Saturday, December 30, 2006

last post of the year!!

last post of 2006 before i usher into the brand new year...

new year resolutions???...

- better results
- better communication skills
- better eating habit
- better sleeping habit

- good health
- moong seung sing jan la...

all the best to everyone!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

fan loi lor...

back to malaysia.

christmas was so so good. singapore was fantastic...making me dislike the place i am currently staying even more eventhou i'm free from all natural disasters. (thank god). bt then not thoroughly. the line's disrupted from the taiwan earthquake and i was left stranded looking at the screen hoping the line would go thru. hmph!!
bt anyway, singapore is clean, highly advanced and with loads of Good looking guys. very important. HAH!! pix...up later when the line is back to normal and that should b nxt year.

another 3 days ++ to a brand new year. according to the So Man Fung aka a fengshui book i read in sgpore, it'll b a GOOD year where i'd be far away from 'si fay' and should b a 'sun fung sun sui' year. which will b good. i have made real frens, kept the remaining good wans i love and lost awful ones this year and i hope it'll b for good. it made me grow...slightly sumwhre at the bottom of my intestines. *grins*. those backstabbing stuff...stay away from me pls. thank you you!! sin joy...sin joy...:D

internship's starting next week. grrrrrrr...which means the start of the 9-5 system. which means the reset of sleeping time from 12-7. which means i'd be away from home if i have to drive early to work. which means i'd b away from my astro, my a step into the past, my journey to the west, my bubble, my air cond, junk food always available in the fridge, my family for 5 days a week and leung ka bou(the latest chinese name max has adapted). and worst of all, i'd b stuck in a very terrible place aka pj. shit.

bt anyhow, it's still good. this year started off good and hoping it'll end good. the rest are not important. have a brand new joyous year everyone!!!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Off to Singapore!!

i keep telling myself to wake up earlier so the day won't pass so fast or the holidays will end really soon and marks the start of the internship. which means the end of the many many series i'm watching and bitching on9. hmph...!

off tomorrow to singapore!!! YAY!!!!!!

pray for the weather to be bright and clear.

Happy Winter Solstice Everyone and Merry Christmas!!


Tuesday, December 19, 2006


i lost it...and now i've got it back. WAHAHAHAHAHAHA

it's a chinese comedy about vampires...modern day vampires in HK. AND IT'S ONI AVAILABLE IN HK!!!!!! AND CHIA SUE LYNN THE GREAT GOT IT FOR ME!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!! mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah!!!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

the tale of a boy...

woke up early in the afternoon at 12 today and set out with the parents for a serious pre xmas shopping! WAHAHAHAHAHA. heartily drowned myself under piles and piles of clothes, shades (again), christmas presents for the family and a present for myself--->Body Shop- Golden Apple...happiness!

reached for the curve, first stop. cos midvalley was like a massive carpark all lining crazily, hoping they would get a place to park inside (bangun's mv). anyway, the curve was oni slightly better. got a spot after...say...15mins and was swept away by the blue backdrop and decos. then nichii...went in, tried, bought and left. :D

then went into metro hoping that the finance minister aka mommy would get me the black/gold superman tee i was dreaming of. but ended up being condemned that i aint a kid anymore and if i wanted tat, i would have to wear my underwear outside. *BAWWWWLLLSS!!!*...i made up my mind to come back sumtime nxt week to get it myself. HMPH!!!

then as we were going down the escalator discussing how adorable the baby before us was, a petite, good looking boy jst a few steps before us tripped and fell with a loud thud. when we turned out heads and stepped down from the moving stairs, we witnessed the heart wrenching tale of a boy that stumbled painfully and had to get up on his own, not oni suffering from pain bt also the wicked and brutal look on the father's face. it's as if the father got to knw the son had robbed the bank and had not given him a penny to buy maggi mee. fuck. his tiny limbs were slightly flushed and tears were pricking thru bt he held back, trying his best not to move a single muscle worried that the father mite give him 1 hard blow, sending him back home right into the toilet bowl. diu. come on la. ur son falls, pick him up and make sure he did not hurt himself. even if he was one nasty kid, he definitely did not deserve that aweful stare. if the son grows up to be a successful man but sends the old man to a nursing home, dun blame him. if i were a man and i am 8th done in karate, i'd have given him a blow, lifting him off his feet and hanging him on the christmas tree to be stared 24/7. bt i think too many eyes were watching so he held the boy's hand and walked off slowly. blady hell. right now until this minute when the scene flashes across my mind, i feel bitter for him. i learnt about karma during moral. hmph!! (at least i learnt sumthing). hee!

