Tuesday, August 22, 2006

there and back again by the lack-of-sleep banana

not literally lack of sleep...but then compared to the heap of hours i kong out normally, SERIOUSLY LACK OF SLEEP!

but it's all worth it!! everything's done. i'm happy with the outcome...i finally felt that i learnt sumthing fr assignments and i have 2 weeks to study b4 the finals...banyaknye...*rollseyes*

one of the final artwork for assignment. photoshop works wonders. really begin to think that branching out to creative media is...not so out of mind. and it's more enjoyable doing it....because it's LORD OF THE RINGS...:D


hawaii has finally been invaded by our mighty elaine yap.

sending her off was difficult. not so difficult while doing it to monkeylinda...because i din c her boarding. and at least i still had a place to go when i am shit bored.
now...gone case.

and thank you finance, for alarming everyone i went teary as she stepped down the escalator. i love my frens ok?!! at least i know linda comes back with timtams every break. what can one bring back from hawaii?!! :

mighty pig and her piglet-hood bag



i've had a fair amount of durians the past few weeks. but still not very enough. :D

and when u're bound with pressure...ur pets suffer. :)

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