Wednesday, December 27, 2006

fan loi lor...

back to malaysia.

christmas was so so good. singapore was fantastic...making me dislike the place i am currently staying even more eventhou i'm free from all natural disasters. (thank god). bt then not thoroughly. the line's disrupted from the taiwan earthquake and i was left stranded looking at the screen hoping the line would go thru. hmph!!
bt anyway, singapore is clean, highly advanced and with loads of Good looking guys. very important. HAH!! pix...up later when the line is back to normal and that should b nxt year.

another 3 days ++ to a brand new year. according to the So Man Fung aka a fengshui book i read in sgpore, it'll b a GOOD year where i'd be far away from 'si fay' and should b a 'sun fung sun sui' year. which will b good. i have made real frens, kept the remaining good wans i love and lost awful ones this year and i hope it'll b for good. it made me grow...slightly sumwhre at the bottom of my intestines. *grins*. those backstabbing stuff...stay away from me pls. thank you you!! sin joy...sin joy...:D

internship's starting next week. grrrrrrr...which means the start of the 9-5 system. which means the reset of sleeping time from 12-7. which means i'd be away from home if i have to drive early to work. which means i'd b away from my astro, my a step into the past, my journey to the west, my bubble, my air cond, junk food always available in the fridge, my family for 5 days a week and leung ka bou(the latest chinese name max has adapted). and worst of all, i'd b stuck in a very terrible place aka pj. shit.

bt anyhow, it's still good. this year started off good and hoping it'll end good. the rest are not important. have a brand new joyous year everyone!!!

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