anyway, to make ourselves happier, we went on to mv in the evening when the traffic has cleared slightly. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...i wished myself a cheerful happy christmas and skipped my way thru the crowd. went into metrojaya...again. cos the great mommy wanted to get the necklace she saw a week b4...tat matched one of her gowns...which would b worn...sum time in the future.

the price was...*sweat*

then went on to bodyshop lke usual and forced the minister again to get me the special xmas edition bodyshop golden apple set...failed. so i bought it myself again. reason? cos they've already got me my xmas present. hmph!!! dinner at chopstick noodle house. fantastico!! everyone go try. gon lou shui gaao meen. sedap giler babi can eat everyday.

came back, kaki sakit cos i wore heels. great.

stewpeed blogger. can't post pix.


lynn is now in hk. tze wurn is going to hk. *sobs*. mst njoy k? dun waste the chance. *wipes away mucus*

Saturday, December 16, 2006

tree'ing' with the mama...

woke up in...the early portion of the afternoon...nt voluntarily.

i thought it was late in the evening as the 'wake-up call' voice was...quite stern.

shot up like a mushroom and opened the door trying to sound cheerful...then i saw the mommy dragging the 'object' that makes a once-in-a-year appearance.

i went...'YAYYYY' the continued sleeping for another 1/2hour so that i wouldn't have to set the tree up. so mch of a filial daughter. when i finished washing up and went to the living room, LO AND BEHOLD!!! 1/2 the tree was done.

so i went, hung a few glittery balls here and there, got distracted by the other ornaments which i used to love when i was younger bt definitely too obsolete to b used now, walked a little further to change the tv channel after every piece was fondled, grabbed a piece of corn from the kitchen and watched tv. :D

then all of a sudden while watching the making of eragon, the incredibly fast mommy announced that it was done. then i added sum red and golden frills here and there which were later removed (:Þ) and the lights were put on.

done!! christmas is here...! and it bcame the perfect spot for the dog to sleep in.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Gath un reisa du rakr

OVER!! OVER!! OVER!!...tat marks the beginning of my short holiday before the internship sparks off. WEEEE!

failed to pay the summon i got last week therefore i shall pay later or they shall file me a warning letter ( jst 5 mins after the expected time and they saman me. diu). came home, dog tired bt went for eragon with daddy to celebrate our holidays!!. not too bad after all. despite its stilted bland dialogue, predictable plot (a little) and similarities with Lord of the Rings (thanx to Peter Jackson). bt i enjoyed it!!! the blady young eragon is oni a freaking 19 year old BOY!!! NINETEEEEEENNNN!!! holy moly. one year younger oni. no wonder so cute wei. :D

i expected the language to be more flowerish because of the ancient settings and scene after scene i tot i was rewatching lotr bt with a mch better looking hobbit with the quest of protecting the terribly cgi-ed female-dragon instead of the ring. and the classy jeremy irons couldn't even express his powerful accent due to the immature script (writers were from jurrasic park---> they oni knw how to make dinosaurs roar la wei). the Uuk-Hais were replaced by the Ra-zacs, Sauron by King Galbatorix, Gollum by Sloan, Arwen by Arya...and the list goes then it was entertaining la so...pass la.

damn 7 tired. wanna eat pizza. wanna eat tomyam. since lke dunno when until now still can't get tomyam. hmph.

OOOOHH LAAA LAAA!! HOLS ARE HERE!! and cos i was so happy, i snapped a pic for linda to see. :D


Thursday, December 14, 2006

9 hours 39 mins...

and i'll be sitting for my last paper for this semester and off is 2nd term. the arrangement for both papers to b set miles apart with 2 weeks in between for us to...enjoy ourselves is denifitely absurd and the momentum of information flowing into the brain has undeniably decelerated. and worst of all the paper has to be written in the most alien language in the world. MALAY!! shit...

and when english is not needed, the vocab gushes out uncontrollably. so sad wei.
i need bm. BM! BM! BM!...

