Thursday, February 21, 2008

if u think u're tough...

try this: IronMan LangKawi
but anyway if u're too lazy to click (cos if i were you i wont click)...but i do feel that it is appropriate for everyone to knw that there are such terrer ppl in the world therefore the following is a brief summary regarding the horrifying race.

There'll b a total of 3 challanges:

Course Length - 2.4 miles / 3.8 KM
- Swim course will be CLOSED 2 hours and 20 minutes from **start of race. Contestants still in the water after this time will be disqualified and will not be permitted to continue in the event.

Course Length -
112 Miles / 180.2 KM
- The bike course will be CLOSED 10 hours and 30 minutes after START OF THE RACE.

Course Length -
26.2 Miles / 42.2 KM
- The IRONMAN course will CLOSE completely 17 hours after the start of the race.

nigga...i knw u wont b reading this b4 the race bt...i earnestly pray for all to be well. and remember, we wont laff at u even if u kenot complete the race. teehee! *CHOI!!!* kita orang tunggu munggu u balik dgn tangan terbentang luas pastu kita bersteamboat a'ite?!?!?!

always remember the steamboat spirit nigga!!! LONGLIVE STEAMBOAT!!!

but then jst in case as i'm viewing the live report tmr morning from the website and ur titik suddenly jst dissapears or stops in the radar, we've decided that we wan Itallianies in return from you okay? and dun forget my malibu. *peace*

p.s- it seems there's one nxt year called Ultraman. *rofl!!!*
and the run is 80km. *px runs away, trips and falls*

p.p.s- yinng saw this and showed me



gambling sessions this year have been's always a joy to be able to gather among a bunch of frens, eat rubbish, swear and win money all at a go...blackjack is no longer interesting. cos there are other means lke bacarat and poker that can make money come and go even faster cos they range from paying doubles to sextuples. thank god it's oni 1ce a year. :S...and now it's back to fyp. octuple sighhhhhh...

the chinese new year ended with me oversleeping and forgetting to get yue saang.

then mommy said we have those boxed-up wans from hampers. *px kneels and sheds tears of joy*
now u knw why i say my mom is super intelligent?? :D


more randomly, isn't it kinda sad that edison chen is quitting the industry? i'll take that sentence back if he's gonna make it in hollywood bt seriously, wat do celebrities' sex and personal life gotta do with their work ethics anyway...ppl wanna have sex their prob la...okay mayb he's slightly ill for snapping and keeping the pix...but then i have to confess that i lke his music...and for the fact that he's quite charming from my point of view. :D...

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