Saturday, February 2, 2008

the month where i...

- tried shopping for chinese new year but only managed 3 tshirts, 1 smockedtop, 2 jeans and nothing else.

- changed my hair colour for, hopefully, the final time of the...year...cos many have lost tracked and are unable to recognize me from bhind in class already.

- played squash, a few sets of badminton and randomly pingpong oso, leaving all my muscles especially those in my ass totally stiff and aching...AND I AM LOVING IT! WHOO!!!!

- partied hard like sum sohai nvr been outa home b4...and also skipped to stay home cos i'm sick of partying already. yay!!!

- went to petaling street with daddy, had all the food available...visited all petshops like last time and he bot my 2 polo tee. :D

- finally started with my fyp...and hopefully can score.

received my first speeding ticket dated 7th november at 11++pm on the KL-SEREMBAN highway. speed limit 80km/h...i went 97. DOUBLE FUCK!

- never got my period. stress. mommy said cos i'm sleeping too late...:S...faster sleep. blog a bit more first.


i feel lke blogging becos it feels as if many things happened.
but then nothing significant actually. yer so sien.

anyway, i've surprisingly been able to wakeup at 615am almost everyday for class jst so that i can avoid the jam, pay attention in class (first half)...copy additional notes (from lynnie) and not loathing any of my lecturers. in fact, i quite like them cos they aren't like any past bias nutheads! they accept criticism and they accept challenges when we try to rebutt. cos we byk mulut. :D REJOICE LEONG PEI XZAN!! REJOICE!!!

in the span of 1 year++, i went from a blonde, to a red head and but then it looks more like black la that made daddy more than happy he was willing to pay for it!!! but i did not tell him the exact price so i totally regret now. cis. but i'm no longer a lala...unlike yinng. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

to eveline ch'ng yi xian...
sayang...i dun care chinese new year im trashing your house and then bercrazy-crazy k?!?!?!? :D...i is sorry i din meet u last week. so i dun wanna yamcha oni!!! and pls wipe my souvenir clean b4 u gip me k. :D


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