Friday, December 15, 2006

Gath un reisa du rakr

OVER!! OVER!! OVER!!...tat marks the beginning of my short holiday before the internship sparks off. WEEEE!

failed to pay the summon i got last week therefore i shall pay later or they shall file me a warning letter ( jst 5 mins after the expected time and they saman me. diu). came home, dog tired bt went for eragon with daddy to celebrate our holidays!!. not too bad after all. despite its stilted bland dialogue, predictable plot (a little) and similarities with Lord of the Rings (thanx to Peter Jackson). bt i enjoyed it!!! the blady young eragon is oni a freaking 19 year old BOY!!! NINETEEEEEENNNN!!! holy moly. one year younger oni. no wonder so cute wei. :D

i expected the language to be more flowerish because of the ancient settings and scene after scene i tot i was rewatching lotr bt with a mch better looking hobbit with the quest of protecting the terribly cgi-ed female-dragon instead of the ring. and the classy jeremy irons couldn't even express his powerful accent due to the immature script (writers were from jurrasic park---> they oni knw how to make dinosaurs roar la wei). the Uuk-Hais were replaced by the Ra-zacs, Sauron by King Galbatorix, Gollum by Sloan, Arwen by Arya...and the list goes then it was entertaining la so...pass la.

damn 7 tired. wanna eat pizza. wanna eat tomyam. since lke dunno when until now still can't get tomyam. hmph.

OOOOHH LAAA LAAA!! HOLS ARE HERE!! and cos i was so happy, i snapped a pic for linda to see. :D


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