Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Up, up here we go!

Usually by this time of the year, I'd be babbling about how I failed in all the resolutions made previously. Last year, I only made 1 resolution - to blog more frequently.

Which I did I think. GOOD JOB, PEANUT!
Partially motivated by money because in dire need of cash, I signed up with Nuffnang.
Hello random readers.

Twenty-ten flashed past fantabulously fast.
I can barely remember a single bitter moment (now now, don't jinx it, it's not the end yet).
Okay. I'm just saying, I'm grateful that I've at least done a bit more compared to the past.
- I'm still in the same company (rejoice!)
- I did not break a bone this year
- I made real friends, lost some (no wait, lost one)
- Attended a few weddings/engagements which made me tingle all over with joy *coughs* munkie *coughs*
- Traveled
- Started a Youtube channel (I still can't believe that the views are still climbing, albeit slowly, for my latest video)
- Entered a real recording studio and recorded a brand new demo


I got a deal to fly off again!
*human wave*

New Year this time around is gonna be somewhat quiet. Because I can foresee that I'd be nerve-wracked (and stoked altogether) with the new opportunity. Chances are awfully bleak but oh well, at least I tried.


So to you reading, thank you for reading. Come back everyday so that I can receive my cheque from Nuffnang soon.

May 2010 close with a fucking roar and everyone have a swashbuckling 2011.
I like that word.

P.S - Wish me luck


  1. seems like 2010 was a good year for everyone. i don't know how good it's been to be just yet... haven't really sat down to dissect it, probably will tonight (following the tradition of rounding up the old year and getting ready to usher in the new).

    i like the word swashbuckling too! haha! smart use of it... very rare that the opportunity arises for such a word (it's soo piratey!). ALL THE VERY BEST! ;D

    RC: "Gulliver's Travels" was good! funny, in true jack black fashion (: a little slow in parts but alright overall. something to consider if you're not looking for intelligence in a movie.

  2. I like that photo. ;)
    so, are you a musician? What instrument do you play? Or are you a singer? What's your youtube channel? I wanna check you out. Sorry for asking too much, I hope we can be friends :)

  3. thanks for the comment! hope 2011's going good for you thus far. more youtube vids this year, yes? ;)

  4. ima- thanks! the link's by the sidebar. :)
    and no i'm not a musician just a nutty girl that sings in her bedroom. ;)

    meia- it's been fun! work aside. LOL how about urs? and yes hopefully more vids. U TOO! keep 'em coming!! *hugz*

  5. Woot, I see me in this post! You've to tell me all about your demo & Hong Kong! I only found out via the other member of the plantree gang *cough* Evan *cough*

  6. Yes, your engagement was one important point worth mentioning, munkie! Imagine the wedding. *sniffs* ROFL