Saturday, October 17, 2009

seramat hali devavaree.

open house was pretty good!
i's my first.
gosh i need more multiracial frens *looks around*

it suddenly occured to me putu mayam is not easily available.
WHY?! WHYYY?!?!? oh and i just knew that they're called string hoppers. XD

ok i'm crapping cos i've nothing much to blog about.
oh yeah! i had 2 karaoke sessions last nite.
one with the company (the room was so fuckin huge it had 2 levels, a pool table and 1/2 a video arcade inside. O.o) and also with baoyue's colleagues.
awesomesauce. so random can cry. tak kenal just go barge into ppl's rooms and den drink ppl's beer and curi ppl's mic. SO FUN.

i've been wanting to blog about the guangzhou trip.
cos...i miss that place. GASP.

BUT BUT...the startrek dvd is wailing for my attention.
i a bit. TEEHEE

actually...i dun really remember much besides coming back having a totally new perception towards shenzhen. 5 years back, it was a total disaster i swore i'd never set my feet 1000km near that province. hmmm now...ok i take my swear back la since it's not the first time i'm doing it. XD

it took...6 hours there i think to guangzhou.
flight was uncomfy. forced myself to sleep cos the parents insisted i did not need the pills. le sigh. not having the pills make me insecure. but...i made it there in a piece. *thank god*

like some major explosion. fuh. temped to jump out and fall on that puff. but mommy slapped me back to reality when she said...'fall a few thousand kms down and we'd find ur body in india'

LOCATION: *bites lips*...i dun remember.

first stop. NO IDEA WHERE THIS IS. but a nice park with a nice lake where kids can have their rollerblading classes. and their coaches are hot. XD

this baby as big as toe nail. and they were EVERYWHERE. i guess those grey patches on the floor are all the flattened ones. O.o

the lake. lucky gambar kecik. my face, epic fail. the hair. megahai fail. but the weather was, quote victoria beckham: phenomenal.


this i remember. SEBAB SAYA SUKA FOSHAN.
and that's not faufoofah. it's...coagulated milk. YUMS. brot a few packets home and tried making back in bbdo. erm...oni nowa and anne layaned. so sweet of them. the rest all ran. cos it looked more like susu rosak. my skills fail oni ok.

LOCATION: *looks away*...outa Foshan

found this while having lunch. roaming myself within the restaurant while the rest were still hogging off the very yummy meal, i saw these foul looking things. for medicinal purposes. GASP. down a spoon and u're sent straight to heaven.


then we went to a nursery. they had the bestest orchids around. and many other species which we tot were fake. i know cos i tried tearing the petals. ok i know i jakun shaddap.

so deprived i wanted to buy the whole fleet.

bought 2 packets of marigold seeds back. the parents were trying to convince me that THEY WONT GROW. cos OUR WEATHER BACK HERE IS DIFFERENT. but being the stubborn bitch i waved them off by paying for the seeds myself, came back and pleaded nowa for help. cos i have poison fingers. my lemon seeds turned out to be onions back then. i'm still deeply traumatized.
she is the power mower the yellow marigold bloomed like mushrooms!
*searches through twitter*
i can't find the pic. :( opposite the nursery. and it's not a forest reserve. they're bonsais. wtf! everything's extreme there seriously.

even their language. teehee

and then we headed to a honey/bee farm. we were told to NEVER make honey using a metal spoon. only plastic cos there'd be chemical reaction, the honey will go bad. NEVER take honey with tofu cos u'd get food poisoning and NEVER go with spring onions too. but...who'd have honey with spring onions really. :S

that's...a whole comb of honey. can jst take up and start sucking i think. gross kan. da bees dun sting but...bad experience la! i was freaking out everytime one buzzes near me.

i so dun remember why i snapped this pic.

i know. chinese are barbarians. anything caged are meant to be served. *stones*

these however, should be slaughtered twice, cooked in hot water den slaughtered again. fucking din know they serve snakes eventhou it's NO WHERE NEAR WINTER. walked into the kitchen cos i kepoh and almost ran right into the cage. GAH!

now spca. that's a peacock there. :(


was there for the circus.
BEST.CIRCUS.EVER. collaboration between the french and chinese. they can do everything. and i mean EVERYTHING. no cgi, no wires...just real human flying in mid air with another human supporting. almost crapped in my pants cos if the acrbobats ever fall, they'd cause a huge hole on the ground from the impact of the height.

they even prepared a red carpet for us.
nah just kidding. non-slip carpet. awesome.

and that, my friend, is a real lion. thre's this angmoh that's perpetually feeding that simba/mufasa thingy to prevent it from losing patience and then pounce at the audience for supper. :S...oh yeah and those are real horses too. full grown, tough, black beauties going full speed on stage. :S :S


saya ingat. cos we went loitering on the streets for supper. and we got awesome smoked wasabi sotong. the pic is...mia. LE SIGH.

ok time for startrek.


  1. i used to like putu mayam with curry & i know exactly where can find in sban. but now not sure still got anymore anot. heehehe

    i mau kara-o-k dng youuuu!!

    btw, how long ago was ur trip? LOL

  2. i dun like with curry babi. brown sugar is awesome!!! i know where to find in sban. i saw the last i went. got lost and saw putu! WAHAHAHAHAHA...

    u is no comes tonite?! hmph...

    i think 5 days. dun remember. LOL

  3. my relatives are in guangzhou. good and cheap food right? and they always exaggerate. or shall i say they are extremist?

  4. nola nola they're not exeggerating. Memang cheap. Geung jap jhong naai rm1.50 for a big bowl. And their street food is yummy! Place is clean too kan? Nt bad nt bad cn go again. Lol