Wednesday, December 30, 2009

and it closes in...

it just dawned upon me that we have approximately 2 days left before we bid our farewells to 2009.

ive been planning this post for a while now. well not precisely plan, but isn't it such a norm for all blog...writers (i'm no blogger i admit) relook into your resolutions and summarize how the entire year has been, dwell on how you've succeeded in losing or gaining 0.5kgs, finally got your hauler-flattened nose lifted, got a 0.2% raise and spent 2 months salary celebrating or if u had the best/worst intercourse ever with a random street barber?

well i've been thinking...while driving, bathing, sleeping, eating, making out, mo...ok kidding no making out but yeah that proves i think...anyway, i've only 3 stark traces of the entire year's memory that seem to really mold a spot in my absent mind.

1) i finally went wake-boarding
2) i fucking finally left bbdo (slightly heavy hearted but not even 5 celebrations could depict the joy i felt as well) AND joined Sunway (10 celebrations to complete the cycle) *pops confettis*
3) bling-ed my teeth

*runs through old posts*

well in fact, THERE ARE worthy notes *surprises self*:
- i threw a surprise party for miss cherry low that i'm utterly proud of cos the ultimate was achieved ie she bawled buckets
- gained a pilot fren (aww hero, see how much love i have for u, i'm recording this as an important part of ma life)
- high.blood.pressure...not such a memorable stint but oh needs monitoring.
- just in case anyone skipped a line above, I QUIT BBDO.
- and joined Sunway. *glimmers*
- swore i won't watch American Idol cos Adam Lambert my glamour boy lost.
- had a 3 day birthday celebration
- bot a new phone and witnessed it giving a plunge for the toilet bowl
- earned a hundred bucks just wearing red and standing beside the bride acting pretty. YES!

i'm very much looking forward to 2010.
and it struck me that, we do not need to welcome each celebration sniffing ice or doing the 5-sec feat HENCE i hereby announce *drum rolls*...i'll draw the curtains to 2009 and hail 2010 with a sober mind by raising a glass of juice and vow to brace the coming challenges and uncertainties with poise.

*sound of crickets looming*

fuck it la.
now oni say sober cos takde definite plan for tomoro.

anyhow, 2010 will be good.

Happy New Year everyone!

p.s- i do have a resolution.
someone...restore my blogging/writing abilities.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


i don't usually make plans with friends on Christmas.
because it's a ritual to spend it with my papa mama sis bil and da little dinosaur.
the same goes for mid autumn, winter solstice, chinese new year etc...

yeah bite me i love ma family PTAH!

anywayysss, da dad booked a place at marriott hotel.
(note to parents if they're reading: NAH TENGOK TU! SPELLING FOR MARRIOTT HOTEL) XD

*searches for christmas pix on the computer, multiply and...)

ok i realized da christmas pix were not uploaded.

i about penang den.
it's still a christmas trip waaat...

they love me. erm...ok la there were a million butterflies there u can barely see the surrounding area and this sweetie accidentally landed on me je.

and then i was thinking, thank god they were butterflies.
can u imagine if this were to be the snake temple?

i'm pretty sure he didn't wanna go into my pants.
TEEEEEEE...kidding. my nxt job wud be a maintenance worker there. DA FLUTTERBY FARM ROX!!!

oh and i'm gonna own these things one day and name the first one colby. XD

semacam combo 'Jurrasic Park' and 'King Kong'

OOO her first popsicle.

awwwww...maciam saya kan. so cute.

and so i bot the Babana.

Penang Street. Sorry muka tulan. Not ready. XD

oh semua gambar saya je kan.
we did more than that actually. but then knowing me, i'm malas and am rushing out.
so there tengok muka cantik saya je la.

randomly, i had a tsunami dream in penang.
cos we hung out by the beach so often. and being the paranoid me, i was constantly thinking of a way we could save ourselves just in case the tidal waves come gushing in.
and then, i had another one last nite. and they came with tornadoes!

a year back i had tsunami dreams. deciphered to be having emotional distress. it depends on the consequences of the dream actually. if u kaput kena kantoi tsunami, den confirm u ade mental prob. the time the wave reached us, it lost its momentum therefore we oni got splashes of sea water. the tornadoes were even became stardust cos it spun out of energy.


