Sunday, August 27, 2006


Get A Life had been the shoutout of my msn for the past few weeks.
i get msges like...

'eh...why la so emo?'
'yeah...i really need to get a life'
'woi! why so fierce?'

pfft...i actually meant EASON CHAN'S GET A LIFE CONCERT that was held last nite at bukit jalil.

*photo grabbed from nat's blog. *grins*

i almost failed to go(sum1 pls ask me why!!!) but then daddy was so sweet he paid for the whole family so that i would stop throwing tantrums at home. :D

lalallalallalaa...everyone was dressed and left at 6. makan makan at mcd then reached bkt jalil around 7 to collect our tix. our seats were so far up...fall down confirm habis.

the sound system was bad, the screen was small, the lights around the stadium were too bright!

but then on the positive side, he was a great singer, REALLY REALLY GREAT!!! the props were extensive and his band was AWESOME!!! (keyboard- vee & ho beng...bandleader- carl)

poor daddy and mommy had to endure the heat, the noise and our screaming for 3 solid hours. :D

left around1130 for sri kembangan for 'juk daii foh wor'- steamboat but then with porridge instead of soup. OMG!! DAMN KAO NICE!! EVERYONE GO TRY!! GO! GO! GO!!!

havne't taken supper with the whole family for a veeery long time. finished eating at 1++ and reached home almost 2.


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