Monday, April 30, 2007

Good Morning

it's 12.37pm anyway but it's damn early for me. woke up about an hour plus ago for breakfast and i'm about to get back to sleep but i had the urge to edit my pix and update about my genting concert...*weeee*

1. cos the i'm very into cantopop and anything in canto i'd love...besides cecilia cheung i guess
2. i snapped a pic with joey tang. HOLY MOLY!!!


From left: Joey Tang @ Guitar, Pal @ Bass, 13 @ Lead, Gary Tong @ Keyboard


Holy Moly...

i nearly cried when i saw his curly purly hair while i was paying my bill. he was with the entire band and dancers. WAHHHHH!!! and i very annoyingly cut in while he was enjoying his piece of chicken chop and forced him to snap 2 pix with me thanx to natallie that held the cam. all the dancers were staring anyway. HEY! I KNW HIM OK!! he doesnt know me oni. the dancers were all so sexy. weeeeee...Joey Tang mite b ugly. but he's one talented ass. the concert was great. running off key here and there slightly but it was worth it lah! every cent and bit...*px jumps around*
went for SUNSHINE before that right after we reached genting. other than chris evans, pretty mch nothing was good. it could've been really good like The Day After Tmr (good for me at least), but the ending was jst weird wei. damn damn weird. btw, CHRIS EVANS WAS HOT MAN!! mayb the rest of the cast looked terrible la. and michelle yeoh still speaks lke a Malaysian. so patriotic. :D
and...i got myself a pair of jeans...from genting...*grins*
the episode with the blender - part 2 and 3

right after i came back from genting.
Oranges + Bananas + Pineapples...sedap giler babi

i have been really into yellow objects recently...i realized yesterday. first there was the thick yellow polyjuicepotion like thing above...then

mixture of yellow fruits...(and it attracted almondblossom. i'm practicing my photoshop skills so let me) adding...

yellow is so sum1's corror. the banana was rotten anyway. :D

Friday, April 27, 2007


when u're awefully bored, photoshop is an awesome fren.

the blender is also an awesome fren.
i stuffed the fridge with fruits and vege and neither anyone around me would be getting away without taking a sip of my experiment. FIRST OFF!! : *drumrolls*

ha-mee-quah + pear + spearmint leaves = YUMMY!!!!!!!

leaving for genting tomoro!! please be cold.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

when there's an occasion...

u do not need other excuses to shop...*px jumps in circles*
the shoes and bag aren't supposed to be for nat's wedding photoshoot. i had an eye on it a long long time ago when i was short of cash. and i was supposed to wait for lynnie to buy them together. but i couldn't tahan. wat more when u do not need to pay for them urself. *kneels down and starts thanking god* i'm using the heels for then...if i can tahan...not using them first.

*come closer*

a gift!! *wwwwweeeeeee*

fuck-me shoes. fucking brandless red-hot heels...paid for it myself though. :)

bought the dress finally. althou i think when i come across another i'll buy too. and it's oni rm39.90. where can tahan not buying i ask u...and it's not too outstanding.

how angelic...:D

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

lost biri-biri

the video below is prohibited by law.

because he 'kan juo, kan you, jai kan juo'---> 'look left, look right, then look right again' at the wrong time. he only looked after crossing the road.

Name of Shortfilm: Diversed Biri-Biri. (i knw it's not a BEbiri but it sounds better than kambing)...
Chinese Name: 3 Chaa Yeung...
***inspired by benny chan's Diversion aka 3 Cha Hau.

i think he stood before my car thinking whether to stop and ask me for direction bt i was rushing off so i had to honk at him...poor lad. take notice of him looking left and back front after i quacked my honk. he's well trained mien! at least he crossed the road safely. good luck yo!

---> the hkfa (hong kong film awards) came a little early. or i would have got best shortfilm or even themesong. instead of jay chou...who caused the rain after he performed...and astro losing signal. pfft!

mommy was quite disturbed that her relative was stuck at a diversed crossroad. ironically, we had herbal lamb for dinner!!! :D

fucking report is done. YAY!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

i is blondes

finally did sumthing to my hair.

nat said she didn't want a dickhead in her wedding pix so i became sumthing more than that. i'm a blonde!!! WEEEE!!!! sum1 couldn't resist sitting there looking at me head being bleached therefore walked up and down until finally was allowed to leave. *hmph*...but anyway, the stylist was a good replacement. chirpy cool 22 year old that's already a professional and treated my head lke gold. *px jumps happily in circles*...cos the usual hairdresser that always cuts my hair way to short stabs her nails into my scalp. bt her estimation is good enough to not bleed it so i can't sue her. grrr...