Happy Christmas semua!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Sofa

it pokes our asses as the foam has sunken to its deepest deep.
but den as the ahnehs removed it from its place (it's been residing there for almost 300 years), i kinda miss it.

hello new set.
i'm naming u...
colby perhaps?

*pounces on new leather sofa*

i dun think it's weather frenly thou.


Monday, December 21, 2009


Why is it so fucking hard to get a red dress?

Tell me.

All you blady e-shopping blogs u tell me. What's with red? So hard to sell zit?!


*regrets agreeing to red for the wedding*

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Post-Holiday Depression

i look out...and i see sunshine, fluffy clouds as well as lovely green plants swaying gracefully as the serene wind blows.

*colleague shuts door*

THERE. AMBIK KAO! bangun!! back to reality!!!


penang was awesome.

despite feeling woozy occasionally especially after meals.
doc said bp ok (actually not really cos 130/80 is prehypertension. just normal for me he said cos of my pulse and my paranoia attack at the point of time. BAH) it must be the food poisoning cos i couldn't stop lao-saiing.
hence i only managed a few spoons of assam laksa and cendol. and a tiny bit of everything else. :(

oh and i had a tsunami dream. bad wan. wait not exactly bad but...i think eventually everyone sorta died and went to heaven. MEHHHH

xmas dinner on thurs.
wedding on friday.

can recover by then?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Highlight Fail

Totally forgot about it last night.

Highlight of the day...
1) Went to FULL HOUSE at Pyramid. It was the grand opening and there was a long queue. Turns out everyone wanted to take pictures with the yellow car outside only. -.-
Food was fine. The colleagues thought it sucked. I think my taste buds were screwed cos tummy wasn't well therefore, i conclude that the place isn't as good as it looks.

what has taste buds gotta do with my tummy anyway...bah! anyhooos...

i ate...ovenbaked dunno wat ayam with shitake mushrooms.
and i tot it tasted...pretty good.
shit. chicken breast ok. no way it tastes good.

2) Lao sai-ed.
Like mad.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Highlight of the Day: Andrew says...


- hey we were lamenting
- why most girls are bloody taken
- only bad ones left
- where are the good ones
- wah lau

I'm single.

*holds Hero's hands...BITES...HARD*


meeting ex lecturer at Starbucks.
Hopefully she pays for the drinks.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


ok mission to blog about the previous topics failed miserably.

i've been really busy. busy...i...
ok fail. i'm just lazy, can?

i think i'm gonna do highlights here instead la.
it's just a documentation of my fond memories when i grow old and lose my brain. prolly like the goldfield syndrome drew barrymore has in 50 first dates. so tak yahlah so detailed kan.

ok see once i start i nvr seem to be able to shut. so shush!

highlight of the week:
1) went to petaling street and ate a week's supply of food for 5 pax
2) I FUCKING GOT MY ADAM LAMBERT CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LAPS U CHERRY LOW YINNG YINNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1) woke up in the morning (BLADY WORTH TWO MENTIONS)
3) started a taiwanese series cos they have more sepets...*shy*...anyway, i've completed it. HOLY COW.
4) went to nandos for dinner and realized their quarter chicken only fills a peewee portion of my appetite.

1) tightened my braces. they're now orange.
looks as thou i've leftover papayas stuck permanently in the slits of my teeth.

now who says u can't camwhore while jogging.

i can't wait for my hair to grow. it's too mahiao to maintain. *measures with ruler*...:(


on a more serious note, life's so mundane now everyday in our mails (between the few bitches that i love) are filled with words like...'boring, busy, sleepy, how? when? no money'. it just dawned upon me a couple days back that i just turned TOOTY TREE and i've been squeezing the braincells out thinking of an accomplishment that i've achieved thus far. or at least something that's worth mentioning for year 2009 (besides getting a much better job and wakeboarding BUT not mastering - i take that as a 1/2)...


quote nat: welcome to the working world.

quote px-from-about-a-year-back: to those who dislike uni life...fuck you la.

oh sorry. time of the month. and it's sunday. just wanna rant. :)

Monday, November 30, 2009


I need an organizer.
To remind myself of everything that I need to do.
Knowing my memory.
And the fact that I do not have Datin or AnneOoi or all those that have been standing in as a part of my memory cell for the past few years.

preferably with detailed time and dates ok? XD

Reminder to blog:

1) Birthday Weekend
- Zouk
- Alexis
- Karaoke
- Hilton

2) My oral gladiators O.o...sounds blady wrong but...yeah!