*5 mins later*

not coming out. forget it larh. i'm gonna watch titanic.

so cute...back then.

Saturday, December 9, 2006

holy moly...

when u're both retarded, when it's almost dawn, when u do sumthing ultra ends up being printscreened and posted on the blog.

*curtesy of the chin's blog

showing off our bedmates. ah pug and ah bub. ah bub supports my head and is almost lke a winter cap. ah pug humps. cos he has short limbs. and he looks lke a cow. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

wanna c clearer to prove it's not real zit. click la. WAHAHAHAHAHAH


on a healthier note. i successfully made GOOLOO CHICKEN a few days back and was so proud it's taken during dinner.

omg...for catering services, pls dial 012-leongpeixzan. oni gooloo chicken and pork avaiable. :D

so the layan tag post

Layer ONE: On the outside
Name: Leong Pei Xzan
Birth date: 22nd November 1986
Current status: Single Mingle
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Righty or lefty: Righty
Zodiac sign: erm...Scorpio/Saggitarius

Layer TWO: On the inside
Your heritage: Cantonese---> Chinese larh
Your fears: Snakes, Enclosed Dark Small Area, Flights
Your weaknesses: Oh My God! Not enuff place to write tim. ;D
Your perfect pizza: Pepperoni...with layers and layers of cheeeze

Layer THREE: Yesterday, today, tomorrow
Your thoughts first waking up: late d
Your bedtime: Dawn
Your most missed memory: Standart 6, CS Period, 1st Year?

Layer FOUR: Your pick
Pepsi or coke: Sama la...Coke sounds more reliable.
McDonald's or Burger King: McDonald's pllleasseee
Single or group dates: Erm...*wide-eyed*
Adidas or Nike: BATA
Lipton tea or nestea: Nestea
Chocolate or vanilla: Chu-Goo-Lik
Cappuccino or coffee: Caffeine Intolerant. Smell d pengsan

Layer FIVE: Do you
Smoke: No...
Curse: Never can live without. :D

Layer SIX: In the past month
Drank alcohol: YES
Gone to the mall: Jst yesterday...heh!
Been on stage: Presentation counts??
Eaten sushi: Nope
Dyed your hair: Nope

Layer SEVEN: Have you ever?
Played a stripping game: Oh daaammmn...i wished i had. WHAAHAHA
Changed who you were to fit in: U have to...

Age you're hoping to be married: Oh mien...gip me a target and i'll tell u the date.

Layer NINE: In a girl/guy
Best eye colour: Chinese- Black, otherwise Green
Best hair colour: Brown
Short or long hair: Short

Layer TEN: What were you doing
1 minute ago: Doing this shit
1 hour ago: lying on the couch...trying to wake up
4.5 hours ago: Sleeping
1 month ago: erm...can't even remember wat happened lask week.
1 year ago: ................................

Layer ELEVEN: Finish the sentence
I love: my family and friends...real ones
I feel: lke making gooloo chicken again
I hate: Fake people...BLADY FAKE PPL!!!
I hide: My ass
I miss: Everyone abroad
I need: Slimming companies' offer

Layer TWELVE: Tag five people
2. Erm...anyone who wants to do la k?

Thursday, December 7, 2006

when the holidays sorta start...

weird recipes reappear.

before that there was lemon mint potato...then there was abc egg soup. and yesterday, there was the most outraging recipe tat mankind can ever produce.

AppleStarfuit Soup. and it's saltish. it's real soup. drinkable and not 'purgative'! wahahaha

response? 4 out of 5 persons including myself said it was not bad. 1...was jst disgusted by the appeal of it and before the soup touched his lips, he squeeked and ran away. i guess my dog would like it too. :D


christmas is jst around the corner. decos are all EVERYWHERE, the mood is sipping in and...and...i won't b in kl to celebrate. which means i'll be absent for the most important concert tat i'll b waiting for. bt then it's ok. i have cash in hand and singapore surely is inviting. HAH!

malaysia should have decos lke that.

