Thursday, March 30, 2006

1st april...Final Presentation

the presentation's tomorrow...hope it goes well...*fingers crossed*


YAY! VIDEO'S UP!! enjoy la...

dun un? dun ask...takes a long time.

Monday, March 27, 2006

1 more to go...FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!

i'm seriously lacking sleep.

advertising is done. i'll try to upload the video to youtube and then probably share it here. cos we're proud of it...WAHAHAHA...thanx to si mou for editing it. doh saai!!!

the presentation went pretty well. i was kinda nervous b4 that cos it took me 6 hours to download the whole freaking video. thank god i have a award-winning-editor, GOO SI MOU, that helped me split the files and blah blah blah. DOH SAAI!!! cos we were the last group to present, the other groups took up most of the time and we had only 10 minutes left. everything was done very quickly. chiew fei barely said anything and all the scripts they prepared were...unnecessary. good thing...cos he said eventhou we lacked CREATIVITY, we were straightforward enuff...good thing...good thing...

LACKED CREATIVITY. i sketched the storyboard and daddy edited them for me. his creativity went wild. very very wild...(he drew a whole pig on the dining table instead of muffins...PIG!!)

there's only 1 finals presentation to go. the freaking press con. and then, FREE!!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can't wait for the finals to be over then get my ass on a holiday. ipoh again? YAY!!!

this sem has been a terrible sem. eeekkk...but then, i learnt loads of stuff. an education in a different way. to handle things and also people. people especially. those who are who they are, and those who seem who they are but not who they are...i thank you. :)

lack of sleep...lack of sleep. LOS. my new term.

so much better than lala's lack of tiu. LOT. pfft!


recaps. ALL SOUL'S DAY last sunday was...the same. humid, smoky, tiring and...bising.

it's our family's tradition to eat the food we bring to the grave for my grandparents(why waste food???!)we used to have chicken and duck(the whole thing mind u) but cos of BIRDFLU, mommy decided to change this time.

of course it's not as fun but then we still had siu yuk, cha siew, dumplings, kuih, fruits, nasi lemak, kopi-o...and the list goes on. sum1 suggested that we brot a refrigerator along next year so we can keep coke and beer in there. heh! good idea wei...!!

and for ur information, the food tastes the same...!!

went for dinner at a restaurant near kevin's house. SEDAP GILER BABI WEI!!...come to kjg ok? i bring u there...the best was the fried brinjal.FUH!

ok...seriously lacking sleep. goodnite.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ho'omaika'i iana, hoaloha!!

the title says CONGRATULATIONS, BELOVED FREN in hawaiian.

elaine got her reply from Hawaii Pacific University yesterday. she's been accepted.

Dear Yee Leng,
Thank you for applying for the Advertising program at Hawaii Pacific University (HPU).

I am happy to inform you that as your overall academic performances/grades satisfied our academic standard, your admission into the Advertising program has been officially accepted. Your Letter of Acceptance will be mailed to your local address in Malaysia by regular mail in few days.

i'm happy mainly because i've loved hawaii long before i was born...i love it as much as i love hong kong...WAHAHAH!! now, that is A LOT!! and now since my dearest fren is going there, it's a great opportunity for me know...drop by and get to know sum hot hawaiian guys or...WAHAHAH...just joking. i just enjoy their laidback aka lazy life. it so relates to my own life. HOHOHO!! and i'm happy cos it's her first try, sumwhere she chose and now she got her choice. GREAT!!

so when i go there, my expenses would be all paid for(mahalo, fren). we'll be sleeping on the beach with a bunch of hawaiian hot guys and we'll swim in the moana till our skin go lose. WAHAHAHAH!!!

that's if she chooses to go. PLEASE CHOOSE TO GO THERE! PLEASE!!! i'll gip u limu if u do ok?! HEHEHEHEH


-god bless mimi-

the frenly dog outside my house has been bundled and taken away by my fucking savages staying opposite my house in kajang this morning. WHAT A BEAST COULD HE BE TO TAKE AWAY SUCH AN AFFECTIONATE DOG?!! she wags her tail and follows us happily whenever we drive out. she does no harm and all she gets in return is to be tied up and thrown away...when she's pregnant. diu!! god bless the neighbour too. u'll pay for it! fuck u man!

p.s- mimi is the name i gave her. she looks damn mimi. she's brown and white and looks damn cute.

anyone who has seen a dog mentioned above, who has a patch of dark brown skin at the back near her butt(cos she was scalded by one of the idiotic neighbours) and pointy ears, call me please. mahalo...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


haven't had the mood to blog for the past few days...or week.

practically had the worstest week of my whole freaking sem. sum1 pray for me for this sem to end ASAP...AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!! FAST!!!

at least sumthing nice happened. my presentation is done...there're 2 more to go least 1's down.


whoever's license are expiring, don't fret. just get ur ass to the nearest jpj, give them ur photo, gip them the money(rm30 per year) and wait...count up to 60 and POOF!! it's done!!!

celebrated my new freedom at A&W yesterday with the mates. too bad i dun have a camera. i wanted to post how good my new license looks...(compared to the old wan) WAHAHAHA

anyway, i'm using my beautiful old 8250 now. i am still efficient in using it. HEH! anyone who reads this...and assume that i know u...pls...send me a msg so that i can keep your number will you? THANK YOU YOU AR!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

thank you, mr.theif!!! 2- the sequel

fucking idiots stole my phone.

and of all phones, a Samsung D500 that my dad won out of authentic fortunes just a couple months's not often that i adore sumthing so damn much. i miss it...a lot.

it's not the price, it's the value behind it. use it well, bastards.

haven't been so emo for a very very long time. not a very good feeling thou. even getting on9 or to the gym did not amuse me. NOW THAT is serious.

i'm left with the charger hanging near my bed. is it just me? it looks very sad too.

p.s bastards- may u trade the phone in and b blessed with forged money.

being an awesome roomate, tammy brought me along for a movie with kuan kitt so that i dun loiter around the house looking like a hopeless kid.

