Sunday, April 1, 2007

dear ancestors...

it's been a yearly affair that the entire family sets out to the graveyards to 'visit' the ahma, ah yeh, tai ma and goo jeh. this year was a little special. it started raining 1/2way and instead of starting the picnic there and then, we moved to kev's place for a feast. *ahem...they taste good ok*...then we thought of leaving earlier to kl for the other ancestors bt then we were stuck in the jam and it was PACKED WITH PEOPLE. toking about happens whenever chinese pray. more teruk than haze wei.

the week started off so well i still miss it.

the team which comprises of the boss, the yoons, the uncle, the hamiquah and the new-hot kristie gave us a surprise farewell at red-box. RED BOX!!!!! holy moly...we were told before that to push off all our appointments as we'd have to 'work' our ass out b4 they set out to johor. so we did as said and rushed off to the curve in the evening, where the 'EVENT' was supposed to be held, not knowing we've been fooled. got stuck in the jam, loads of calls saying bigbig boss is there, go quick or else...and etc. parked our cars, rushed up and gave yoons a call.

'dude...where u?'...asked px nervously as the roomate sticks closely listening.
'near redbox lor!'...eyeing at the roomate...wondering.
'k...wait at kimgary'...

sei mou. damn 7 nervous d. the roomate and me were discussing whether or not they would b having a surprise for us instead bt we darent' think so mch. 'WHERE GOT SO NICE LA'...we tot. and 5 secs later, there came the host, ushering us to room no21.

had an awesome nite!!! sang, danced...scared the shit out of everyone cos they started telling the entire department we were high on drugs cos we were running all over all nite...ate, drink...sang and sang and sang for 6 1/2 straight hours. the boss is so funny, so cool and so...UN. sings in all languages and is a lyricist...18sx. yoons is a soprano...kristie is the lady!!! hamiquah sings jap!!...and uncle ate non stop. :

the oh-so-cun boss


uncle...he looks...young. looks...;D

HAMIQUAH!!!!!---the most layan young, so can married.
i'm gonna miss them so mch when the intern ends. and i hope they miss us too. afterall, we were the most bising interns it seems.
final week this week. the boss' he said we can plan another big day at the karaoke...cos he njoyed himself thoroughly. :D...there'll be a big wan...BIG BIG WAN...
jym is here...pls stay...:)

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