Friday, February 15, 2008

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sum things are really outdated but i have to mention cos i'm darn dignified that i did it. i feel that i've advanced a level higher. :D

so it happened last weekend i guess where the family headed to DU to visit the cousins. then i was bored cos the parents and aunts were not toking to me but among themselves where i can't sampuk cos i dun understand...and nat was recuperating. so i msged various ppl to come to my aid. and they really came!!! hahhh...i love them. HOHO! anyway, to satisfy mr. hero's cravings for reptiles, i actually volunteered to lead them to the rainforest where the freaking show is still on...again...

and it's buy 3 free 1 now...but it's rm8 per person. so thanx to the maths class back in high school i knw it's rm24 divided by 4 at the end...still more expensive compared to the first time i went. but this time the serpents were...mostly asleep. *phew!!!*

Reptile Show @ Rainforest, 1U

South African Coati
Name: Jeffrey Chin Kong Leong

we fed a few cute little fellas that ate very very gelojohly. and this bearpig jeffrey here has long as tzewurn's? HAHAHHAAHAA...sorry morry gal. tat's how long ok. u have the longest fingers i've ever seen on a human. :D

Poser Fox that looks into the camera everytime the flashes come on.

Another emo fox that's asleep the entire time. mayb bcos the tail not so nice takde orang peduli. :D

mr. hero sebelum potong rambut. i ran far far away because he was technically kissing the albino and he was prohibited from touching me after tat. puik puik puik!!!

It's rm5 for 2 pix. but then we went on and on...

put ur hands together for the following courageous act!!!!!!!







i nearly died cos i was so near it i could see it's scales and it slithering across hero's shoulder. *px sprints away, almost jatuh terpelanting with cold sweat all over*
i can c that nigga was slightly scared oso. cos he looks stone!!! LALALA

i snapped this pic from a few feet away and zoooooooooomed. and i can feel the texture of the snake on my hands. *bawlsssss*...

check out yinng's hands!!! touching a teeny weeny bit oni!!!

ok this is getting slightly too mch for my blog so we shall move on.
we went for CJ7.

it's not the regular stephen chow laugh-like-an-idiot movie. it's a heart warming movie involving kids and a really devoted dad whose damn 7 poor thing who has to pick rubbish to survive and out of nowhere comes 7 jai...the chicken-little-alike alien. not many boisterous laughing definitely worth a watch.

and then dinner kat WaffleWorld. THE ORANGE JUICE SUX BIG BIG BIG BIG TIME!!! i was trying to keep a healthy diet (or so it seems) since it was blady screwed during chinese new i had their breakfast set. then their orange juice came in a glass 1/2 filled with foam and the other 1/2 of sum bitter crap that was warm!!! blek!

and then because sum1 got new phone so we camwhore dlm kereta, listening to oasis. nostalgic sial!!!!

we love this pic. and now chow kim vui can't differentiate us in facebook. :D

when a kawaii poser meets the cap. GONE CASE.

BG SFX- JT's Gone.

mary j. blige x sum taiwanese cutesy irritating star crossover. double gone.

nigga couldn't layan cos he was busy trying to get us away from the flock of cars that apparently decided to leave with us altogether.

we still managed a couple sumhow.


Valentine's was great that ended by a sky full of fireworks and a hearty serving of siew yuk.
and Jumper...sumhow i feel was...SSSSSUUUUUPPPPEEEEERRRRRR NNIIICEEEEEE. when i was watching, it was nice...then it was damn nice...after a day of reminiscing, it's super nice. Dunno why. jst go watch.

i think there are sum pix. later la!

p.s- to those ignorant ppl who were born in the 80s and are still into music from the late 90s (ie- boybands and jiwang)...the BACKSTREETBOYS are coming...go get info urself. :D

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