behaviour, i am stuck to this japanese guy called tatsuya fujiwara, watching all japanese clips on youtube, converting deathnote and uploading into my ipod so that datin and i can watch sumtime in the future when we're bored during lectures and...
and...i remember still disliking japs...a few weeks ago? god bless me.

HAPPY 2008 EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!

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