Thursday, March 16, 2006

thank you, mr.theif!!! 2- the sequel

fucking idiots stole my phone.

and of all phones, a Samsung D500 that my dad won out of authentic fortunes just a couple months's not often that i adore sumthing so damn much. i miss it...a lot.

it's not the price, it's the value behind it. use it well, bastards.

haven't been so emo for a very very long time. not a very good feeling thou. even getting on9 or to the gym did not amuse me. NOW THAT is serious.

i'm left with the charger hanging near my bed. is it just me? it looks very sad too.

p.s bastards- may u trade the phone in and b blessed with forged money.

being an awesome roomate, tammy brought me along for a movie with kuan kitt so that i dun loiter around the house looking like a hopeless kid.

UNDERWORLD 2- Evolution. I guess this is the first vampire movie that i do not like. even Van Helsing was better- and it was supposed to be a flop. pfft. question marks floating above me throughout the entire movie. and the lycans looked more like maneaters in 'the descent'. i guess it's the trend now. every creature in horror movies look the same. only the vampires looked always. credit to that larh. the rest was shit. 1 1/2 hours seemed forever. thank god i had hot milo with me...phew

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