Wednesday, December 26, 2007

so the long awaited Penang trip has finally come and gone. with sum slight of sum happy and life-changing disruptions that... sumhow did not make the trip so complete cos nat wasn't around the whole time. but heck...i did have a good time.

so we left early in the morning b4 sunrise...i nvr caught the sight of the Penang bridge as always cos i slept all my way to the doorstep of the hotel. Gurney Hotel was out of rooms...all Ferringghi resorts were taken...

so the first day nothing mch happened bsides the really mouth-watering seafood dinner at Ocean Green that we finally found after making circles around the island. but pictures are with nat so...later la.

so 2nd day was more memorable. daddy decided to show me around the island this time cos i'm usually asleep once the wheels start turning and he made me promise this time i'd look. so we went to Penang Hill...but people from all over were flocking there so we moved off. then it was to sum temples that we've been the last last trip and it was swarmed by mountains of people too so we drove off again.

then, despite the distance and after much persuasion, he drove 30km to the Butterfly Farm. WOOT!!! rm10 per entry. and i nvr expected to c so was crazily beautiful...regardless of the smell of rotten bananas that the insects fed on.

Butterfly Farm

it's a butterfly...nibbling on sum dead bananas.

theseeeeeeee...are different from the usual ones out of captivity...because they are DAMN EFFING HUGEEEE...they even had monstrous milipedes...longer than my hair thicker than my fingers. i couldn't bare looking at it.

this's not huge. it's disgusting cos it was in sorta a human sitting position and it was flat.

not the tshirt...BUTTERFLIES LOVE ME TOOOO!!!!!

then we left after losing our ways several times, and drove to park royal for lunch.

Park Royal: Cool Bananas

Sandwich with smoked salmon, eggs, chicken and everything inside is in the name. not bad...

tortillas with beef...freaking good salad and tasted fantastic. so fantastic mommy cut the top off before i took the camera out. heh

then bot sum tambun peah for all those that wanted it, cendol at Pork Street (i am not sure of the name but in chinese it's really pork street) and to the gurney again in the evening.

i prefer those in melaka. cos i can have scoops of gula melaka until i get diabetes. and it's gula melaka. not gula penang. so it wasn't really much of my taste.

mommy says this pic looks damn cun cos i look damn emo lke i'm about to commit suicide.

dinner was at gurney again. and because nat couldn't take the smell of food gushing out from the restaurants after dinner, everyone took a walk along the street and i sat at the side, looking blankly into the sea and moon...wondering where to run to when tsunami strikes.

i realize it's incredily soothing when u jst stare out to the open sea and allow the breeze to gently caress your skin. despite the fact that i could b swept away by the tsunami again.

then we returned to the hotel, and...went for sup hameed...

only one way to describe- heavenly...if not fattening. hehe...and we left the carb-filled land for KL...stuck in the jam...ON CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *stress* we made a detour into pj for xmas dinner. ;)

Victoria Station:

my grilled tiger prawns...oohhh laaaa laaaaa....

all looking pretty worn out after a long day. but it's christmas!!! ssooo...the present exchange did go on eventhou nat had to crash immediately after reaching home. it was a very quiet xmas, but still sweet.

the parents tucked in a while later...and i spent the nite watching Home Alone, eating cookies complemented by the ever changing lights of the christmas tree that shines lke a magic wand had a wave over it.


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