UNDERWORLD 2- Evolution. I guess this is the first vampire movie that i do not like. even Van Helsing was better- and it was supposed to be a flop. pfft. question marks floating above me throughout the entire movie. and the lycans looked more like maneaters in 'the descent'. i guess it's the trend now. every creature in horror movies look the same. only the vampires looked always. credit to that larh. the rest was shit. 1 1/2 hours seemed forever. thank god i had hot milo with me...phew

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Wai-Si-Gei's Birthday Bash

Happy Bootday Ang Jin Wen!!

celebrated at Itallianies. surprisingly, everyone turned up. how sweet!! so 15 of us took up the entire area at the end of the restaurant and a couple who sat there before we reached moved away cos i think we were making too much noise. teehee!!

makan byk. actually tak byk. shared a carbonara with fei and picked from here and there. the food was damn damn kao rich. and every now and then, francis would flash past my mind telling me...'no oily food!!'...fuck

started camwhoring again but i din like my hair so i took hold of the cam and started snapping. the waiters and waitresses sang the burfday gal a song...but not as happening as friday's thou. so we started the cantonese version of the song and erm...'ah lianned and ah benged' for 5 mins. it was a total blast. everyone felt embarrased. but it was so damn fun! hahahah...we bot her a few slices of cakes from secret recipe...and one of it was durian.

*note---> DUN eat that. DUN!

after that, almost everyone bsides those who stayed a bit further and those who had their boyfrens waiting for them, went to redbox in sunway.

gilerness...many smoked. we choked. but we still sang happily til 3++am.

proudly, i drove home, following kuan kitt's car. :)

we reached home safely...thank god. ;D

kesimpulannya, i love ang jin wen. i hope ang jin wen loves me too. WAHAHAHAHHAHA

*mingyang, BOOTDAY GAL!!, sooyin, pig, me, kenn
**mei-ee, yookie

*gimsue, tt, yookie, me

went swimming with tt and yookie yesterday after class. was having fun at the jacuzzi until i slipped and kicked the edge of the pool. as i'm used to slipping and kicking and being kicked(jk!)...i couldn't care less and went on with the slides. as i slid down, i felt a sharp pain. lifted my big toe...DING!! cracked the nail. pulled it off and saw the flesh inside. haih...thanx to first-aid, i bandaged it and took a pic...WAHAHAHHAHA

i have 5 toes...and they all look like fingers. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...or mayb my fingers look like toes...anything la...HEHE

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

thank you, mr. theif!!

went to the gym as usual yesterday with tammy. then came back, fetched the rest of the biatches of my house to the restaurant in damansara jaya bhind eitp that serves food according to your bloodtype...'right for you' or sumthing. not bad thou.

came back, went online and a few minutes later, sum1 rang the doorbell...being a pengecut, i peeped before opening the door. a couple stood at the gate, waiting...

'is there a ms.leong here ar?'
'HAH?! MS LEONG...oh...yah...i am.'
'u dropped your wallet ah. we found it at the carpark. then we went through all your documents and saw ur condo pass so we came up and returned it to u. u better check if everything's inside.'
'oh! thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you'
'yeah...becareful ar...we are staying upstairs oni...'
'oh...thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you'

grateful that i got my wallet back, i tossed it to my housemate and they started checking. i went back to my room, forgetting everything about my money...and then came the shouting...

'wei!! ni de he bao you chien de ma?'- do you have money in ur wallet?

i dashed out and looked at them curiously...

'you! san shi duo lor...'- got! about rm30

they flipped the compartment open.


i was wondering if the couple had taken my money. but what the heck for?! and telling me where they're staying summore...'bok laai meh?!' and i'm really thankful they sent it back to me. 'doh saai...' WAHHAHHAHA

sigh...and i have to thank all those i told who consoled me...

'nvm la!! at least u get back all ur documents...' :)


so damn many things to buy...and u still wan my money. fuck you la!!

but i still need to thank you...for not throwing my ugly white vincci wallet into the dustbin. i'm a nice gal...;)

Saturday, March 4, 2006

color-changing visitor

woke up this morning(yes i woke up in the morning...basically cos there was porridge as breakfast! wahahah), and mommy told me there was a cameleon on the bonsai. i dun fancy slimy creatures...but it was outside. so no harm getting a peep.

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

it's possible...IT'S POSSIBLE!!! tell me it is...:)

i can't think of a celebrity who's changed this much. she never joined any slimming centres. but she just BOOM!! lost weight and looked good. a bit too thin at times but at least i find her attractive...

someone angelic please tell me i'd b like her one day. i need to. at least by the end of this year! WAHAHAHAHAH...THANK YOU in advance...:)

*she was 19, i am 19. erm...she looked bad
*she's 26. i have 7 years to go...YAY!