Wednesday, March 12, 2008

saturday nite & angang's bday

so althou the ayam-man din win the race and he was supposed to belanja itallianies like mentioned instead, we tak larat ask him to la cos he was damn emo-fied he stopped shaving all over....therefore we kept to our plan and went for porridge and we still belanja-ed him. say thank you pls nigga. :D

then i freaking drove his manual waja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...omg it's lke having sex with his wife i think cos kan guys sayang sial their kereta. HAHAHAHAH!!! hero was supervising (partially frightened i guess) cos the lights and signals are all on the left instead (european kononnye) and i kept snapping on the wiper and water when i wanted to flick and put on my signals...

then we reached home and gave him the cool card we secretly wrote in the room when he was molesting max in the living room.

Saturday Nite @ Home

Poor baby...

the parents went to genting, leaving the house to me hence the liquor & porn!
(how i wished)

hamsap nigga face and the cool dude card
*sorry my writing took up 1/2 the card. :D

the 5685623596465th shot cos hero sux in photography!!!


so we played sum brainless card games. LOSER!!!

losers get shots of whisky and vodka!!! i lost the least. mehhhh

then the effect sank in...

and faces began to turn red :D

then neeneeeee decided to head home cos she had to run sum errands the nxt morning. and so we camwhored sial in the car. :D

her house is so freaking big there's practically a golf course inside. so nxt plan, BBQing nxt to the pond in her garden that flows to the centre of her house near the kitchen and living room. WOOT!

after that we drove to MCD in town to grab sum snacks, and mamak to get my tomyam. then home again and watched sum stupid zombie movies. STUPID SIAL!!! bt ganjeong. hehe!! supposed to go for breakfast bt it was 6am and hero had church at 7 so everyone went home and monkey and me sprawled ourselves on my bed and slept only at 8 i guess toking nonsense. sukkaaaa!!

then we woke up at early...cos i was famished. then monkey surfed nonsense on9 while i lazed around like my dog...watching until she left.

it was called malibuing nite cos it was an opening ceremony for the bottles of malibu coconut that nigga got us from langkawi. everyone liked it rite??!?!?!?!?! LET'S BERTODDY!!!


AngAng's Bday @ Social, Bangsar/ Bamboo, TTDI

dear angang,
thank you for always being there and be my fashion advisor.
for encouraging me to be more adventurous and not so rigid.
for sharing problems and hearing my problems and best of all, for sharing the same interest.
Wisky Ang, Je T'aime!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Birthday Gal

With flowers specially ordered by faraway boyfren

thumbee & angang

Armani Luminous Silky Foundation. Only available in KLCC

CalvinTheShuffler so cute!!!

BaoYue sudah kurus sikit + Junesy

Part of Us Pooling

Choc Indulgence. Orgasm sial

On why we love bao yue...

cos we're all like bitches. WEEEE!


Thumbee+ Bambee + Lynnie

Ma' Babe!!! + Px

Working gay men bhind trying to make a move on everyone. fail sial.

their vodka was really cheap. and it tasted jst like the price

US...chilling milling

BaoYue imitating EDC's scandal pic + Gone Case Junesy after a few shots

i went for the 8am class the following day.

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