Saturday, March 29, 2008

I ROCK!!!!!

cos i picked my blades up and glided my ass off in putrajaya. *peace*

not really my blades pair of purple rollers from standart 6 are too hideous to be used anymore. practice in my room mayb can. so i pinjamed nigga's...and i lost everything i used to have 10 years back. SO SAD LOR! the oni thing i could do now is to glide forward. stop oso tak tau d!!!

leen, do u remember last time i used to blade bhind ur house with vonne and then jump over the drains...then usually end up crashing sial wan...?!?!?!?!(lucky nvr fall into the well). no more dun jump oso will crash...sibeh fail can cry. dun laff! 1 month later i'll b flying lke mighty ducks again i tell u!! u wait!!!

so we all stopped at a taman in putrajaya near the 10km bridge and the guys all started gearing up...while i jst stood there whining cos i takut. *malu sial*...then sumhow i put it on many minutes later...tie oso Dunno hero had to do it for me...and then i was going at 0.5km/h...or was it 0.05km/h? haih but then at least towards the end ok d la...can jalan d...kenot stop oni...sum1 mst grab me or i crash myself onto sumthing ie- lamposts or drains. cun? cun!!!

Mat Roller Poster


SK-Hew (cos he's so fair he reminds me of SKII), PX, Yinng, Hero

After...Hew hurt his ass. awwww...

Everyone was practically zooming past me. i'm like driving a ganjiu wherelse they were using ferraris on a F1 track. fast nvm...ade style wan...hmph. u wait!!! nxt time i go figure skating. LOL!!!!

Yinng told u not to hold it sideways d!!! nxt time u skate i hold camera!! i video u!!! *rofl*

damn malu kan...i din knw they these things at putrajaya. i tot it was oni in sgpore. woot!


i dun like midvalley.
althou i've been there 2 days in a row...i still don't like mv...cos they got many many scary construction workers and many nice shops jap lap d. mehhhhhhh
anyway, AWAKE wasn't that good. it was approximately 1 1/2 hours...but it felt as thou it was 1 1/2 days. jessica alba not that hot oso. cis

then today we went on a shopping spree for the princess.

Baby kenot wear nvm...gip max. :D...SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEE
mommy said if the baby's chubby the buttons will pop. WEE!

it's very small...really...all my barbies can wear.

oni fits 2 of my fingers. :D

adjustable. can wear up to 21 years old. dun believe??









can cover my tennis-court forehead.

baby clothes are fucking mahiao. shud start collecting now.

ching ming tmr. holy moly.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Father Drives A Ferrari


Shell is making tons of money with the existence of users like daddy...

for the past few weeks my tank has been perpetually filled...mainly because he wants to get the VROOM VROOM cars before it runs out of stock.

a few models did...and the brother-in-law got it from some god-forsaken areas around KL...

he looked so happy can cry...not that can drive oso. but then it does produce the VROOM sound with the help of 3 watch batteries...that worths more than the freaking toy car. so turn off d.

Back row: Generation 2
Front row: Generation 1

more power than those mcd's hello kitty collector wei...


photo taking session for convocation has come and gone...

final assignment nxt friday...

study week...week after next...

finals end of april...


at least i know i won't be jobless for too long even if i can't get it into AnD or rather any other firms locally. WEEEE!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


This is a reminder to Leong Pei Xzan that she has stayed up two days, more than 24 hours each doing her Final Year Project, having the same dvd running for approximately 20 rounds already and drinking so much water because there's nothing much to eat besides steamed tapioca and biscuits.

it's 6.13am.

congratulations. it's almost done.


i have just been nominated to be the Best Alarm Award of the Year.

peace everyone.

Monday, March 17, 2008

px stones


px is going bonkers.

1 more month before i'm over and done with university life.

are you ready for me???

I AM NOT!!!!


ok back to work.......mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

saturday nite & angang's bday

so althou the ayam-man din win the race and he was supposed to belanja itallianies like mentioned instead, we tak larat ask him to la cos he was damn emo-fied he stopped shaving all over....therefore we kept to our plan and went for porridge and we still belanja-ed him. say thank you pls nigga. :D

then i freaking drove his manual waja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...omg it's lke having sex with his wife i think cos kan guys sayang sial their kereta. HAHAHAHAH!!! hero was supervising (partially frightened i guess) cos the lights and signals are all on the left instead (european kononnye) and i kept snapping on the wiper and water when i wanted to flick and put on my signals...

then we reached home and gave him the cool card we secretly wrote in the room when he was molesting max in the living room.

