Monday, January 24, 2011


The letter I received today calls for a storm of fireworks!

Oh well, not that it's too much but to you, the lady, who almost fucked it all up and had my dough flushing down the drain, hear this:

IN YE FACE, you bitter warlock! God bless your next workmate!
She probably won't know I'm talking about her. Pfft. Waste of space.

That said, it's still not in yet and I'm in dire need of cash to shop FOR the family AND myself.

Hong Kong did suck me dry.
Speaking of which, if you've been following, I did not win the Hummingbird Brand New Star audition. I got Best Performance instead.

How, you ask me? EL.OH.EL I have no idea but I'm sincerely honoured by that title. *curtsies*
So if you have at least, A LITTTTTLEEE TEENYYY WEEENNNYYY bit of interest in music, subscribe, join the mailing list, FB, Twit, Youtube...and try out for the next call, will ya? ;)

You'd be surprised by the amount of satisfaction that you'll gain.

So I thank you, you, you, you and you for asking, commenting, liking, unliking, praying, guys are awesome and for that...I give you...


D'oh. Just leave me alone. I'm a freak like that okay.
NOW, go click like.


  1. you're so awesome, seriouslyyy. don't forget me kay when you're famous :')

  2. cetul~ thank you? LOL

    chanel~ awww you're tooooo kind. and don't be silly i won't be famous LOL U GO BE! next call for submission do it aite!

    and...u're Chanel rite? XD

  3. When are you going to be a Star already so that I can tumpang glamour? haha