FLYING XMAS TREES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jst hope it won't fall like durians.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Harry PotPot

i come across the trailer, stills, articles, screencaps...*shakeshead*

the azkaban vcd is gonna rerun until it shatters and the whole player exploding.

everytime the movie starts its promotion, the set of ORIGINAL vcds will reapppear. and everytime daniel radcliffe appears to be uglier. sighs. why can't he jst look like rupert grint. WAHAHAHAHAHA

the duelling club. everyone seemed to have stopped growing. besides matthew lewis aka neville panjangass. ON A CLOSER LOOK....

That chopped off short hair is so not right. Ron looks as thou he's back to 3rd year and hermione still looks as matured as ever. :D...

the past few have been really good. even Goblet of Fire which many said wasn't so good. but the best is still Prisoner of Azkaban!! Daniel Radcliffe pls stop breathing in so hard and Emma Watson should stop frowning and crying. and i dun see Tom Felton aka Draco Melfoy in the List of Cast which is REALLY REALLY REALLY SADDENING IF HE DOESN'T APPEAR.

bt anyway, THIS IS GONNA BE SO INTERESTING!!!!!!! definitely one of the most anticipated brit movies besides Pirates of the happy la. WAHAHAHAHA

Monday, December 4, 2006

holly molly...TAGGED!

1. Are u photogenic?
Hell no!! but i knw my make me slimmer. :D

2. Wat time do you go to bed?
Anytime. Morning, Afternoon, Night oso can.

3. Wat was the last thing u did before this?
Eating Lou Sui Chicken with the dad in the kitchen

4. Who's the one u always meet the most?
Depends. Pj- Dear Roomate...Home- the dad!!

5. Who's the person u'll call if u need help?
C wat help la...takkan when i have period pain i call my dad. mostly nat...she solves everything. on9- si mou! wahahah

6. Wat's on ur mind right now?
I wanna make Goo Lou Fish.

7. What do you prefer? American Idol/ Malaysian Idol?
Neither. :D

8. With whom do u wanna be with to have fun?
My family!!! Friends from aussie, hawaii, US, and sum from utar *wink*

9. Wat movie do u wanna watch right now?
Vampire Family. *which is unavailable right now in malaysia*

10. When was the last time u went out?
Just!!! had to buy lou sui chicken.

11. Wat do u hate the most for now?
The hairdresser, and the person that set 2 hours for the brand management paper.

12. Wat do u do everyday besides eat and sleep?
Watch tv, online, read...boorrinnggg...

13. Colors that make u happy?
Bright Sharp Warm times. :D

14. Most favourite thing in ur room?
My Bed, My Tv, My guitar, Bubble, My VCDS

15. Miss someone?
Australians...hawaiians...COME BACK!!!

16. Plan to buy sumthing?
Plan to buy many many things!

17. Are you satisfied with your life now?'s never good to be too satisfied rite. :D

18. Do you like seafood?

19. Breakfast or dinner?
unless it's dimsum for breakfast...NEEHHH!!

20. Like chocolate?

21. Do you have a laptop?

22. Wat's ur favourite food from fastfood?
Quarterpounder from McD and Mozza Burger from A&W

23. Cats or Dogs?
Cats...are pests. :D

24. Salty or sweet?
First sweet, THEN SALTY!

25. City or country?
country with internet line and tv and no leeches and lots of clean river??

26. Is kissing normal for ur age?
Eh...u think i'm from 18th century ar?

27. Are u athletic?
I was...*looks away*

28. Favourite bands for now?
Nothing in particular...Take That? WAHAHAHAHA

29. Do you own ur own cellphone?
Yeah. SAMSUNG D600 2.0 Megapixel Camera. :D...bangganye...!

30. Wat do u wear to bed?
Tshirt bocor giler and shorts

31. Ever had a crush on teacher in highschool?
I would i think if there were male teachers back then. Cikgu Madrawi kira? or that speckie...wat's his name...urgh...nvm.

