Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 Thus Far...

I haven't been blogging much mainly because:

1) I haven't received the pictures from Hong Kong
2) I've been lazy
3) I've been very, very lazy

It's mid Jan now, a lot has happened and I think I shall at least pen a few words before I...
wait...what was I talking about?

Neh, jokes...I mean I'm really forgetful *don't gimme that look I know you know* and I'm pretty sure I have mild Alzeimer's disease even at such an age.'s what happened...

Jan 1st - 4th
I started the year in Hong Kong with Linda.
And contrary to what I've been telling everyone that I was going there for a holiday, it's wait...I went there for a holiday. A holiday with a twist.

I submitted my Youtube video to the Hummingbird Brand New Star audition slightly before Christmas. On 22 December 2010, I received an email saying that I scored a chance to head to Hong Kong for the finals on 2nd Jan.


Honestly, winning isn't on my mind. More like...FORGET IT I WON'T WIN!
The other 13 contestants were way too awesome. It was a mind-blowing experience to get to know them, meet the producers and...sing.

To everyone that watched, clicked like, complimented, critisized, re-watched, re-watched again...Thank You. YOU DUH AWESOME.

To those who haven't, go click now. Slow!

TEEHEE. Kidding. But honestly, thank you. I less than 3 you.

That aside, Renn Zhern asked if I was interested to participate in his music school's concert and perform along, with him on the piano. I said yes, almost immediately. Probably before he even completed his sentence.

He had to transpose the song because...I'm annoying that way.
And we shared the stage yesterday, on 16 Jan, Wisma Bently, with me singing a themesong from a Cantonese drama, Revolving Doors of Vengeance.

Yeah I know right...TVB dramas ALWAYS sound dramatic. It's...a drama. Get it? d^.^b

Watch here...if you want to.

And then leave a comment telling Cheah Renn Zhern the awesome pianist, how fantabulous he was. Or IS. Oh, and also spread some love because he'd be leaving to Tasmania soon to further his studies.

Cheah Renn Zhern. I miss chu, already!!!


The score.

The drummer. That made me go...O.O and :O
Jonathan Chew.

Couldn't resist.
A group of very colourful children backed Jonathan up to We Will Rock You. Queen's version.


The average age. Spot the kid on the right.
Drummer boy. Scroll up. Yes, he's the kid in the shades. d^.^b

Bernard. Spanish Eyes.
Munkie, the Suff lookalike with a very lovable daughter. ;)

We Will Rock You!!!!!!

Tan King Hao. The cameraman. Videographer.
You is best.

Study hard.
And study smart.

Come back and I'd be your first ADD patient, aite?


  1. It's Adelaide!!! LOLLLLLL

    I looked horrible. Thank goodness I got my haircut now. Finally!

    Oh the violin pic is my wallpaper now. blardy nice shot!

  2. HOMAIGOSHHH...I'm delusioned.
    Can.Never.Remember you'r going to Adelaide instead. Mehhhh!!! Sowweee my bad will change it.

    And and and...see your first pic. Notice anything? XD d^.^b

  3. I saw the audition video. I'm so proud of you dude! YOU ROCK!

    So what's the outcome of the audition? You really have the guts.


  4. munkie- :*
    u ffk me tonite!!!

    mich- thanks gurl. :)
    no results yet. won't win wan la LOL

  5. WHOO-HOOOO hong kong!!! :D :D :D you go gurl! so proud of you for taking the chance! hope you win and yes, update more pretty please!

  6. oh and also, just outta curiosity how'd you hear bout this Brand New Star contest? IT'S SO COOL! i can't believe i missed out... :(

  7. and what is the grand prize for the winner? a contract? ;p

  8. No worries. I'll update you the next time the audition starts. Or check out from time to time! They have it yearly and I guess for 2012, it shud be by the end of the year. GO DO IT!!!

    And btw, I didn't win. I got best performance thou. Oh well, it was a good experience. ;) Thanks for checking, babe!

    Mich - hahaha don't be silly. Small time audition. didn't win. :)

  9. congrats on Best Performance!!! :D it's still a far-out achievement babe!! and yeah, what was the grand prize?

  10. Oohh! I thought it was something huge. Well done anyway!

  11. LOL! thanks! a mention but the experience was really awesome. go try it the next round it comes okay?! ;)

    grand prize is a song and music video by lupo groinig!

    mich - LOL it's okay la. by GEM's company. met her, her producer, her ceo...the crew...a bunch of really good musicians/youtubers. 'twas good.

  12. Go for the experience. And I'm glad you did. Haha!