Friday, February 29, 2008

Backstreet's Back, Alrite!!! & So-Called Reunion

when i was small...and christmas trees were tall...
till trees are still tall cos i barely grew but...

* * * * * * * *

* * * * * *

* * * *

* *

the 'boys' still look fucking awesome.

ok so it was a last minute decision and i did not knw thestar always had special privillage so i paid rm88 for the tic instead of asking mommy for the free tix. anyway, it was unbelievably good. so good that all the chaos b4 and after were considered...a good experience.

left around 4pm and walked round the whole pyramid looking for the entrance. i dun lke pyramid. it's too big. hmph...anyway, the sun was scorching hot and we were one of the very few in line. we grabbed posters for free (they charged rm5 per piece towards the end. wtf!) and witnesed the weather taking a turn for the worse. but we still managed to camwhore no matter wat la...:D

Backstreet Boys Unbreakable World Tour @ Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach

very excited yinng+after-midterm-so-kenot-punye-hairstyle px...

the low sisters. both very very excited

US. <3 style="text-align: left;">so from being roasted...the sky turned dark within an hour and it started to drizzle. we were initially in the dark and i even msged sum1 saying...

'no worries. we're in the shade. clever eh?!'

wrong! i think the raingod saw my started to pour. then stacymacy and friends came along and we were all drenched to the skin soon after. the wind was blowing really strongly, my shoes were flooded and 3/4 of my brain told my limbs that i shud leave. but i couldn't move. mehhh! so we became liddat...

the low-quality raincoats oni came after we were all wet. it was so thin it can't hold a pea.

still smiley...

the aftermath.
amanda hidden bhind, stacymacy, elaine, px, meiee, huay and yinng in front.

due to the very very terrible management of either Sunway or Galaxy, the doors to the venue oni opened at 8. they did not even allow us to get shelther when it was raining terribly. they wanted to check our tix despite the fact that it's been squashed to pieces and worse, THEY HAD ANOTHER FUCKING ENTRANCE WAY DOWN NEAR THE STAGE WHICH MADE US, THOSE LINING IN FRONT, STAND WAY BHIND WHEN WE FINALLY REACHED THE PLACE. blady teruk management can pengsan.

but the anger slowly vanished when we saw the stage.
the keyboardist...WAS SO EFFING HAWT

it seems they were flirting with nick while at the waiting pool...and they earned themselves sum VIP tix cos amanda overheard them saying they did not purchase it themselves. and the blonde looks 80% lke paris. thinks like paris, acts lke paris. no wonder can get free tix. hoho!

yinng's skills. :D...nice one darling!

i think it's me. but i really c the word BSB

then at 9.25 approximately they emerged wearing their multi-colored boxing attire singing LARGER THAN LIFE. practically couldn't hear anything cos it was drowned by the screamings of the 10k crowd...and my own kegilaan.

then this guy turned back and told amanda...

'we're here to njoy their singing so can u pls stop screaming like an someone insane?' (sumthing liddat la)
then i couldn't hear wat she rebutted bt heard elaine screaming back...
'i gip u chance to fucking take back wat u jst said! who are u calling insane!??!?!'

WAY TO GO ELAINE!!! even those guys bhind backed us up. wanna go njoy go la philharmonic!!! boyband in town expect us to stand straight and listen zit?...goodness gracious. but i think he totally regretted wat he said cos we decided we shud scream right bside his ears instead. and each time, we coordinatingly scream together. WEEE!!!

camera quality super cha.

Brian oh Brian. *melts*

AJ + Nick

Howie doing his solo. he sounds exactly like he does on tv. exactly like a duck. HOHO!!! his solo was bad wei. but tilt ur head and check his moves!

camerawoman fan sial. most of the pix were of AJ. and the batt ran out at the start. *sigh*. no brian on video nor any pic of him when he came really near us. so here's the very near AJ.

Alexander James Mclean. RIGHT YINNG?! I REMEMBER!!!

stacymacy and i jst held on together when they sang 'i'll never break your heart'. honestly, can cry. they sounded so soulful. it's damn nostalgic and it was super sweet. *lower lips tremble*

so they sang all their hits. the band had to stop when the crowd overpowered theirs and when they ended with 'shape of my heart', we were missing it already. hahhhh...
then the kekecohan started when we were going up the few flights of escalators. it was like Final Destination. *trembles*

we were in the walking area after the 1st flight of escalators (there are 3 flights if u hadn't known) waiting to ascend the 2nd. gals started to scream cos oni 1 flight was working and those idiots refused to walk up the other stopped wan. so there were lke 500 persons in 1 small area and those on the escalator were having a good time watching us struggle. and suddenly the horror began when the moving stairs shot backwards throwing everyone back into the crowd. that wasn't so bad. bad thing is that ppl from the 1st level were still coming up!! then sumhow everyone around including myself started swearing asking those fuckers to get their heavy asses up the other escalator. it was like a stampeed. i tot i was gonna die. and this stupid Dunno wat was still walking in front of me until i went 'FUCKER! RUN UP LA!!!'...and i think he tripped. ptah! then we went another way and avoided ALL ESCALATORS. now when i think back, i still shiver.

conclusion again sux BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

then we reached home and thou my legs were still in the pool of water filling my adidas, we had a nice supper reminiscing the was good. very very good...eventhou the camera is partially gone cos the videos are all MUTE...and my phone recharges itself when it wants to.


