Tuesday, April 24, 2007

when there's an occasion...

u do not need other excuses to shop...*px jumps in circles*
the shoes and bag aren't supposed to be for nat's wedding photoshoot. i had an eye on it a long long time ago when i was short of cash. and i was supposed to wait for lynnie to buy them together. but i couldn't tahan. wat more when u do not need to pay for them urself. *kneels down and starts thanking god*...so i'm using the heels for then...if i can tahan...not using them first.

*come closer*

a gift!! *wwwwweeeeeee*

fuck-me shoes. fucking brandless red-hot heels...paid for it myself though. :)

bought the dress finally. althou i think when i come across another i'll buy too. and it's oni rm39.90. where can tahan not buying i ask u...and it's not too outstanding.

how angelic...:D

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