linda said - dun wanna fren u d!!! it's lke hay!!!
boon heng said - better dye it black b4 i come back!!!
cm said - lke ekin cheng in jung wah ying hung...

holy moly.


i watched fairytopia and magic of pegasus 2 days in a row. I LOVED IT SO MCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now i knw why sunsets are so beautiful, why the first star of the evening is always so bright, how rainbows are formed, wat lies beyond the clouds...and colourful buzzing creatures around flowers mite not certainly be butterflies...*winks*

Friday, April 6, 2007

6th april 2007...cheerios MSD!

and that marks the end to my internship.

which means more sleep, more time to on9, to deal with my hair, my skin, my room, my wardrobe, my loved one's', my weight (for the very important may12th), and the list goes on and on and on and on and on...
but it's so ironic cos i resisted b4 to go to the star jst because mommy was there. and now she's still there and i loved the past 3 months. NOT TO SAY i had fond memories. which is good enough.
it started off well...and it ended awesomely. the boss, the team and the colleagues gave a farewell dinner to the roomate and me at tgif, the curve and the bill came to rm293. holy moly. but it was really great. i'll miss them so much. the boss' cranky preverted jokes, the sarcastic yet so trusted yoons, the slightly lembab but cool uncle...the distant relative kong fai...the pouty ha-mee quah, the office, the toilet...and the cafe that gave me a farewell food-poisoning as gift. it was still memorable...

the team and the birthday boss acting sexy

the boss and the px at tgif

the yoons and the uncle

yoons and px acting stupid

i'll miss u guys so mch man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

working with line...

working with the internet connection = working three times slower than the usual mode.
the colleague is on a freaking long break and therefore i'm sitting at her place, at a remote corner, with a HUGE, FLUFFY, YELLOW ikea pillow on my lap, where i can do anything including surfing porn and no1 else would knw...unless d-boss comes kepoh-ing.
was surfing and typing(sub-consciously), and i had the urge to cut my hair. 60% i'd regret when the shape goes out a few weeks later and sum1 will jst kill me for losing the 6-month hardwork. and it's nat's wedding at the end of the year...but the hair would have most probably grown back by then. but the picture taking is in may...MAY!!! *px drums her fingers on the keyboard lightly thinking wat to do*
---i'd get hair extension.


Sunday, April 1, 2007

dear ancestors...

it's been a yearly affair that the entire family sets out to the graveyards to 'visit' the ahma, ah yeh, tai ma and goo jeh. this year was a little special. it started raining 1/2way and instead of starting the picnic there and then, we moved to kev's place for a feast. *ahem...they taste good ok*...then we thought of leaving earlier to kl for the other ancestors bt then we were stuck in the jam and it was PACKED WITH PEOPLE. toking about happens whenever chinese pray. more teruk than haze wei.

the week started off so well i still miss it.

the team which comprises of the boss, the yoons, the uncle, the hamiquah and the new-hot kristie gave us a surprise farewell at red-box. RED BOX!!!!! holy moly...we were told before that to push off all our appointments as we'd have to 'work' our ass out b4 they set out to johor. so we did as said and rushed off to the curve in the evening, where the 'EVENT' was supposed to be held, not knowing we've been fooled. got stuck in the jam, loads of calls saying bigbig boss is there, go quick or else...and etc. parked our cars, rushed up and gave yoons a call.

'dude...where u?'...asked px nervously as the roomate sticks closely listening.
'near redbox lor!'...eyeing at the roomate...wondering.
'k...wait at kimgary'...

sei mou. damn 7 nervous d. the roomate and me were discussing whether or not they would b having a surprise for us instead bt we darent' think so mch. 'WHERE GOT SO NICE LA'...we tot. and 5 secs later, there came the host, ushering us to room no21.

had an awesome nite!!! sang, danced...scared the shit out of everyone cos they started telling the entire department we were high on drugs cos we were running all over all nite...ate, drink...sang and sang and sang for 6 1/2 straight hours. the boss is so funny, so cool and so...UN. sings in all languages and is a lyricist...18sx. yoons is a soprano...kristie is the lady!!! hamiquah sings jap!!...and uncle ate non stop. :

the oh-so-cun boss


uncle...he looks...young. looks...;D

HAMIQUAH!!!!!---the most layan young, so can married.
i'm gonna miss them so mch when the intern ends. and i hope they miss us too. afterall, we were the most bising interns it seems.
final week this week. the boss' he said we can plan another big day at the karaoke...cos he njoyed himself thoroughly. :D...there'll be a big wan...BIG BIG WAN...
jym is here...pls stay...:)