Reunion Dinner @ Seoul

this idea to have a reunion initially was for all M4B3 students from KTAR but then sumhow it turned out that those that turned up are who we always meet in campus. goshhh...terribly expensive dinner for sum normal steamboat/bbq food. but good try thou.

it opens at 630. we were 5 mins early therefore the norm to camwhore.

i lke this pic. lke sum poster for 'goo wak jai'

the fooooodssss

the bbq...our pan was so salah. i forgot that i was cooking sum squid on it. went back 1 hour later it's still not burnt.

the other table.

my table...

THE BSBs!!!!! Nick, Brian and AJ! *ROFL*!!!

ivy totally distressed taking pix with 2 preggers chicks.

angang + junesi...ssooo sssweeetttt...

kenn and long lost bro...LOL!

apparently not only kenn wanted to be monkey face

when everyone blinks together in a picture. *peace*


Us...29 February 2008.

Happy 29th February Everyone!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

it's morphin-g time!!!

so the datin showed me a picture of her and her datuk morphed and i too had the urge to do so...and became addicted to it.

anyway it's quite fun despite the fact that u have to get 2 pictures that has more or less the same angles.

PX + Daniel Henney

Monkey + Daniel Henney

Leng + Daniel Henney

sumhow all leng's combinations reminded me of jay chou in specs no idea why. but i honestly find my combination so leng chai...those jap damn napek face leng chai. HaHAhAHHAa

top: me + linda
bottom: me +leng
both dun look lke me. my genes damn weak. hmph

then they were randomly followed by:

PX + Utt...
lke sum thai akua

Leng + Tyra Banks.
ok damn pretty i feel. jst that the specs are obstructing

Monkey + Jake Gyllenhaal.
i dun have 'his' pic so simply oni la. ur angmoh son nxt time wil look lke a beardy middle eastern. LOL!!!

and so the laughing went on and on and on everynite i was morphing...and not every pic turns out acceptable. sum are jst...salah. lke the following...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * *

* * * * * *

* * * *

* *

Nigga + Britney Spears.


after a long long time, finally i lao sai-ed from food poisoning again.

bt it's all worth it cos i had a fantastic dinner at Robson Heights with the family and as nat wasn't really able to makan, i had a generous serving of the very good sweet and sour crab (that i suspect was the reason that got me stuck in the loo lke a sohai)...and that left me with a cut lip...and a very churning tummy. but yes, i'll still go back for more when i can. :D

sum1's going to krabi while i'd be in the midst of my midterms and fyp dateline and etc. sighhh...and it'll be approximately 3 months++ before i graduate. and toking about graduation, the bitch who's going to krabi is gonna attend her graduation ceremony in OZ nxt month. WOOT! CONGRATULATIONSSSSSS MONKEY SEMUA-MONYET!!! i guess bsides fennylow she's the first to officially attend a graduation ceremony. time flies...SIGHHHHHH

i still dun wanna grad so fast.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

if u think u're tough...

try this: IronMan LangKawi
but anyway if u're too lazy to click (cos if i were you i wont click)...but i do feel that it is appropriate for everyone to knw that there are such terrer ppl in the world therefore the following is a brief summary regarding the horrifying race.

There'll b a total of 3 challanges:

Course Length - 2.4 miles / 3.8 KM
- Swim course will be CLOSED 2 hours and 20 minutes from **start of race. Contestants still in the water after this time will be disqualified and will not be permitted to continue in the event.

Course Length -
112 Miles / 180.2 KM
- The bike course will be CLOSED 10 hours and 30 minutes after START OF THE RACE.

Course Length -
26.2 Miles / 42.2 KM
- The IRONMAN course will CLOSE completely 17 hours after the start of the race.

nigga...i knw u wont b reading this b4 the race bt...i earnestly pray for all to be well. and remember, we wont laff at u even if u kenot complete the race. teehee! *CHOI!!!* kita orang tunggu munggu u balik dgn tangan terbentang luas pastu kita bersteamboat a'ite?!?!?!

always remember the steamboat spirit nigga!!! LONGLIVE STEAMBOAT!!!

