Monday, March 27, 2006

1 more to go...FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!

i'm seriously lacking sleep.

advertising is done. i'll try to upload the video to youtube and then probably share it here. cos we're proud of it...WAHAHAHA...thanx to si mou for editing it. doh saai!!!

the presentation went pretty well. i was kinda nervous b4 that cos it took me 6 hours to download the whole freaking video. thank god i have a award-winning-editor, GOO SI MOU, that helped me split the files and blah blah blah. DOH SAAI!!! cos we were the last group to present, the other groups took up most of the time and we had only 10 minutes left. everything was done very quickly. chiew fei barely said anything and all the scripts they prepared were...unnecessary. good thing...cos he said eventhou we lacked CREATIVITY, we were straightforward enuff...good thing...good thing...

LACKED CREATIVITY. i sketched the storyboard and daddy edited them for me. his creativity went wild. very very wild...(he drew a whole pig on the dining table instead of muffins...PIG!!)

there's only 1 finals presentation to go. the freaking press con. and then, FREE!!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can't wait for the finals to be over then get my ass on a holiday. ipoh again? YAY!!!

this sem has been a terrible sem. eeekkk...but then, i learnt loads of stuff. an education in a different way. to handle things and also people. people especially. those who are who they are, and those who seem who they are but not who they are...i thank you. :)

lack of sleep...lack of sleep. LOS. my new term.

so much better than lala's lack of tiu. LOT. pfft!


recaps. ALL SOUL'S DAY last sunday was...the same. humid, smoky, tiring and...bising.

it's our family's tradition to eat the food we bring to the grave for my grandparents(why waste food???!)we used to have chicken and duck(the whole thing mind u) but cos of BIRDFLU, mommy decided to change this time.

of course it's not as fun but then we still had siu yuk, cha siew, dumplings, kuih, fruits, nasi lemak, kopi-o...and the list goes on. sum1 suggested that we brot a refrigerator along next year so we can keep coke and beer in there. heh! good idea wei...!!

and for ur information, the food tastes the same...!!

went for dinner at a restaurant near kevin's house. SEDAP GILER BABI WEI!!...come to kjg ok? i bring u there...the best was the fried brinjal.FUH!

ok...seriously lacking sleep. goodnite.

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