Saturday, December 15, 2007

post-exam joy

the last 2 papers that i had to meticulously endure the last week was by far the most stressful paper i've ever had. every freaking sentence of the useless notes have been read at least 84668164134th times. it goes in and vanishes into thin eating habits have been totally screwed up and all i want for Christmas is...

Dear Santa,

Please ensure that the very 'god-blessed, unprejudiced and rational' lecturer would close an eye and let me pass my papers. because this is the season of perpetual hope and i promise to stay as good as i can. thank you.

Much Love.

i was totally ecstatic after the exams i could barely sit still for 1 full minute despite being sleep deprived and looking totally scruffy. but considering that i have a petrifying history of stoning while driving when i'm sluggish, i decided to head home, be a good girl and have lunch with daddy while the rest buzzed off to the pavillion for a small celebration of joy.

sadly, i reached home to find that he was away at the dentist. but i stayed optimistic and occupied myself chatting with lots and lots of people to drive away the loneliness. then the sky got dark, thunder roared...and lightning struck. i turned the comp off and called mommy to plan the nite's dinner at a nice place.

'we celebrate tonite ok! dun cook'
'daddy did crowning la. i tot of cooking porridge.'

so the day ended with me watching the invisible, slept really late and waking up even later for the nxt day's lunch appointment with the lecturer. WOOT!

anyway, since MISS JOANNA is leaving for kampar along with the entire university...we gave her a small so called farewell at thecurve. and i can't believe we camwhored at the concierge. like tourist oni.

there are tiny bells on the band used when u're out to feng tao which i did on the spot.

finally...pic with meow meow. i'm terribly short. she's terribly tall. wear heels summore. hmph

then rushed off to mv to meet up with the monkey and gang. the pix are...sumwhere but with me.

randomly, i'm tired of being blonde. i should be spotted having sumthing fresher. bah!!

NAT'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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