32. Coke or Pepsi?
Sama saje...

33. Sugar or spice?
Spice...sounds better. SUGAR GIRLS. yoh...

34. Can you use chopsticks?
DAMN WELL BABEH! hahahahahaha

35. Do you care about getting good grades?
Kiasu Giler Yes

36. Have u ever fallen asleep in class?
Occasionally. :D...

37. Get a job or ask ur parents for money?
Ask parents for money UNTIL i get a job...ask for less. :D

38. Is your mom strict?
I think she used to be. but it didn't really work on us. HEH!

39. Do your parents gip u enuff privacy?
They read my blog. *sobs*...HEHE!!! Yeah...more than enuff.

40. Do your parents trust you?
I guess so...lemme go ask first...brb

41. Would u ever wanna lose ur bestfriend?
NNOOOO!!! how many ppl can be as retarded wei?!!

42. Does your bestfriend get on your nerves?
If she's answering this, YES. me? YES OSO! teehee!!

43. Do you make friends quickly?
Yeah. If they speak wat i speak.

44. Do you tell ur mom everything?
Most of it...takkan today shit how many times oso tell.

45. Wat do u and ur parents fight about most?
Rarely fight leaving plates and bowls everywhre? can't think of any.

46. If u love sumone and he/she rejected you, wat will you do to him/her?
Post on my blog he's gay. :D

47. Can u sing or rap?
can sing in the toilet...can rap in cantonese if i like the song.

48. If u had one wish, who would u make ur wife/husband for life?
Sumone who has an awesome sense of humour, sumone who loves me, my family, my dog, his family and his dog, sumone who has the whole world going after him for his charm and good looks, sumone with incredibly high earning powers, sumone who doesn't mind me being fat and eat 24/7, sumone who speaks brit, sumone who speaks canto- canto style...any of this la. not too mch rite? tats why i'm steadily single. :D

49. Wat do you think of this survey?
So Blady Long.

MY TURN TO TAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOHOOOO!!!!! *drumrolls*

---> Nat, Linda, SI MOU...enuff la...

Saturday, December 2, 2006

sleep baby sleep

my sleeping hours have all gone haywire--- which happens everytime holidays begins. but it's not even the holidays now and therefore, i sit awake all nite watching downloaded stuff, chatting bitchily on msn and also asking everyone i think is artistic to turn up a fantastic idea for me for the coming finals.

and when it was finally done last nite, i went to bed...early in the morning (b4 the sun was up :D)...and i had the most violent nightmare i havne't had in years. ---> excluding those about snakes and tsunamis that pop up once a while while i have naps.

like the tv ads that i'd done, my dreams switch from scene to scene and everything does not connect. at one point, i was playing netball, i suppose, with a bunch of guys and i kept winning. (and to win, u do not have to reach for the net. jst throw it onto the rugby! touch and win...fabulous!). next, i was sitting on a bench watching basketball with a bunch of friends i can't really remember who. bt there was timmy hung and gf right bside me and i was happily yakking away with them. and suddenly i saw this green monitor lizard with huge flippers hanging on the electric cables on top of the railway track. where the track came from, i dunno. and there were more and more and started stinging everyone with their tails. and then poof!, i was in this room where i was left alone and i had a strange feeling the 'dragons' would come therefore i intelligently decided to close all the windows and doors b4 they make it in bt ironically, the windows and doors all have gaps and b4 i knew it, they were all in the room, stinging a couple (who both suddenly turn up to save me from being stung). then i ended up in the sea. always dreaming i was a fantastic swimmer and this time, no difference. i was swimming away from sumthing. but do not know what. all i knew was it was an fucking open sea and i was BACKstroking towards nowhere and the tornado was hitting towards me. i dove beneath to the bottom and hugged a pillar to avoid being blown away (fantastic!). and the next thing i knew, a few hundred years have past and sumhow titanic came into view saying jack dawson is still very mch alive cos the salt in the sea keeps him youthful...and thank yous to all the gods in 'journey to the west', daddy started banging on my door asking why i was still asleep in the evening. and i awoke!! :D

HEY! it wasn't my fault. those dragons and the change of locations and the swimming kept me tired. and now i'm alone at home cos the parents went on a pre xmas shopping spree wherelse i'm stuck home, preparing for a freaking final paper on monday. *sfx- oliver twist: WHERE EH EH EH EH, IS LOVE'.

it's getting dark and the holes and gaps that i have in the house exposes me to the ferocious beasts hanging on electric cables. *shivers*...WHERE EH EH EH EH IS LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


rewind---> yesterday was an auspicious day @ gao-dim-day. all my contracts for internship have been signed. i've taken my exam slip and my ads are quite done. and the most importantly, NAT'S WEDDING BANQUET IS CONFIRMED: MANDARIN PALACE, FEDERAL HOTEL.