3) Bulan Baru premier

4) HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHIA SUE LYNNNNN (belated)...u is kat HK and i promised a whole long post dedicated to you every year busy so...weekend k!!!

5) HARSH REMINDER: No More Shopping. (Unless...terms and conditions to be applied).

Friday, November 20, 2009


it's soooooooooooooooo not easy.


u better give us the drama we want.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

the ultimate fate with the toilet bowl

my leng chai e71 fell into the toilet bowl.
i thought it's a note worth mentioning.
it's so emofying i almost cried. i mean can u imagine how it feels to slip off, crash hard onto the surface of the squatting bowl, slide off, down the dark stinking well and sink right down a hose of filthy disposal?

2 words: traumatizing...and claustrophobic.
le sigh.

ok the toilet was clean when the mishap happened. so no shit no wee.
i hope the previous user flushed. :S

i couldn't reach the bottom, (yes i took off my coat and reached for the shithole if you're wondering) hence i summoned the entire cleaning team for help. and thank god for sending a random bangla that was tall and thin. he sprawled on the floor, wore gloves and scooped my leng chai outa the mess. i was SO CLOSE to hugging him. but my leng chai was more important.

i thought of buying him ferrero rocher but i've not seen him since the tragedy 2 days back.

mayb he's not a worker after all.

bangla angel perhaps? so slumdog millionaire.

the phone's all dry now. but i'll send it back for servicing.
it can still be used. i managed to turn it on but...oh well i dunno if tiny bits of faeces would be stuck in between the keys. what if i speak too long and the heat melts the shit away, flows into the hardware and burn everything? GASP.

let's just hope it wont be too mahiao.

the last my possession fell into the bowl was during the trip to taman negara.
that was my specs thou.
and i'm still wearing it.
the toilet bowl loves me.

Monday, November 9, 2009


ok i'm officially doing it.
fuck jaw reconstruction surgery, i shall remain the asian keira knightley.

mind u, i drove myself to the clinic, spoke to the doc myself, made the options myself, got both my teeth extracted (not done by myself of course, thank god), and drove home all the myself too. clap ur hands pls. a lot of blood lost there k. XD.
and paying myself too. *BAWLS*

notes worth mentioning: (from peanutxz's pov)

- get a doctor that sounds convincing rather than a doc that is scientifically and technically proven correct but freaks the shit outa u that all ur teeth will just fall out by just looking at their faces.

- teeth extraction IS NOT PAINFUL. the aftermath is.

- line ur bed with macintosh if needed cos ur lips will be numb from the anesthetics u wont feel all the saliva dripping until u look down and realize u're almost drowned in ur own drool.

- if u're afraid of blood (like me...SHUSH!! dun mention my first aid qualification), get lke 2 sacks of gauze so that u can discard the soiled ones every 15min alternately. WHY? lemme tell u my story yah...i was resting on my bed after the extraction cos the father said i needed to. after hour i guess, i tot it'd be good to bathe cos i drooled lke a retard and the taste of blood on the gauze is kinda gross la. den as i removed the gauze, i spat out an amount of blood that seemed enough to satisfy a dying vampire. not only that, i swallowed a whole gulp later. in an instant, the toilet started spinning...i tot i successfully mastered the art of apparation. salah. had to squat nicely under the shower to bangunkan myself thinking what i shud do. would i collapse? NOOOOO collapse oso pakai baju dulu pls. den i shot up, wrapped myself with my towel, dashed to the parents room and jumped onto their bed. drenched. the mother had to cover my with another towel, father had to dry my hair and den...they went for dinner. -.-. so much love i tell u. i was fine after a while la but i shall learn to live with that humiliation forever.

