Monday, December 4, 2006

holly molly...TAGGED!

1. Are u photogenic?
Hell no!! but i knw my make me slimmer. :D

2. Wat time do you go to bed?
Anytime. Morning, Afternoon, Night oso can.

3. Wat was the last thing u did before this?
Eating Lou Sui Chicken with the dad in the kitchen

4. Who's the one u always meet the most?
Depends. Pj- Dear Roomate...Home- the dad!!

5. Who's the person u'll call if u need help?
C wat help la...takkan when i have period pain i call my dad. mostly nat...she solves everything. on9- si mou! wahahah

6. Wat's on ur mind right now?
I wanna make Goo Lou Fish.

7. What do you prefer? American Idol/ Malaysian Idol?
Neither. :D

8. With whom do u wanna be with to have fun?
My family!!! Friends from aussie, hawaii, US, and sum from utar *wink*

9. Wat movie do u wanna watch right now?
Vampire Family. *which is unavailable right now in malaysia*

10. When was the last time u went out?
Just!!! had to buy lou sui chicken.

11. Wat do u hate the most for now?
The hairdresser, and the person that set 2 hours for the brand management paper.

12. Wat do u do everyday besides eat and sleep?
Watch tv, online, read...boorrinnggg...

13. Colors that make u happy?
Bright Sharp Warm times. :D

14. Most favourite thing in ur room?
My Bed, My Tv, My guitar, Bubble, My VCDS

15. Miss someone?
Australians...hawaiians...COME BACK!!!

16. Plan to buy sumthing?
Plan to buy many many things!

17. Are you satisfied with your life now?'s never good to be too satisfied rite. :D

18. Do you like seafood?

19. Breakfast or dinner?
unless it's dimsum for breakfast...NEEHHH!!

20. Like chocolate?

21. Do you have a laptop?

22. Wat's ur favourite food from fastfood?
Quarterpounder from McD and Mozza Burger from A&W

23. Cats or Dogs?
Cats...are pests. :D

24. Salty or sweet?
First sweet, THEN SALTY!

25. City or country?
country with internet line and tv and no leeches and lots of clean river??

26. Is kissing normal for ur age?
Eh...u think i'm from 18th century ar?

27. Are u athletic?
I was...*looks away*

28. Favourite bands for now?
Nothing in particular...Take That? WAHAHAHAHA

29. Do you own ur own cellphone?
Yeah. SAMSUNG D600 2.0 Megapixel Camera. :D...bangganye...!

30. Wat do u wear to bed?
Tshirt bocor giler and shorts

31. Ever had a crush on teacher in highschool?
I would i think if there were male teachers back then. Cikgu Madrawi kira? or that speckie...wat's his name...urgh...nvm.

32. Coke or Pepsi?
Sama saje...

33. Sugar or spice?
Spice...sounds better. SUGAR GIRLS. yoh...

34. Can you use chopsticks?
DAMN WELL BABEH! hahahahahaha

35. Do you care about getting good grades?
Kiasu Giler Yes

36. Have u ever fallen asleep in class?
Occasionally. :D...

37. Get a job or ask ur parents for money?
Ask parents for money UNTIL i get a job...ask for less. :D

38. Is your mom strict?
I think she used to be. but it didn't really work on us. HEH!

39. Do your parents gip u enuff privacy?
They read my blog. *sobs*...HEHE!!! Yeah...more than enuff.

40. Do your parents trust you?
I guess so...lemme go ask first...brb

41. Would u ever wanna lose ur bestfriend?
NNOOOO!!! how many ppl can be as retarded wei?!!

42. Does your bestfriend get on your nerves?
If she's answering this, YES. me? YES OSO! teehee!!

43. Do you make friends quickly?
Yeah. If they speak wat i speak.

44. Do you tell ur mom everything?
Most of it...takkan today shit how many times oso tell.

45. Wat do u and ur parents fight about most?
Rarely fight leaving plates and bowls everywhre? can't think of any.

46. If u love sumone and he/she rejected you, wat will you do to him/her?
Post on my blog he's gay. :D

47. Can u sing or rap?
can sing in the toilet...can rap in cantonese if i like the song.

48. If u had one wish, who would u make ur wife/husband for life?
Sumone who has an awesome sense of humour, sumone who loves me, my family, my dog, his family and his dog, sumone who has the whole world going after him for his charm and good looks, sumone with incredibly high earning powers, sumone who doesn't mind me being fat and eat 24/7, sumone who speaks brit, sumone who speaks canto- canto style...any of this la. not too mch rite? tats why i'm steadily single. :D

49. Wat do you think of this survey?
So Blady Long.

MY TURN TO TAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOHOOOO!!!!! *drumrolls*

---> Nat, Linda, SI MOU...enuff la...

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