smokin hot place with golden dragon and phonixes carved all over the walls and pillars and chairs and lights and toilets etc. chinese music, good chinese dimsum and food, burning chinese tea with swirling smoke and...waitresses and waiters in coats. so not into the environment. bt anyway, the place is perfect for a wedding. family tradition. *grins*

Monday, November 27, 2006

u're back to a lala, gto

ok. 29 over 40 is not low.

bt for all the effort that we poured for this small assignment, 29 IS HELL WAY TOO LOW!!! i seldom say i deserve higher marks because i blieve i have super low self-esteem- studies wise...considering i was being ACCUSED to being over confident back in standart 5 by my lovely bm teacher. :D...i am so not forgiving! WAHAHAHAH

--->GTO Quote- no matter how well u all do, the highest i'd give is either a B- or a C

can i get a lawyer and sue him for wat he has said? SUM1 PULL ME BACK!!! I'M GRABBING THE AXE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*pours water on self*....

i have an excuse not to graduate with a first class honours.


on a happier note...

juet baan yuen ngang tin si mak gei t shirt...('s not juet baan. who cares. ;D)


Friday, November 24, 2006

It Continues and...HAPPY BDAY BABE!!!

can't freaking post the pix i want to for the whole afternoon. hmph anyway, the presentation went successfully well. he only had to complained cos he wanted to.
Quote: But it doesn't matter la. i like to complain about everything and anything---> was what he said after every bit of criticism that flew out of his 'always-moving' mouth. he was impressed which was a very good...and very difficult thing. worth all the time we spent rehearsing, worth giving up the juicy slimy humungous oysters which i NEVER TOUCHED(i ate oni 1 ok?!!!) at jogoya. ALL I COULD DO WAS STAND AT A CORNER WATCHING HOW OTHERS NJOY THE HEAVENLY SHELL!!!!! *BAWLS!!!!*...and all these for 5 marks. so pathetic. *rolleyes*

went to YUEN the STEAMBOAT RESTAURANT again after that. i swear i'll never touch steamboat for the rest of the year. i can still smell the fishballs...*goes green*. bt then it was awesome. had loads of fun with the gals and they sweetly told me stacy wanted to go home and grab sum money, but went to baker's cottage and got me a cake instead...HOW LOVELY!! MWAH MWAH MWAH!!!

then went for Happy Feet. it's the Cuteness-Giler-Babi-Dun-Watch-Confirm-Regret type. mayb it's cos of elijah wood. haven't heard him for SUCH A FRIGGIN LONG TIME!! and when i do, he's a penguin. a penguin that loathes for trust and goes all out sacrificing everything to save his...'people'. darn cute.

supposed to brag abt the presents i got because mostly were imported...*sumthing goodwhen ur pals are diluar laut'. so here goes...

from the parents...can see from the big big dog frontcover. confirm from them

from lynnie, the roomate and the housemate

from daddy...

from nat and the bf

from daddy as well!!!

stila lipgloss and perfume from the gang, 2 cards from aus and hawaii which i suka giler babi...2 cakes and 3 celebrations.

i love birthdays!! MWAH MWAH MWAH EVERYONE!!!



like i said, i'll catch the angels and make sure they shower lots of love on you ok??? *grins*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
my only entertainment in class...camwhoring around and editing her pix. :D...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


flu has kept the line away from me from the past few days. and althou i'm still giving away free flow of mucus, i'm proud to say, I'M BACK ONLINE!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

flu at this time of the day/week/month/year is totally absurd and wrong. first, there's my presentation and the rehearsals and the memorizing part to be done...then, the most important of all, there're birthdays to celebrate. mine, chia sue lynn's, mine mine mine mine mine...YAY!!!

first, went to jogoya last saturday(tricked by THE FAMILY saying we'll head back to usual) despite the flu and soarthroat and puffy eyes and...ok that's all. FIRST FREAKING TIME THERE AND IT'S BLADY AWESOME CAN PENGSAN!!! undescribable wei. mst go for me? mst go try again. cos that day nvr really makan much...ok...i makan there were things i had to stay away from cos i was afraid i won't b well for my presentation. kiasu giler babi.

the family. all shivering...cold like happy feet.

missy angelic and f*ck face. damn bei wei my pose. jst to make the arms look smaller. :D

the reason i have to go back...I ONI ATE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

then came back, so kenot tahan...makan panadol kong out from 12am to 1pm. fabulous!


