Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ho'omaika'i iana, hoaloha!!

the title says CONGRATULATIONS, BELOVED FREN in hawaiian.

elaine got her reply from Hawaii Pacific University yesterday. she's been accepted.

Dear Yee Leng,
Thank you for applying for the Advertising program at Hawaii Pacific University (HPU).

I am happy to inform you that as your overall academic performances/grades satisfied our academic standard, your admission into the Advertising program has been officially accepted. Your Letter of Acceptance will be mailed to your local address in Malaysia by regular mail in few days.

i'm happy mainly because i've loved hawaii long before i was born...i love it as much as i love hong kong...WAHAHAH!! now, that is A LOT!! and now since my dearest fren is going there, it's a great opportunity for me know...drop by and get to know sum hot hawaiian guys or...WAHAHAH...just joking. i just enjoy their laidback aka lazy life. it so relates to my own life. HOHOHO!! and i'm happy cos it's her first try, sumwhere she chose and now she got her choice. GREAT!!

so when i go there, my expenses would be all paid for(mahalo, fren). we'll be sleeping on the beach with a bunch of hawaiian hot guys and we'll swim in the moana till our skin go lose. WAHAHAHAH!!!

that's if she chooses to go. PLEASE CHOOSE TO GO THERE! PLEASE!!! i'll gip u limu if u do ok?! HEHEHEHEH


-god bless mimi-

the frenly dog outside my house has been bundled and taken away by my fucking savages staying opposite my house in kajang this morning. WHAT A BEAST COULD HE BE TO TAKE AWAY SUCH AN AFFECTIONATE DOG?!! she wags her tail and follows us happily whenever we drive out. she does no harm and all she gets in return is to be tied up and thrown away...when she's pregnant. diu!! god bless the neighbour too. u'll pay for it! fuck u man!

p.s- mimi is the name i gave her. she looks damn mimi. she's brown and white and looks damn cute.

anyone who has seen a dog mentioned above, who has a patch of dark brown skin at the back near her butt(cos she was scalded by one of the idiotic neighbours) and pointy ears, call me please. mahalo...

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