- dun eat bread. u need strength to chew it off. go for things like sweet and sour tofu, steamed eggs + shredded scallops, abalone porridge (throw the abalone. the essence is all in the porridge), buddha jumps over the wall (just the soup yah ignore the ingredients)...what else?
ok just kidding. take porridge oni la what u think. diu.

- have food prepared everytime. cos no solid food down ur arse = TAK MAKAN. by the time u're hungry, u're fucking hungry and u can't eat fast = kantoi.

ok too much that...i haven't even attached my braces yet.
next appointment wud be on the 19th.
i know my theme for this year's bday...


sank you.

what color should i do? pink? ev said lilac. i say black den i'd be like jack sparrow.

the doc that extracted my teeth looked pretty cute. OMG HE TOOK OFF HIS MASK. *runs*

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Diary

Last week:
1) Went for Anne's farewell @ Library
2) AAR @ Bukit Jalil
3) Baked cookies

This week (if all goes well):
1) Doktor gigi
2) Detox kat Damansara Heights
3) Cristang with the keluarga (so fail. liddat detox for what?)
4) Head for badminton in the morning on Sunday
5) Pick Nat from airport.

i need to rant.
i met 2 douchebags today.
and they're both men.
short men.
one fucking bangla jaga. and one 'peregrin took' that has a dump for an office.

the weekend's gonna be good.

it's N.O.V.E.M.B.E.R.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The New Black

snapping pictures liddat were WAAYYYY more fun compared to eating at Tenji.
1 word.

p.s- eh nat, daddy's wan go where d?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

seramat hali devavaree.

open house was pretty good!
i's my first.
gosh i need more multiracial frens *looks around*

it suddenly occured to me putu mayam is not easily available.
WHY?! WHYYY?!?!? oh and i just knew that they're called string hoppers. XD

ok i'm crapping cos i've nothing much to blog about.
oh yeah! i had 2 karaoke sessions last nite.
one with the company (the room was so fuckin huge it had 2 levels, a pool table and 1/2 a video arcade inside. O.o) and also with baoyue's colleagues.
awesomesauce. so random can cry. tak kenal just go barge into ppl's rooms and den drink ppl's beer and curi ppl's mic. SO FUN.

i've been wanting to blog about the guangzhou trip.
cos...i miss that place. GASP.

BUT BUT...the startrek dvd is wailing for my attention.
i a bit. TEEHEE

actually...i dun really remember much besides coming back having a totally new perception towards shenzhen. 5 years back, it was a total disaster i swore i'd never set my feet 1000km near that province. hmmm now...ok i take my swear back la since it's not the first time i'm doing it. XD

it took...6 hours there i think to guangzhou.
flight was uncomfy. forced myself to sleep cos the parents insisted i did not need the pills. le sigh. not having the pills make me insecure. but...i made it there in a piece. *thank god*

like some major explosion. fuh. temped to jump out and fall on that puff. but mommy slapped me back to reality when she said...'fall a few thousand kms down and we'd find ur body in india'

LOCATION: *bites lips*...i dun remember.

first stop. NO IDEA WHERE THIS IS. but a nice park with a nice lake where kids can have their rollerblading classes. and their coaches are hot. XD

this baby as big as toe nail. and they were EVERYWHERE. i guess those grey patches on the floor are all the flattened ones. O.o

the lake. lucky gambar kecik. my face, epic fail. the hair. megahai fail. but the weather was, quote victoria beckham: phenomenal.


this i remember. SEBAB SAYA SUKA FOSHAN.
and that's not faufoofah. it's...coagulated milk. YUMS. brot a few packets home and tried making back in bbdo. erm...oni nowa and anne layaned. so sweet of them. the rest all ran. cos it looked more like susu rosak. my skills fail oni ok.