pix from steamboat not up.

got my guitar stand, my guitar tuner, my book, my SH TEESHIRT, stila lipgloss and perfume...

wish us luck for the presentation on thurs. we jst need luck. cos we have talent. WAHAHAHAH!! JUST JOKING!!!



old people sumtimes do not think we knw where we stand in the 'society' these days.

it's back in the stoneage where ur thinking stands. the pressure mounts everytime the cold shudders sip in and most of the time, it's for nothing.

and the head is so hard it refuses to take in any comments.




on a lighter note,

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Monday, November 13, 2006


both assignments done. one presentation to go. it'll be a good one. promise. ;D

rebranding play-doh was tough. i'm not saying others weren't but even GTO said it was a challenge and we successfully handed in a thick book of ideas in like...3 days? blady awesome. i've never gotten banned so many times. and thanx to the topic we chose, i'm back to squishing play-doh every now and then leaving bits and pieces in my fingernails and visiting the website so often cos it has little ponies in it. and their games are so retarded everyone should play when u feel u're useless. confirm u feel better after that.

responses from the ppl?
from the family except mommy- 'think u better change the color of the cupboard.'
'nothing special in the placement of the pix and characters'
'wat so nice? nothing special about it' ---> THIS was from the FATHER

deena---> cantik!!! i think i'll set as wallpaper. my bro will like
maharaja bh---> i think mayb u can add sum dots. bt the colors are very attractive. (he gave countless ideas)
newly-knwn-as-jin---> ok ar...very gwaai.


the negative was what i did.

the positive was what i got after i handed the whole piece of junk to si mou to edit for me.

she said---> how u wan me to edit? quite hard to edit wor.
*telling me in a nice way cos i was overstressed---> so ugly. how to change?* she did it anyway. framed my pix and change the fonts and this and that all the way in Chicago and POOOF! i had sumthing proud of to hand in.

but then anyway, presentation's coming up next thursday. GOOD LUCK BABES!

once upon a time back then after struggling for 2 days, i came up with a poster that made 2 persons say i should frame it up, 1 saying that he'll set it as his wallpaper and the highest among sum ppl. *damn 7 mengade*


fuck. i jst found an ant floating on the soya bean+beancurd+glutinous ball i tapaoed from ss2. NEVER EVER MIX EVERYTHING TOGETHER!! SUCKS!!!!!


Monday, November 6, 2006

once upon a time when i...

have u seen the morning breakfast: fish platter from the honourable mcD?
here is how it looks...


woke up at 6.45 (AM MIND U) jst for breakfast b4 class...

the last time i woke up this early was......way back during school time.

BANGGA!!!!!!!! *claps*

Sunday, November 5, 2006

1st November 2006

Happy Birthday Tammy Koo @ Koo Fu Yng

Happy Birthday Chan Ming Yang aka Siu Yeung

Friday, October 27, 2006


KAJANG: The wind was seeping thru my wooden door lowering the temperature of my room. i tucked in myself and drew the thick sheets over my head hugging the spongy pillow firmly around my arms and thighs. the droplets of rain crashing onto the window pane formed a mellow melody and drummed me back to slumberland before...

an idiot pounded on the door...'XZAN GET UP!!'

blady hell. i shot up and ran towards the door thinking the world has fallen. ALMOST.

daddy panicked(not an idiot after all :D).tsunami hit kajang and my house was under 5 feet of water. i had to take out the sampan and row towards my father who was struggling to reduce the stream of water rushing in.

jst joking. it took him 10 hours to wake me up. the drains sumwhere around the neighbourhood collapsed according to the jirans jirans tat were standing outside their houses pouring muddy water out of their garage and halls threfore causing the water to flow backwards. my house was better. the garage was not fully flooded. bt the water came from the the house.

it was oni 1/2 way in and not soo deep. the tiles were still visible. imagine the neighbours. kesian.

the water came gushing out the saucee and filled the toilet. gave me an idea to form a jacuzzi there. *claps*

the water flowing in from the back were brushed into that toilet...the main toilet. then the horror came when daddy asked if i wanted to see the dinosaurs that were swept along the flood into his toilet.

