Tuesday, November 21, 2006


flu has kept the line away from me from the past few days. and althou i'm still giving away free flow of mucus, i'm proud to say, I'M BACK ONLINE!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

flu at this time of the day/week/month/year is totally absurd and wrong. first, there's my presentation and the rehearsals and the memorizing part to be done...then, the most important of all, there're birthdays to celebrate. mine, chia sue lynn's, mine mine mine mine mine...YAY!!!

first, went to jogoya last saturday(tricked by THE FAMILY saying we'll head back to eastin...as usual) despite the flu and soarthroat and puffy eyes and...ok that's all. FIRST FREAKING TIME THERE AND IT'S BLADY AWESOME CAN PENGSAN!!! undescribable wei. mst go try...as for me? mst go try again. cos that day nvr really makan much...ok...i makan byk...bt there were things i had to stay away from cos i was afraid i won't b well for my presentation. kiasu giler babi.

the family. all shivering...cold like happy feet.

missy angelic and f*ck face. damn bei wei my pose. jst to make the arms look smaller. :D

the reason i have to go back...I ONI ATE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

then came back, so kenot tahan...makan panadol kong out from 12am to 1pm. fabulous!


pix from steamboat not up.

got my guitar stand, my guitar tuner, my book, my SH TEESHIRT, stila lipgloss and perfume...

wish us luck for the presentation on thurs. we jst need luck. cos we have talent. WAHAHAHAH!! JUST JOKING!!!



old people sumtimes do not think we knw where we stand in the 'society' these days.

it's back in the stoneage where ur thinking stands. the pressure mounts everytime the cold shudders sip in and most of the time, it's for nothing.

and the head is so hard it refuses to take in any comments.




on a lighter note,

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