Monday, November 27, 2006

u're back to a lala, gto

ok. 29 over 40 is not low.

bt for all the effort that we poured for this small assignment, 29 IS HELL WAY TOO LOW!!! i seldom say i deserve higher marks because i blieve i have super low self-esteem- studies wise...considering i was being ACCUSED to being over confident back in standart 5 by my lovely bm teacher. :D...i am so not forgiving! WAHAHAHAH

--->GTO Quote- no matter how well u all do, the highest i'd give is either a B- or a C

can i get a lawyer and sue him for wat he has said? SUM1 PULL ME BACK!!! I'M GRABBING THE AXE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*pours water on self*....

i have an excuse not to graduate with a first class honours.


on a happier note...

juet baan yuen ngang tin si mak gei t shirt...('s not juet baan. who cares. ;D)


Friday, November 24, 2006

It Continues and...HAPPY BDAY BABE!!!

can't freaking post the pix i want to for the whole afternoon. hmph anyway, the presentation went successfully well. he only had to complained cos he wanted to.
Quote: But it doesn't matter la. i like to complain about everything and anything---> was what he said after every bit of criticism that flew out of his 'always-moving' mouth. he was impressed which was a very good...and very difficult thing. worth all the time we spent rehearsing, worth giving up the juicy slimy humungous oysters which i NEVER TOUCHED(i ate oni 1 ok?!!!) at jogoya. ALL I COULD DO WAS STAND AT A CORNER WATCHING HOW OTHERS NJOY THE HEAVENLY SHELL!!!!! *BAWLS!!!!*...and all these for 5 marks. so pathetic. *rolleyes*

went to YUEN the STEAMBOAT RESTAURANT again after that. i swear i'll never touch steamboat for the rest of the year. i can still smell the fishballs...*goes green*. bt then it was awesome. had loads of fun with the gals and they sweetly told me stacy wanted to go home and grab sum money, but went to baker's cottage and got me a cake instead...HOW LOVELY!! MWAH MWAH MWAH!!!

then went for Happy Feet. it's the Cuteness-Giler-Babi-Dun-Watch-Confirm-Regret type. mayb it's cos of elijah wood. haven't heard him for SUCH A FRIGGIN LONG TIME!! and when i do, he's a penguin. a penguin that loathes for trust and goes all out sacrificing everything to save his...'people'. darn cute.

supposed to brag abt the presents i got because mostly were imported...*sumthing goodwhen ur pals are diluar laut'. so here goes...

from the parents...can see from the big big dog frontcover. confirm from them

from lynnie, the roomate and the housemate

from daddy...

from nat and the bf

from daddy as well!!!

stila lipgloss and perfume from the gang, 2 cards from aus and hawaii which i suka giler babi...2 cakes and 3 celebrations.

i love birthdays!! MWAH MWAH MWAH EVERYONE!!!



like i said, i'll catch the angels and make sure they shower lots of love on you ok??? *grins*

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my only entertainment in class...camwhoring around and editing her pix. :D...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


flu has kept the line away from me from the past few days. and althou i'm still giving away free flow of mucus, i'm proud to say, I'M BACK ONLINE!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

flu at this time of the day/week/month/year is totally absurd and wrong. first, there's my presentation and the rehearsals and the memorizing part to be done...then, the most important of all, there're birthdays to celebrate. mine, chia sue lynn's, mine mine mine mine mine...YAY!!!

first, went to jogoya last saturday(tricked by THE FAMILY saying we'll head back to usual) despite the flu and soarthroat and puffy eyes and...ok that's all. FIRST FREAKING TIME THERE AND IT'S BLADY AWESOME CAN PENGSAN!!! undescribable wei. mst go for me? mst go try again. cos that day nvr really makan much...ok...i makan there were things i had to stay away from cos i was afraid i won't b well for my presentation. kiasu giler babi.

the family. all shivering...cold like happy feet.

missy angelic and f*ck face. damn bei wei my pose. jst to make the arms look smaller. :D

the reason i have to go back...I ONI ATE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

then came back, so kenot tahan...makan panadol kong out from 12am to 1pm. fabulous!


pix from steamboat not up.

got my guitar stand, my guitar tuner, my book, my SH TEESHIRT, stila lipgloss and perfume...

wish us luck for the presentation on thurs. we jst need luck. cos we have talent. WAHAHAHAH!! JUST JOKING!!!



old people sumtimes do not think we knw where we stand in the 'society' these days.

it's back in the stoneage where ur thinking stands. the pressure mounts everytime the cold shudders sip in and most of the time, it's for nothing.

and the head is so hard it refuses to take in any comments.




on a lighter note,

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Monday, November 13, 2006


both assignments done. one presentation to go. it'll be a good one. promise. ;D

rebranding play-doh was tough. i'm not saying others weren't but even GTO said it was a challenge and we successfully handed in a thick book of ideas in like...3 days? blady awesome. i've never gotten banned so many times. and thanx to the topic we chose, i'm back to squishing play-doh every now and then leaving bits and pieces in my fingernails and visiting the website so often cos it has little ponies in it. and their games are so retarded everyone should play when u feel u're useless. confirm u feel better after that.

responses from the ppl?
from the family except mommy- 'think u better change the color of the cupboard.'
'nothing special in the placement of the pix and characters'
'wat so nice? nothing special about it' ---> THIS was from the FATHER

deena---> cantik!!! i think i'll set as wallpaper. my bro will like
maharaja bh---> i think mayb u can add sum dots. bt the colors are very attractive. (he gave countless ideas)
newly-knwn-as-jin---> ok ar...very gwaai.


the negative was what i did.

the positive was what i got after i handed the whole piece of junk to si mou to edit for me.

she said---> how u wan me to edit? quite hard to edit wor.
*telling me in a nice way cos i was overstressed---> so ugly. how to change?* she did it anyway. framed my pix and change the fonts and this and that all the way in Chicago and POOOF! i had sumthing proud of to hand in.

but then anyway, presentation's coming up next thursday. GOOD LUCK BABES!

once upon a time back then after struggling for 2 days, i came up with a poster that made 2 persons say i should frame it up, 1 saying that he'll set it as his wallpaper and the highest among sum ppl. *damn 7 mengade*


fuck. i jst found an ant floating on the soya bean+beancurd+glutinous ball i tapaoed from ss2. NEVER EVER MIX EVERYTHING TOGETHER!! SUCKS!!!!!


Monday, November 6, 2006

once upon a time when i...

have u seen the morning breakfast: fish platter from the honourable mcD?
here is how it looks...


woke up at 6.45 (AM MIND U) jst for breakfast b4 class...

the last time i woke up this early was......way back during school time.

BANGGA!!!!!!!! *claps*

Sunday, November 5, 2006

1st November 2006

Happy Birthday Tammy Koo @ Koo Fu Yng

Happy Birthday Chan Ming Yang aka Siu Yeung