Monday, April 30, 2007

Good Morning

it's 12.37pm anyway but it's damn early for me. woke up about an hour plus ago for breakfast and i'm about to get back to sleep but i had the urge to edit my pix and update about my genting concert...*weeee*

1. cos the i'm very into cantopop and anything in canto i'd love...besides cecilia cheung i guess
2. i snapped a pic with joey tang. HOLY MOLY!!!


From left: Joey Tang @ Guitar, Pal @ Bass, 13 @ Lead, Gary Tong @ Keyboard


Holy Moly...

i nearly cried when i saw his curly purly hair while i was paying my bill. he was with the entire band and dancers. WAHHHHH!!! and i very annoyingly cut in while he was enjoying his piece of chicken chop and forced him to snap 2 pix with me thanx to natallie that held the cam. all the dancers were staring anyway. HEY! I KNW HIM OK!! he doesnt know me oni. the dancers were all so sexy. weeeeee...Joey Tang mite b ugly. but he's one talented ass. the concert was great. running off key here and there slightly but it was worth it lah! every cent and bit...*px jumps around*
went for SUNSHINE before that right after we reached genting. other than chris evans, pretty mch nothing was good. it could've been really good like The Day After Tmr (good for me at least), but the ending was jst weird wei. damn damn weird. btw, CHRIS EVANS WAS HOT MAN!! mayb the rest of the cast looked terrible la. and michelle yeoh still speaks lke a Malaysian. so patriotic. :D
and...i got myself a pair of jeans...from genting...*grins*
the episode with the blender - part 2 and 3

right after i came back from genting.
Oranges + Bananas + Pineapples...sedap giler babi

i have been really into yellow objects recently...i realized yesterday. first there was the thick yellow polyjuicepotion like thing above...then

mixture of yellow fruits...(and it attracted almondblossom. i'm practicing my photoshop skills so let me) adding...

yellow is so sum1's corror. the banana was rotten anyway. :D

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