Sunday, August 27, 2006


Get A Life had been the shoutout of my msn for the past few weeks.
i get msges like...

'eh...why la so emo?'
'yeah...i really need to get a life'
'woi! why so fierce?'

pfft...i actually meant EASON CHAN'S GET A LIFE CONCERT that was held last nite at bukit jalil.

*photo grabbed from nat's blog. *grins*

i almost failed to go(sum1 pls ask me why!!!) but then daddy was so sweet he paid for the whole family so that i would stop throwing tantrums at home. :D

lalallalallalaa...everyone was dressed and left at 6. makan makan at mcd then reached bkt jalil around 7 to collect our tix. our seats were so far up...fall down confirm habis.

the sound system was bad, the screen was small, the lights around the stadium were too bright!

but then on the positive side, he was a great singer, REALLY REALLY GREAT!!! the props were extensive and his band was AWESOME!!! (keyboard- vee & ho beng...bandleader- carl)

poor daddy and mommy had to endure the heat, the noise and our screaming for 3 solid hours. :D

left around1130 for sri kembangan for 'juk daii foh wor'- steamboat but then with porridge instead of soup. OMG!! DAMN KAO NICE!! EVERYONE GO TRY!! GO! GO! GO!!!

havne't taken supper with the whole family for a veeery long time. finished eating at 1++ and reached home almost 2.


Friday, August 25, 2006

oh uh...

blogging in an office where everyone is doing serious work and i can shake my legs eating cereals is fun!

the back is still hurting.
since i started my assignments, pinning my ass onto the chair infront of the comp for 24 hours a day...mayb 25, i have been begging everyone for yoko yoko. but i nvr tot of buying it myself. :D cheapskate

the pain is still there...right where i got my shingels *shivers*

called daddy while strolling in tower records cos i was too freaking tired i needed sum1 really layan to layan me.

"back still pain...but then oni when i move my right hand...sumtimes...i'm afraid it' know...shingels"
"aiyoh...why everytime finals oni like that. u're definitely sleeping too late. ur body resistance is very low. u shall sleep earlier from now on ok."

i'm not gonna risk my final papers anymore. retaking an english paper is bad enuff. the subjects this sem are far than shit. i can't believe ms penny actually said...

"jst aim to pass ok? passing is difficult enuff."

yay...she's damn nice.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

there and back again by the lack-of-sleep banana

not literally lack of sleep...but then compared to the heap of hours i kong out normally, SERIOUSLY LACK OF SLEEP!

but it's all worth it!! everything's done. i'm happy with the outcome...i finally felt that i learnt sumthing fr assignments and i have 2 weeks to study b4 the finals...banyaknye...*rollseyes*

one of the final artwork for assignment. photoshop works wonders. really begin to think that branching out to creative media is...not so out of mind. and it's more enjoyable doing it....because it's LORD OF THE RINGS...:D


hawaii has finally been invaded by our mighty elaine yap.

sending her off was difficult. not so difficult while doing it to monkeylinda...because i din c her boarding. and at least i still had a place to go when i am shit bored.
now...gone case.

and thank you finance, for alarming everyone i went teary as she stepped down the escalator. i love my frens ok?!! at least i know linda comes back with timtams every break. what can one bring back from hawaii?!! :

mighty pig and her piglet-hood bag



i've had a fair amount of durians the past few weeks. but still not very enough. :D

and when u're bound with pressure...ur pets suffer. :)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


presentation's over. not as bad as expected.

shoot shoot shoot...sambut sambut sambut. ok la...there were comments. but, i was so happy i could barely hear what she said. :D


damn affectionate.

makan makan with wisky ang ang...

bot sushi for dinner....eating happily until suddenly sumone broke my appetite terribly...

eh...u eating sushi ar?
ya why?
u dun remember the post u got last week ar?

damn...i got a mail about this jap man that ate too mch sashimi and ended up having a whole brain clogged with them all...

fuck. confirm appetite went down the toilet bowl straight into the deep blue sea. head itchy d now. AAAAHHH!!!

**ms yap-departure-date-to-hawaii drawing closer. confirm-kekurangan-kajang-frens day drawing closer. anyone wanna make frens with me? :D

cable went mad. can't transfer all the pix up. but then i got 2. 2 happy happy pix.
one from last week's neway which i feel is cantik giler.
one is from today's lunch at :D

nat, cm, me...all looking so alike...except my face is double.

Choc Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream...heavenleee!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006


2 countdown timers:

1. final presentation
2. miss yap leaving for hawaii...



too many things to blog...but not mch time to blog.

keep things short.

- steamboat last week at subang was good. even better if we go after exam or presentation with the classmates.

- fitness first ended last thursday. back to eitp.

- siok chin's farewell party was so warm. help at home. everyone was barefooted. :D


- david beckham's out of the english team. :

- missed miss yap's farewell party this evening. sorry morry kawan. i love u.

- NEWAY with family. syok giler babi can pengsan.


so tidak bermood. until the presentation is over.

can everyone jst skip the wednesday class?

my blog's blady boring not banana...PRESENTATION FASTER GO!! GO GO GO!!

Monday, August 7, 2006


so broke can cry.


it's so difficult to bring it up can cry oso.
fuck la.

Thursday, August 3, 2006


datelines...ALL COMING UP!!
i had so many things to do the past week it's scary now that i have nothing to think about.

no theories, no charts, no numbers, no notes...nothing.
for the time being at least.

more coming up...soon...presentations...webpages. craziness.
taking creative media as an extended course after i get my degree is a wise idea. i dun feel like a pr student anymore. hmph!

went to sks17 with ms roomate after discussion. they serve really good tong sui there...very good baan meen and very good yau char kuay...OMG!! THE YAU CHAR KUAY IS HEAVENLY!!! keep it there for 10 hours it's still crispy. i'm munching on it now. awesome!!!

after makan...came home happily cos part of the assignments almost done and i have my yau char kuay with me althou no tong sui. then...haih. the hall was 1/2 soaked. the mattresses were wet and the weirdest thing is had not rained today. how fun!! started moving everything all over, did this did that with the rest of the ppl...

damn tired can pengsan dot com.


supposed to do sum webpage thingy for multimedia according to some storybook thingy.
dun care. i wanna do MY LITTLE PONY!!! :D yau char kuay and finger. :D

Tuesday, August 1, 2006


update- daddy got a new player. removable. COME REMOVE IT LA DAMN IT! ne ne ne ne ne, ne ne...


can't remember what i did on saturday.
basically nothing i guess or i would have remembered. supposed to go for durians but did not cos it was raining and blah blah blah...

sunday, went for this charity thing for an old folk's home organized by linda's church. many many people. many many hvd artistes...many many dancers...including carin. she was...damn geng. legs flying all over shaking and shaking and shaking...pengsan.

rushed to mines cos i booked tix for 'dragon tiger gate'. it was...ok. after waiting for many's ok oni. gt to go for it again!!! WANNA WATCH AGAIN!! IT GOT TO BE GOOD!! :D kinda bored at times but the choreography was...GOOD LA OF COURSE! another award to donnie yen GUARENTEE next year at the hkfaa.

monday morning...damn good start. was leaving home when ms roomate called...'class cancelled. dun come yah'...YAY!! BALIK TIDUR!! but anyway, i'm back here now. and piled with datelines. pfft.

this video...puts a smile on my face. check out jasmine. sweetness can pengsan.