BLACK FAT CENTIPEDE SIZE OF AN ELEPHANT...still not completely dead so i witnessed the execution of it being stomped to death by the toilet pump. heh!

and the finale...TARA!!!

WHOLE FREAKING COLONY WASHED OUT. i wonder if roaches are now extinct. the entire extended family has been gruesomely murdered by SHIELDTOX. chinese juk ching hum gaa chaan really.


the internship has been ironically sent to The Star.

everyone knows it.

Monday, October 23, 2006

BID IIITTTT!!! BID IIITTT!!!--->(mj's tune)

thanx to si mou.

hence, i txted nat saying:
'i bid yuen ngang's mcd t for hkd80! bday pres k?' *smiling sheepishly to myself as i tpyed off on my bed, FIRST THING AFTER I WOKE UP IN THE AFTERNOON*

and the reply came:
'always buying mm dang sai stuff"

tats what birthday is for rite? i'm not like linda who requests for usable stuff everytime. wat's that piuter vase doing anyway now ar monkey? WAHAHAHAHAHA

Saturday, October 21, 2006

the naked chef

po got discharged today!

but having to wake up at 4 in the afternoon, i didn't tag along.

so i hopped to bintang, got myself all sorts of vegetables and started cooking at 630.

chaos. do not ever cook when u have no idea what u wanna do.

toking about cooking, i think it all started after i met missee yap at aunty pat's. sleepovers, making maggi gon lou, eggs(i'm pro at it wei), custards, steamed eggs...soup...that tastes like stale water from the wok...with orange juice, watching south park. how adventurous.

anyway, i made:

brocolli, capsicums, prawns, pork in lemonade.

and as i was cutting the veg, WHO HOOO!! i sumhow had extra ingredients to make soup. soo...

abc soup with eggs. looks like tong sui. bt it was so darn yummie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


linda has been asking me what i want for bday.

althou it's oni a month ++ away...i dunno what i want.

and considering i owe her 2 bday gifts ...and everything in aus is FRIGGIN PRICEY!!!

buy me timtams ok kawan? mwah!! hahahahahaha

or a pony la. i wan the elaborated wan. with glitters.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

let's play...doh

for brand management assignment, we decided that we would be rebranding play-doh the high class plasticin...

so off i went to mv with daddy yesterday for analakshimi again(hey!! it's healthy and i'm bringing new customers to them everytime i go okay?) and met with missie nat. the food tastes awesome!!!!! there'll be different varieties everytime we go althou they are all squashed vegetables and beans and i can't differentiate them but then it's nice! and it's charity.

so as usual, i hopped into toy's r' us lke i always do and started eyeing at things that i should not even look at. the ponies are getting more and more pretty. and i'll choose one and tell myself...'okay! nxt trip, u'll b following me home.'...but they're still hanging sadly on the racks, waving their colorful tails at me asking when that'll happen.

i got myself a shocking red and green tub of play-doh and mashing was it during lecture today with suelynn.


and then she started forming piles and piles of shit with the dough placing them all over the table.

toking about shit, i was at the ss2 pasar malam jalaning with cfei when i came across this BOOK OF FAECES...shit la in short. bt it was in chinese books oni cost rm10 or slightly more. the translated harry potter, is rm15 for 2. damn. and toking about pasar malam, jst b4 we went loitering on the streets, i strolled into a DVD shop(arow with KTZ) and HOLY!!! I GOT MYSELF THE LOWEST BUDGET TV MOVIE ON EARTH!!! IT'S ON SALE!! N THE SALESMAN KNEW THE FULLNAME OF THE MOVIE!!! can't believe it mien.

'yau mm yau shark attack ar?'
'spring break shark attack?'
'yau!!! dang ha...'

*5mins later...*...he handed me the exact wan i wanted...YAY!!! and he's blady honest, stopping me from buying those nonsense dvds that were still not clear yet.

tat's it. i'm going there for internship.


dear santa,

as linda started her little xmas wish, i mite as well start 1 too.
i don't need an ipod nano yet. my mp3's still working fine.
bt if u can, get me the whole rack of pony in toys' r' us and also the Doc Croc that i played with everytime i went there.

p.s- i hereby attach the picture for ur reference.

thank you. :D

**** 2nd choice for internship...TOYS' R' US, MIDVALLEY.