Friday, August 25, 2006

oh uh...

blogging in an office where everyone is doing serious work and i can shake my legs eating cereals is fun!

the back is still hurting.
since i started my assignments, pinning my ass onto the chair infront of the comp for 24 hours a day...mayb 25, i have been begging everyone for yoko yoko. but i nvr tot of buying it myself. :D cheapskate

the pain is still there...right where i got my shingels *shivers*

called daddy while strolling in tower records cos i was too freaking tired i needed sum1 really layan to layan me.

"back still pain...but then oni when i move my right hand...sumtimes...i'm afraid it' know...shingels"
"aiyoh...why everytime finals oni like that. u're definitely sleeping too late. ur body resistance is very low. u shall sleep earlier from now on ok."

i'm not gonna risk my final papers anymore. retaking an english paper is bad enuff. the subjects this sem are far than shit. i can't believe ms penny actually said...

"jst aim to pass ok? passing is difficult enuff."

yay...she's damn nice.

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