Saturday Nite @ Home

Poor baby...

the parents went to genting, leaving the house to me hence the liquor & porn!
(how i wished)

hamsap nigga face and the cool dude card
*sorry my writing took up 1/2 the card. :D

the 5685623596465th shot cos hero sux in photography!!!


so we played sum brainless card games. LOSER!!!

losers get shots of whisky and vodka!!! i lost the least. mehhhh

then the effect sank in...

and faces began to turn red :D

then neeneeeee decided to head home cos she had to run sum errands the nxt morning. and so we camwhored sial in the car. :D

her house is so freaking big there's practically a golf course inside. so nxt plan, BBQing nxt to the pond in her garden that flows to the centre of her house near the kitchen and living room. WOOT!

after that we drove to MCD in town to grab sum snacks, and mamak to get my tomyam. then home again and watched sum stupid zombie movies. STUPID SIAL!!! bt ganjeong. hehe!! supposed to go for breakfast bt it was 6am and hero had church at 7 so everyone went home and monkey and me sprawled ourselves on my bed and slept only at 8 i guess toking nonsense. sukkaaaa!!

then we woke up at early...cos i was famished. then monkey surfed nonsense on9 while i lazed around like my dog...watching until she left.

it was called malibuing nite cos it was an opening ceremony for the bottles of malibu coconut that nigga got us from langkawi. everyone liked it rite??!?!?!?!?! LET'S BERTODDY!!!


AngAng's Bday @ Social, Bangsar/ Bamboo, TTDI

dear angang,
thank you for always being there and be my fashion advisor.
for encouraging me to be more adventurous and not so rigid.
for sharing problems and hearing my problems and best of all, for sharing the same interest.
Wisky Ang, Je T'aime!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Birthday Gal

With flowers specially ordered by faraway boyfren

thumbee & angang

Armani Luminous Silky Foundation. Only available in KLCC

CalvinTheShuffler so cute!!!

BaoYue sudah kurus sikit + Junesy

Part of Us Pooling

Choc Indulgence. Orgasm sial

On why we love bao yue...

cos we're all like bitches. WEEEE!


Thumbee+ Bambee + Lynnie

Ma' Babe!!! + Px

Working gay men bhind trying to make a move on everyone. fail sial.

their vodka was really cheap. and it tasted jst like the price

US...chilling milling

BaoYue imitating EDC's scandal pic + Gone Case Junesy after a few shots

i went for the 8am class the following day.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


ok honestly, i still can't believe that u have that term before ur name now.

- cos u're still the natnat i knw who used to sing dorina with me
- the natnat that wanted to bring me to sgwang when u got ur license bt then i led the way instead cos u are more road blind than me.
- cos u used to sleep on the bed slightly higher than mine and i'll keep toking until u ask me to shut up and sleep
- cos u spend every single cent on me to get watever i've always wanted
- cos u'd go for lousy movies with me starring all sorts of ppl i think look blady fucking hot and u think they suck
- cos u'll screw sum motherfuckers for me when they step on my tail
- cos u teach me how to be sarcastic calmly and freak the shit out of those bodohsings
- cos u're the oni sis that brings me out for movies and concerts and makans with ur frens when every other older siblings take their younger ones as pests
- cos we'll watch 3 sets of tvb series in 1 week until the wee hours of the morning

and most importantly, cos u're the oni auntie sis i have who has partial alzheimers and i'll always love u! :D


(it's lke u're entering another phase of ur life and i'm so excited i dun dare to mention. cos ppl say pantang ma. cis)

so kenot elaborate so mch ok.

i knw u dun lke this pic. but i love it so mch. TEEHEEE!!!


Thursday, March 6, 2008

PolyJuice Poh-Syen

i needed to detox.
therefore, i downed a cup of mud.

it seems it thickens really quickly, it was my first time and i was kinda gelabah. so i stirred it with my finger instead. :D

and 3 secs later...

it looks like mud, it tastes like mud...
check out the residue. lke the mudmask i slap on my face every nite oni...
*px waits in the toilet...*


i'm supposed to be doing my assignment. but i'm currently lost for words.
blogging helps.
it makes my brain function.
i guess...
or maybe the thought of watching PlayboyCops (dun laff!!! i proudly express my affection for shawnyue wan okay!) and malibu-ing with the ppl this weekend brightens me...WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

ok back to work. if not tzewurn marah later. teehee!!!