but then jst in case as i'm viewing the live report tmr morning from the website and ur titik suddenly jst dissapears or stops in the radar, we've decided that we wan Itallianies in return from you okay? and dun forget my malibu. *peace*

p.s- it seems there's one nxt year called Ultraman. *rofl!!!*
and the run is 80km. *px runs away, trips and falls*

p.p.s- yinng saw this and showed me



gambling sessions this year have been's always a joy to be able to gather among a bunch of frens, eat rubbish, swear and win money all at a go...blackjack is no longer interesting. cos there are other means lke bacarat and poker that can make money come and go even faster cos they range from paying doubles to sextuples. thank god it's oni 1ce a year. :S...and now it's back to fyp. octuple sighhhhhh...

the chinese new year ended with me oversleeping and forgetting to get yue saang.

then mommy said we have those boxed-up wans from hampers. *px kneels and sheds tears of joy*
now u knw why i say my mom is super intelligent?? :D


more randomly, isn't it kinda sad that edison chen is quitting the industry? i'll take that sentence back if he's gonna make it in hollywood bt seriously, wat do celebrities' sex and personal life gotta do with their work ethics anyway...ppl wanna have sex their prob la...okay mayb he's slightly ill for snapping and keeping the pix...but then i have to confess that i lke his music...and for the fact that he's quite charming from my point of view. :D...

Friday, February 15, 2008

posts from all over...

sum things are really outdated but i have to mention cos i'm darn dignified that i did it. i feel that i've advanced a level higher. :D

so it happened last weekend i guess where the family headed to DU to visit the cousins. then i was bored cos the parents and aunts were not toking to me but among themselves where i can't sampuk cos i dun understand...and nat was recuperating. so i msged various ppl to come to my aid. and they really came!!! hahhh...i love them. HOHO! anyway, to satisfy mr. hero's cravings for reptiles, i actually volunteered to lead them to the rainforest where the freaking show is still on...again...

and it's buy 3 free 1 now...but it's rm8 per person. so thanx to the maths class back in high school i knw it's rm24 divided by 4 at the end...still more expensive compared to the first time i went. but this time the serpents were...mostly asleep. *phew!!!*

Reptile Show @ Rainforest, 1U

South African Coati
Name: Jeffrey Chin Kong Leong

we fed a few cute little fellas that ate very very gelojohly. and this bearpig jeffrey here has long as tzewurn's? HAHAHHAAHAA...sorry morry gal. tat's how long ok. u have the longest fingers i've ever seen on a human. :D

Poser Fox that looks into the camera everytime the flashes come on.

Another emo fox that's asleep the entire time. mayb bcos the tail not so nice takde orang peduli. :D

mr. hero sebelum potong rambut. i ran far far away because he was technically kissing the albino and he was prohibited from touching me after tat. puik puik puik!!!

It's rm5 for 2 pix. but then we went on and on...

put ur hands together for the following courageous act!!!!!!!







i nearly died cos i was so near it i could see it's scales and it slithering across hero's shoulder. *px sprints away, almost jatuh terpelanting with cold sweat all over*
i can c that nigga was slightly scared oso. cos he looks stone!!! LALALA

i snapped this pic from a few feet away and zoooooooooomed. and i can feel the texture of the snake on my hands. *bawlsssss*...

check out yinng's hands!!! touching a teeny weeny bit oni!!!

ok this is getting slightly too mch for my blog so we shall move on.
we went for CJ7.

it's not the regular stephen chow laugh-like-an-idiot movie. it's a heart warming movie involving kids and a really devoted dad whose damn 7 poor thing who has to pick rubbish to survive and out of nowhere comes 7 jai...the chicken-little-alike alien. not many boisterous laughing definitely worth a watch.

and then dinner kat WaffleWorld. THE ORANGE JUICE SUX BIG BIG BIG BIG TIME!!! i was trying to keep a healthy diet (or so it seems) since it was blady screwed during chinese new i had their breakfast set. then their orange juice came in a glass 1/2 filled with foam and the other 1/2 of sum bitter crap that was warm!!! blek!

and then because sum1 got new phone so we camwhore dlm kereta, listening to oasis. nostalgic sial!!!!

we love this pic. and now chow kim vui can't differentiate us in facebook. :D

when a kawaii poser meets the cap. GONE CASE.

BG SFX- JT's Gone.

mary j. blige x sum taiwanese cutesy irritating star crossover. double gone.

nigga couldn't layan cos he was busy trying to get us away from the flock of cars that apparently decided to leave with us altogether.

we still managed a couple sumhow.


Valentine's was great that ended by a sky full of fireworks and a hearty serving of siew yuk.
and Jumper...sumhow i feel was...SSSSSUUUUUPPPPEEEEERRRRRR NNIIICEEEEEE. when i was watching, it was nice...then it was damn nice...after a day of reminiscing, it's super nice. Dunno why. jst go watch.

i think there are sum pix. later la!

p.s- to those ignorant ppl who were born in the 80s and are still into music from the late 90s (ie- boybands and jiwang)...the BACKSTREETBOYS are coming...go get info urself. :D