LOCATION: *looks away*...outa Foshan

found this while having lunch. roaming myself within the restaurant while the rest were still hogging off the very yummy meal, i saw these foul looking things. for medicinal purposes. GASP. down a spoon and u're sent straight to heaven.


then we went to a nursery. they had the bestest orchids around. and many other species which we tot were fake. i know cos i tried tearing the petals. ok i know i jakun shaddap.

so deprived i wanted to buy the whole fleet.

bought 2 packets of marigold seeds back. the parents were trying to convince me that THEY WONT GROW. cos OUR WEATHER BACK HERE IS DIFFERENT. but being the stubborn bitch i waved them off by paying for the seeds myself, came back and pleaded nowa for help. cos i have poison fingers. my lemon seeds turned out to be onions back then. i'm still deeply traumatized.
she is the power mower the yellow marigold bloomed like mushrooms!
*searches through twitter*
i can't find the pic. :( opposite the nursery. and it's not a forest reserve. they're bonsais. wtf! everything's extreme there seriously.

even their language. teehee

and then we headed to a honey/bee farm. we were told to NEVER make honey using a metal spoon. only plastic cos there'd be chemical reaction, the honey will go bad. NEVER take honey with tofu cos u'd get food poisoning and NEVER go with spring onions too. but...who'd have honey with spring onions really. :S

that's...a whole comb of honey. can jst take up and start sucking i think. gross kan. da bees dun sting but...bad experience la! i was freaking out everytime one buzzes near me.

i so dun remember why i snapped this pic.

i know. chinese are barbarians. anything caged are meant to be served. *stones*

these however, should be slaughtered twice, cooked in hot water den slaughtered again. fucking din know they serve snakes eventhou it's NO WHERE NEAR WINTER. walked into the kitchen cos i kepoh and almost ran right into the cage. GAH!

now spca. that's a peacock there. :(


was there for the circus.
BEST.CIRCUS.EVER. collaboration between the french and chinese. they can do everything. and i mean EVERYTHING. no cgi, no wires...just real human flying in mid air with another human supporting. almost crapped in my pants cos if the acrbobats ever fall, they'd cause a huge hole on the ground from the impact of the height.

they even prepared a red carpet for us.
nah just kidding. non-slip carpet. awesome.

and that, my friend, is a real lion. thre's this angmoh that's perpetually feeding that simba/mufasa thingy to prevent it from losing patience and then pounce at the audience for supper. :S...oh yeah and those are real horses too. full grown, tough, black beauties going full speed on stage. :S :S


saya ingat. cos we went loitering on the streets for supper. and we got awesome smoked wasabi sotong. the pic is...mia. LE SIGH.

ok time for startrek.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

this time last year

i had puffy lids that lasted almost a week only able to be concealed by an eye liner with the thickness of a marker pen.

becos magmag died.

okla it's max, my chubby, furry, non-stop eating pup if you were wondering wat the heck.
it hasn't been easy, at least right until this moment i don't feel like owning another 4-legged pet...MAYBE at least for the next 50 years too. unless it's a cameleon? or a mark chao that walks on fours. WOOT.
having the parents drive past her shady, green, well fengshui-ed grave wondering if anyone would have dug her up accidentally cos the grass there is slightly greener, is like slicing a wound over and over again with a blunt knife.

nola kidding. it took me a couple months to get over it. what i just wrote is just for the sake of writing. kan saya ni corp comm exec. tambahan pula sekarang ni pms, kenalah flaunt sikit ke-emoan.

BUT i wouldn't forget how the water bill was 20% lower cos i could practically use my tears in replacement, how the monkey msged me daily to ask if i'm ok and reminded me over and over to NOT watch marley and me (which i did and nearly plunged into depression - moral of the story, listen to the monkey) and almost calling the police thinking i was SO close to an intruder cos i couldn't recognize myself in the mirror. the aftermath of crying...fuh traumatizing. quasimodo without the need of makeup and special effects.

probably even worst.

but i seriously believe it doesn't really matter anymore. cos:
1) she's gone. great memories live. not that we're gonna keep her bones and pamerkan on the wall oso.

to all those that touched her grave just because...
may a chinese-crested poo on ur face and flow deep into ur nostrils


TO MAX *raises glass*

oh sorry this is not her.

there. awesomesauce.

