Monday, February 11, 2008

in the mood

chinese new year was so good i'm missing it terribly and am refusing to go back to class. :D
if only time could pass in a slower manner, i would be up eating cookies, watching lousy programmes on tv and drinking loads and loads of shandy. AHH!! HEAVENNN!!!

bt then it's still within the 15 days...there's still time for more lou sang. ptah! and gambling has been fairly rewarding this year. surprisingly, which made me gamble slightly more and earning myself a few months of assam laksa tambah sayur from the pasar malam. slurpsss.
**to my darlings that earned a living by gambling with me in 2007, IT'S PAYBACK TIME!!! HAHAHA!

anyway, overdue posts. the makanings were happier than usual cos we were all already on our holiday mood. :D...

TzeWurn's Birthday @ Sushi Groove


everyone...without the boyfren
i look damn 7 big. hmph.

the custom. CHEERSSS!!!!

Say goodbye to the jerks and may u be swarmed by lots of love this year! ;)

and then i continued shopping with stacymacy in desperate hope of getting ourselves a qipao but to no avail. but spotted a kimono top from TOPSHOP. SO GONNA BE MINE BABEHH!!!

and then beroutings with the sayangs at nite cos evy said our souvenirs n gifts were already collecting a thick layer of dust. so we went to OldTown to chill and catch up sikit since it's been 2 months...but ultimately we wanted our gifts. ;) ;) ;)...WE LAPS U SAYANG!!

BerOutings @ OldTown, Sg. Long

the gifts, the sayang and the baru bangun faces. :D

the 700th shot. yinng wasn't really happy with her hair and etc. mehhh!! cantik la ok!

So we started unwrapping our gifts and i was tremendously thrilled by the Betty Boop pen from Universal Studio. but then the highlite of the day was the Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans yinng got...which i didnt. hmph. angry!

the multi-colored magically revolting pea like candy

they had a visual menu at the back of the box with the flavour and variation of the beans...
eg- earwax, booger, grass, vomit, blueberry etc...

px: haha eh not bad la! really like the movie wan. unlike those here.
yinng: try and see...
px starts tossing the beans onto her palm and back onto the plate...then back onto her palm and stares at the box.
eve: try vomit la.
px: *takes and pops into mouth*

30 secs later...px nearly died.

i finally had the experience of being forced puke into my mouth. fuck. it tasted exactly like vomit and it stays there until...forever. hhhooolllyyy mooolllyyyyyy...
but being totally adventurous, we did not stop there. we blindfolded ourselves, picked a random bean and started chewing. we felt magical...jst like dobby the house-elf!! :D

The Live Reaction(with the so not clear nokia hp...):
PX ---> Booger
Eve ---> RottenEgg (she liked it)
Yinng ---> Vomit

i believe the bean made me high therefore i couldn't stop laughing.

The Captured Reaction:

damn hamsap face sumhow...

damn high face.

damn gembira-kena-force-puke-into-mouth face.

and we drove around sg long's pasar malam with puke and rotten egg in our mouths. fantastic!

ok. i miraculously woke up in the AMs today. so unhealthy. i shall sleep. goodnite.

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