Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Up, up here we go!

Usually by this time of the year, I'd be babbling about how I failed in all the resolutions made previously. Last year, I only made 1 resolution - to blog more frequently.

Which I did I think. GOOD JOB, PEANUT!
Partially motivated by money because in dire need of cash, I signed up with Nuffnang.
Hello random readers.

Twenty-ten flashed past fantabulously fast.
I can barely remember a single bitter moment (now now, don't jinx it, it's not the end yet).
Okay. I'm just saying, I'm grateful that I've at least done a bit more compared to the past.
- I'm still in the same company (rejoice!)
- I did not break a bone this year
- I made real friends, lost some (no wait, lost one)
- Attended a few weddings/engagements which made me tingle all over with joy *coughs* munkie *coughs*
- Traveled
- Started a Youtube channel (I still can't believe that the views are still climbing, albeit slowly, for my latest video)
- Entered a real recording studio and recorded a brand new demo


I got a deal to fly off again!
*human wave*

New Year this time around is gonna be somewhat quiet. Because I can foresee that I'd be nerve-wracked (and stoked altogether) with the new opportunity. Chances are awfully bleak but oh well, at least I tried.


So to you reading, thank you for reading. Come back everyday so that I can receive my cheque from Nuffnang soon.

May 2010 close with a fucking roar and everyone have a swashbuckling 2011.
I like that word.

P.S - Wish me luck

Sunday, December 26, 2010

SIX months

My hair styling went on a long hiatus ever since I returned from Hong Kong in May.
Because I swore it's about time I let it grow and hopefully it'll make me look more like a girl.

WTF. I am one if you're questioning.

And now that I'm heading back to Hong Kong, I can't survive with the horrendous sack of hay that was drooping over my head. Hence, the text to the stylist went somewhat like this:

'Cherry, SOS. Going Hong Kong. Hair damn 7 ugly'.
Cherry's a guy. NO, he's awesome. Shoo!

At this length, he calls it the awkward length.
Which is a really courteous way to say...'do what shit also ugly so don't even bother doing anything'.

So all I could do, was lighten the colour and snip it off a little, then let it grow further.

Before X'mas dinner. I think not smiling makes my face smaller and hence prettier.

In actual fact, it looks like that.

Cherry waxed it up for me, and I thought I looked like Zero from Vampire Knight.
So much for trying to look like a girl.

Guys, I still like you.

Oh and I'd be heading to Hong Kong on Jan 1st till the 4th.
Wish me luck.
And everyone give Linda Chin a pat on the back if you see her on the streets for being such a supportive friend. She didn't have to, really.
Ai Laps Chu!!!

Anndddddd...I'm broke. Someone buy me meals.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Rocketeer and I'm NOT Spoiled

After about a million tries...
I got one.


Click 'like'

Anything that makes you happy.


On a more solemn note, the parents are having a rather fantastic time roaming the streets of Penang then further up north to meet their friends.


Yeah they're hyper. And happening. And happily retired.
Wait...Mommy's partially retired...but...OH WELL...

I'm glad they're having a good time. REALLY. From the bottom of my little heart.
All those romantic dinners by the beach, the slow drive to the butterfly park, being satiated by the never ending hawker stalls etc...

But honestly, I miss them.

Hang on a sec...I'm not spoiled. I just dislike eating out.

*depressingly in denial*

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Because I can now take photographs like this!

And this!

And this!!!

Alright, the caterpillar isn't very Christmas-y after all. But, hey! I risked my life taking it.
It could've farted or spat at me and blind my already partially futile eyes.

Can I now be a NatGeo photographer?

Apparently, caterpillars are as blind as me...and they're a good source of protein. O.o

Whaaa the heck am I talking about. I'm just updating this for the sake of doing so.
Year's closing in, I'm not jinxing the remaining 2010 so I'm keeping mum until the clock strikes 12 to 2011.

But, it's been goo...ok no *shush*

I know. I'm just shallow and superstitious. *flips hair*

Everyone go do something stupid and mindless before we call it a year.
I did.

I became a bear.


No but really, the tree's up.
I swear I did not touch a single ornament. Which is the ultimate reason as to why...

It looks fucking pretty.

The leaning tree of Peanutxz.

Video in a bit.
Guess what song? Anyone with the correct guess gets a free Caterpillar.