Monday, October 5, 2009


i know it's been a while.
just that i don't find anything interesting enuff to pen down here considering my mundanity has reached such an absurd level all i wish for daily is for the weekends to come to splash a couple shades of color into my life. oh and i don't find any purpose uploading pix here cos they're plastered all over facebook (if u stalk my account). but...

i have done interesting things thou!
besides...watching a taiwanese drama on my little e71 (HEARTSS!) cos i'm lusting over mark chao. google everyone. and salivate!

ok sorry i was carried away.
lets make this post interesting la k. since 2 reputable guests...(probs the oni wans that read) requested for an update. *claps*...*wipes tears*...
i'll try my best.
i've no regrets.

this happened a while back. 2 days before bh's bday which i dun remember the exact date now but...yeah it was when i wallopped so much i ended up having indigestion and food poisoning and was given 2 days mc after that. GLORY JAP FOOD! GLORY!

they have about 30 diff jap food on the menu. order as much as you wan. the limit is the extinction of the ingredients used.

that's my NIECE. in a dress. next round she shud drop the inner white piece. WEE!

but i reckon she'd look better like this thou *points to picture below*

having being a weight-watcher for the past...20 years perhaps?...i tend to do compulsive activities that i usually regret the moment before i usually do it.
for example: waking up at 745am on a friggin saturday morning for jogging and organic food. the organic food part was fine. the jogging part was fine too, i had good company. but the waking up part was A.W.F.U.L. i'm proud that i din pass out and jogged approximately 9 steps. or was it 7? hmm...

things liddat attract me. as thou i had no childhood. fact is, u feel so mch happier walking on colorful bridges! (until a scene from The Orphan appears) *runs off bridge*

dgn malunya saya persembahkan asal-usul kajang. apparently 2 fishermen were on a boat on a rainy day. one of them orang asli. den the malay dude told the orang asli tat he wanted to berkajang which meant BERTEDUH. to the orang aslis, it meant FIGHT. so he took out a keris and stabbed the malay dude and hence came about the KAJANG name. epic fail. no other better stories to cipta zit. fuckers.

never had the chance to plough. there you go.

these things...are not children frenly. neither are they fat-ppl or clumsy-ppl frenly. for a moment, i couldn't stop running. it was scary.

i tot these were dandelions. so i squat playfully near it and gave a hard blow. the fluffy fine hair on the papus did not disperse and fly off in a drift of symphony. in fact. nothing happened! then yinng came over and said...'woi! what you doing?! that's pokok semalu la!' paiseh sial.

this restaurant serves ONLY organic food. so organic even the ppl there look more holy. food was good. recommended by the astro aec jason ah xian host.

AWESOMESAUCE. gado-gado. mix vege with...erm...exotic sauce. yums!

pumpkin tong sui. chewy and not too sweet. YUMS.

roti canai sayur. i don't see anything healthy in a roti canai. summore add mayo in the vege. but it's ok yums. can try can try.

if you ever lose ur taste buds, try this. the different flavours or greens and nuts explodes wildly within ur mouth and then u die a natural death.

nah just kidding. it's thick and...weird. and when i say it's weird, ITS WEIRD. but worth trying. combo of vege, fruits, nuts and...erm...everything else in the fridge.

miso noodles. YUMS to the infinite!! it's slightly bland la considering it's organic kan. but the almost raw taugeh and slimy seaweed blends in pretty well. rm15 for a huge ass bowl. but we whacked it all la.

i tried their dragonfruit jelly too.
pretty good i shud say. definitely heading back there again. thou no1 is convinced that the food tastes good. from my description up there...yeah, it doesn't look too good BUT can try sumthing new and healthier or not for once?! cis.

den that nite was jeff’s bro’s wedding. It was HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
blady hee lai ton can take in about 100 tables ok. giler babi. check out my new hair. i think i look lke sa yee from moonlight resonance. hawt. -.-

the one out of 96 tables. with the best man. that tumbang-ed. WHOO HOO!!! *standing ovation nigga!!* u're the man!

ok kenot make it titanic on tv is very distracting i need to go watch it.
i shall continue later.

Friday, September 11, 2009

this shudn't be happening...

everyday i plant myself before the computer waiting for some random thoughts to flash past my mind just so i can transform them into words and blurt them out over here.

FYI, to my very few readers, nothing's wrong with your computer if u're still avidly returning to read my random atrociously vulgar posts and noticed a step missing. i've just unlocked it cos i believe i wont be bitching as much as i did previously. oh well and i think i'd be the only one reading all these jibberish so to myself, welcome back to the open space. XD

i'm pretty satistfied with my current job really. -.-.

ok i confess. i did feel miserable and dejected the first couple days ranting on twitter every 5mins about how solemn the whole environment is made me yearn for my ex colleagues' presence awfully. but like wat the ex-art director said, "take it as a si man boot camp lo. big gal d k". yes, papa.

besides feeling rather incompetent, intimidated and still struggling to adjust to the whole corporate system, i have no complaints. OH WAIT yes i do. i can't msn. they allow skype though but only 1.89510% of those within my contacts have it. wtf.


THAT...was writting approximately a week ago.
i vowed that i'd blog more considering i'd need to ensure that i do not falter. especially when i'm talking to my bosses. cos i tend to. it's like i'm some retarded child. oh wait i am. *.*

FAIL. wrote a couple lines and was distracted hence continuing now.

it's been 3 weeks since...(sunway i mean)
work's tight but manageable.
i'm still very slow. i even confessed to the boss. nola not say i love u. i dun always do that ok. thou it mite happen every now and then. XD
i can still manage my datelines.
by staying up really late just so i can finish that few pieces of articles and letters. i'm pretty sure real writers can do it within like...30mins? 20? 10 perhaps? :S...right babi? munkie? theo if u're still reading?

le sigh.

i shall read more movies and watch more books. i mean...u know what i mean. *flips open calvin&hobbes and switches to starworld for simpsons* XD

notable highlights @ work:
1) the boss goes around telling everyone...'she's 22 oni u know!!! looks so matured rite?!' - shush my bday's oni in nov so i'm still 22 legally!...despite accepting the fact that i look awfully old for my age, the catastrophe hit when i had to go to thestar for a forum and everyone met my mama. fact that mommy is hotter than me despite being thrice my age is not the worst, she...she...probably looks younger than me when i'm in office wear. *officially plunges into depression*. i'm gonna go police training. then i can wear uniform. haih

2) she also says...'this xiao jie hou sik duc wan lo!!' which means i can blady eat. -.-...fact is...i need to munch when i have to think and i have cravings when i'm stressed. therefore, cinnabbon has been the antidote to my deprivation. furthermore, i can share it with everyone in hopes that they'll love me more. XD

LOL. the boss is funny. so much better than the cranky old wan. *ok dun jinx dun jinx*

3) i finally solved the mistery. besides being paper free, the entire building is oso kaninechaochibainiamommysohprawn free of vulgarity. took me sum time to get used to the professionalism. the worst i've ever encountered would probs be: crazy ar. -.- ...reason being - u get disciplinary action if caught swearing. nono...u cud be fired. diuuuuuu...

4) the colleague has a collection of 911's greatest hits.


5) i have acccess to youtube. SWEEET. do u think i can make an acquisition for msn too?


now i shall sleep. the pressure's coming back.

Friday, September 4, 2009


sometimes, problems can only be solved when confronted face to face

or at least initiatives are taken to overcome it.
and its a blessing that the other party accepts it with an open mind...and peace? WAHAHAHA

shot this on the way back from the office. cantik kan?! from a certain angle la.

i was so glad it's a friday and i could leave before the sun sets entirely i stopped at a kiosk nearby and got myself a magnum, wasabi twisties, kitkat and ribena. whacked 'em all wei. mcb.

oh it's been a while since i've spat any foul words at anyone. not including the facebook chats with sidney'm clean. the colleagues dun even sigh when they're stressed. they should be given the agency training. at least they'd sound slightly normal.


happy holidays everyone. 72 hours or non-stop lazing is blady appealing...enthralling. AWESOMESAUCEEEEE.